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The Angel Inside - Part 10 thoughts

Jay's POV
A week has passed things are going the same. My mysterious woman is an iceberg and has a Satan's brain too. In short she's a badass and savy. She always end things in short. Or I could say a savy reply that you won't ask anything further! I know I should avoid her, obviously I don't wanna mess my peaceful life which has already caused destruction. But something in her that keeps on attracting me! Her mysterious and cold personality has a reason,she doesn't want to reaveal... And that makes me want to know about her even more! You know curiosity kills the cat.... same with me!

She's being an ideal wife material , being all caring about me. It can make any body feel how pure hearted and kind she is, but on the opposite is her behavior and attitude which always makes me force myself to accept the fact she's doing things for my mom's sake. I'm doomed. My mom wanted me to be a good husband to her and not break her heart after all she knew I was being selfish, dragging Amy into the mess , just to save myself from Martha. So I decided to grant my mom's wish and to also make myself feel less guilty. I always spare time trying to give this relationship a try but ... Amy,she doesn't even care! However I try to get her trust and make things normal between us but it's still the same , distant!
Just a normal friendly relation would also do help me to feel less guilty but it seems to be far off to unleash the goal. I really believed the fact that women talk too much and it would be easy with Amy, but the fact seems to be wrong in her case! She doesn't even utter a word or I can say she doesn't want to! She is cold as ice more like the typical busy husbands in dramas. How on Earth I should make things better between us if she's not ready to make efforts? I'M DONE!

Today I am done and I am going to talk to her clearly right away! I want to clear my doubts and questions..! She always goes to work earlier than me. But today I woke up earlier to make things clear. I went down as I saw her grabbing her folded blazer and the car keys as they dangle on her arm and finger. Her other hand clasped her phone to her ears as she was busy talking.I paced down the stairs. As she was about to leave I runned down the stairs and asked her.

Me: Amy we need to talk!

She stopped as she hung up her phone.

She turned around with an annoyed expression.

Amy: what is it, doctor?

Me: I want to make things clear between us.!

Amy: is that it?

Amy again turned around to leave.

Me: I clearly know that you didn't marry me because of your sister, you have other reasons, don't you?!

Amy stopped in tracks and turned around with her signature poker face which is always defined her unpredictable expression and nobody can guess what she's up to , as always.! After a second of her blank stare she replied.

Amy: bingo! Seems like you were an FBI agent in your past life!

She said with a sarcastic smirk.

I looked at her with a serious expression. And she noticed it right away. She raised both her hands in the air.

Amy: fine! Let's talk!

She left the blazer and the keys on the couch and walked towards the dining table having a seat . She kept the phone on the table as she crossed her arms to her chest looking at me. I had a seat opposite to her as we look face to face at each other. I crossed my arms to my chest as I asked.

Me:I don't know anything about you and I have many things to ask you! why did you marry me?

Amy: you already know.!

Me: that's a lame excuse what's the real reason you agreed.

She sighed.

Amy: you'll know that when the time comes!

Me: why not now?

Amy: do you think I am a fool?

Ugh! Of course she won't ruin her plan by spilling the tea like that!

Me: so you want to take some sort of advantage of this relationship don't you?

Amy: as if you didn't!

She said sarcastically.

Me: fine! We are even!

Amy: anyways after some months, we are gonna divorce!

I was caught off guard at the moment. I didn't knew why but it felt like a pang on the heart but still I didn't showed it and acted as if it was obvious and I wanted the same.

Me: fine!

Amy: till then you are my husband and I am your wife!

I hummed in response. She stood up to leave. I stood silence. I could feel a bit pain .

Me: why don't you believe in friendship, atleast we can be friends?

I said still looking nowhere.

She looked at me before replying!

Me: any relationship needs trust more than love and that's the thing I don't do! I . Don't. Trust . Anyone!

She was right about it . It felt different. I felt something in her words as if she has gone through betrayal before like me. I shrugged it off.

She started walking away.

Me: can we have a normal conversation after this? Maybe not friendship but a little friendly talk!

I said trying to make her comfortable with me as a small grin spread across my face.

Amy: I am not good at words. I'll try!

NOT GOOD AT WORDS! Says the one who shuts others mouth in an instant! Great sarcasm!

Me: atleast tell me what's your profession!?

She turned around with a smirk.

Amy: I'm a gangster!

She left with her belongings closing the door behind her. I sighed. What a liar!

I stood up and got myself ready and left for the hospital. I knew one thing for sure that she'll not reaveal anything to me until she wants me to know about it. That's tough!

I reached the hospital as I walked in the hallway after parking my car in the lot. I moved along the hallway greeting my colleagues and friends. I reached the end of the hallway where my cabin was.. I opened the door and booom!


What the hell is she doing here!? She was sitting on my chair as her ugly smirk covered half of her face while the rest was pasted with tons of make up ! I felt disgusted. What a start! Of my day! And moreover I felt angry on the thing that she was sitting on my chair rather sitting on the chair in the opposite which is meant for patients. I still didn't wanted to create a mess at my workplace. I fake smiled and spoke.

Me: maam the patients sit on the opposite so you better stand up!

Martha: well I'm not your patient , Dr. Jay! I'm your beautiful and hot ex- fiancee!

She said while mocking as she stood up from the chair.

Me: are you done? Please leave and don't waste my time.

I moved towards the shelf for a file. I found the file and started to check the reports of my current patient.

Martha: by the way I just came to meet Max but I just wanted to see how much difference that troublemaker made in your life! I bet she has made your life hell.!

I continued turning the pages. I stopped and lifted my head to meet her gaze.

Me: thanks for your concern but she's better than you!

I fake smiled again and continued with the reports. She got irritated as I wasn't bothered by her. She stomped her way to the door and before leaving she said.

Martha: don't get too connected to her cause after sometime she'll use you and leave you! After all you are just a book worm nerd!

She said as she flipped her hairs and banged the door behind her as she walked out of the cabin , her heels clicked the marble floor as she walked away.

This statement stopped me from my doings! A thought came to my mind. Yes she's right! I'm a nerd! NERD! The word echoed in my head. I felt irritated and I had an urge to bang or break something right now. Is it a crime to be a little smart! Or a little simple!? I thought as I debated with her words in my head.

After a while I calmed down thinking that she just wanted to provoke me. But I think I should be thankful to her after all she's saying the truth! Amy will leave me one day! She is the same like others! Cool and a heartless monster.! I think I need to stay away! I'm cleared now!

I dropped my file on the table as I wore my lab coat and left for check ups. I walked out of the cabin. Martha and Max were together talking and laughing. I ignored and walked past them. Some of my colleagues were gossiping of how foolish I was to lose a beauty like Martha and some whispered that I didn't deserve her. I ignored my sorroundings and walked in the the other room to check my patient.

Surprisingly Emma was there, checking the patient.

Me: hey!

Suddenly we head the laughter of Martha echoing the hallway.

Emma: is that witch (Martha)here?

I nodded handing her a file. She made a disgusted face.

Emma: I'm sure she's here to disturb you again!

Noah entered the room grabbing a pad and a pen checking the patients.

Noah: hey guys! Well why she's (Martha)out there? People are really gossiping about you!

I sighed.

Emma: I never understand what's so good in her? Leaving her God's gift face and body and some amount of brain in her fashion sense aside ,everything about her sucks!

She again flashed a disgusted face and continued to work. Three of us didn't like Martha nor anybody from her gang. The person who looks at Martha for the first time falls for her angelic face but she's a fox ,disguised as a sheep.! She and her friends would bully us all the time. And she also took away my best friend from me by her fake innocence. And the thing is Max fell for it and didn't believe his best friend who he knew since childhood and choose to believe over a random girl. How pathetic!

Anyways I continued with my work. It was the past. I need to move on. I continued checking the reports and went for treating my patients. After a hectic morning it was afternoon and after some rest and relaxation we went to continue our duties again.

I went to check my patient who had an appointment. He had weekness after an surgery. He was worried if he got some side effects of it but after test and reports I concluded that it was all okay and he needed to rest. I made a change in his medication. A sigh of relief left from him. He was relaxed by my words. He thanked me and left. I moved out to take a poll on my patient. I moved out of the room grabbing some file of my current patient reports.

I saw Noah rushing to the room and behind him the nurses followed moving the patient who was laid on the stretcher. I glanced at the patient from far. She was unconscious and her body felt pale. The nurses rushed her to the room and the door shut closed. I sighed.

Looking the people in pain in the start when I first joined medicals was unbarable for me. The cries and helplessness of the people would just cloud my mind. I wasn't able to sleep for nights cause at the end of the day their cries echoed in my mind but after a year of experience I somehow overcomed over it. I rather now focus on the cries of happiness when the patients recover or are out of danger.

I walked along the hallway continuing my work. After a poll on my patient I started walking back to my cabin as I shove my hands in the lab's coat pocket. I saw Noah coming out of the room. I approached him to ask about the patient. His eyes feel on me as I reached near him.

Me: what happened to her(patient).

Noah sighed. Then he spoke.

Noah: she was brutally abused. And there are cuts and bruises. As if she was hitted by a belt. Or some sharp objects. Her wounds are fresh and she has some scars too. I think she has been abused for months now. She just fainted because of weakness and stress of work.

I sighed and looked away as I pursed my lips into a thin line. How people can be this brutal. I felt pity for that women. I looked back at him as I asked.

Me: did her relatives arrived?

Noah shook his head in denial.

Noah: there are two company staffs who admitted her.

Me: what about her boss?

Noah: I don't know maybe he'll come after sometime. The company staffs maybe know her relatives so they'll call.

I nodded my head and We both sighed again.

We both looked at each other but suddenly I could feel Noah's expression changing from pity to shock.

I turned around as my eyes fell on a figure of a woman who seemed familiar. She had a mask and shades. Her figure was coming closer which gave me a clear vision of her look. she had purple highlights on her hair, binded in a bun and her flicks resting on the side of her face! She removed her shades and glanced at the boards of room numbers , giving a perfect glimpse of her chocolate brown orbs. And people around were gasping and some were drooling over her look. She had a business attire with blue pants that hugged her waist, black shirt with the first button unbuttoned which gave a glimpse of her perfect collarbone, a dark blue blazer and black footwear more like sport shoes. Her figure got closer by every passing second. And I knew who she is..... AMY!

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