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Don't ask us how much she cares in love.

Even in the crowd of millions, she asks my condition in front of everyone.

Seeing me neither sees the time nor does he see the need of the time.

Even in a crowded gathering, she asks me about my condition in front of everyone.

On hearing my name, my cheeks turn red with shame, even today.

Even in this age of age, she asks my condition in front of everyone.

Every gesture is unique, to give a sweet smile on everything.

Even in the screen of Sharmo Haya, she asks my tricks in front of everyone.

In unrequited love, I am forced from a nave heart.

Even in gestures, she asks my condition in front of everyone.


It's raining from my eyes

things are raining

The moonlight is raining with rain

It's raining since nights

looking at the weather

Memories are raining

humming along in love

It's raining songs

heart to heart

It's raining ragas


true love is not lost

Don't sleep in moonlit night


angels don't sleep

guard the border

betting on blood

I always fight with my life

Watan-e-Ishq Ke Maare

Will bear the separation of loved ones

Unmatched brave brave

kill ten and die

even by hurting myself

Peace is the defeat of the enemy


Why should we not be proud of our madness?

Why should we not be proud of our love?

I have wanted them more than myself and God.

Why should we not be proud of our madness?

Heart is jarring still I smile

Why should we not be proud of our innocence?

I walk on the straight and true path.

Why should we not be proud of our childhood?

I never talk behind my back

Why should we not be proud of our simplicity?


those who expect favor from me

I'll learn to trust myself


the sea does not cry

don't lose your peace

looking at the lost shore

don't wet your eyes

the hopeful

don't sow kharash

At the time of meeting with Mojo

Sahil does not sleep

Poonam's wet nights

don't store the boom


It's night, the rest is the rest

The rest of the hearts have met

I promised to see my face

You have a gift to give

When love comes in installments

understand it is emergency

There are few moments to meet.

You have the feeling to understand the rest

Will handle delicate moments

Now the situation is going to change.


You don't have birth and death in your hand.

Everyone has to take their refuge.

Everyone is trapped in his illusion.

Always keep bowing your head at the feet of the Lord.

The one who took care of me while sleeping

That's where he fills the universe

Supports me to reach the end

Wishes are fulfilled

never leave anyone in the middle

The world makes you swim


you are the gift of creation

be thankful to allah

to cross the ocean of the world

will be the helm of life

lesser bride's l

anklets will be ringing

you look crazy

will be the best fan

stone from outside

be strong from within


Don't ever ask the reason for the tears in your eyes today.

Don't ever ask the reason for holding back in love

After a long time we had passed through his street.

Don't ever ask the reason for stopping while walking

passed without any grudges.

Don't ever ask the reason for bowing down in faith.

I have waited for a long time for the moments I wish.

Never ask the reason for robbing with both hands

Man watching enjoy with friends

Don't ever ask the reason for being upset in the gathering


never be proud of strength

you will be my wish

you know i live on your promise

Have always taken care of habit

built a wall before the water came

Had some idea, I'll be in trouble

For many days no name of his

You will get relief as soon as you get the news

Whatever happens will be in our favor.

Today I will advise you


My dreams are broken by myself

Now we have joined hands with love.

By saying God Hafis, we

Now I have turned my face from love.

give up and give up so l

Sweet words will boil the gunpowder


Those who meet don't get like this

God gave him a special purpose

would have sent to us


Don't ever ask why you got rid of your hands today.

Never keep the promise why don't you ask

If I didn't want to be together for a lifetime, then I

Don't ever ask why you made your own

There was a long line of false promises.

never forget why from my heart

I don't want to come even after sending a message.

Don't ever ask why you are called on the roof

By staying away from you even without wanting

Why don't you cry again and again and again


don't miss my love

don't let go of my heart

memories of happy moments

Don't rustle in the air

written in my memory

don't miss anyone

in my eyes

Don't give shelter to tears.

I love you

Do not spread in the world.


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