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The Angel Inside - part 11 Rivals

Jay's POV
Amy reached near me and Noah.
Amy: Is it Jen hicken's room?

She asked in a deep voice as she pointed the number plate on the door. Noah was frozen at the spot. He couldn't speak a word. I stood there too as I was shocked to see her. She raised an eyebrow in annoyance.

Noah: yess...

Noah nodded his head in utter shock as he stammered. None of us expected her appearance. And her unsettling aura and piercing intimidating gaze had gave me a clear idea that she was in her Lucifer mode. She seemed to be mad at something and her dark gaze made it obvious.

She moved into the room as Noah pushed me to follow her inside by giving me an excuse of checking another patient. He too couldn't handle her aura. I went in. As the rest of the two company staffs that were waiting outside joined us.

She removed her mask. Her hands were joined on her back as one of her arms grabbed the another. Jen who was resting woke up hearing the footsteps. She saw Amy and was struggling to sit erect on the bed. Before I rushed her to help Amy asked her to lay down as she lowered her hand gesturing her to lay down. Amy's eyes fell on Jen's wounds. Looking at the brutal injuries her dark gaze softened for a second. But soon she averted her gaze at the phone on the table. It was Jen's phone. Amy took the phone and handed it to one of the company staffs as she took a seat in the nearby chair as she kept placed her foot on her other leg as her ankle faced the knee and she leaned her back on the chair as she crossed her arms to her chest.

Amy: call Cody!

She ordered. The staff followed the order before they handed the phone back to Amy. The staff claimed himself to be the hospital staff when he called Cody.

Staff: maam he'll be coming after sometime.

Amy signalled both the staffs to leave just by giving a gesture through her hand.

Hearing Cody's name Jen started shivering, her breathings were uneven. She was traumatized. I could guess that he was the one to abuse. I quickly rushed to Jen as I gave her a glass of water and rubbed her back to comfort her. She chugged down the water in one gulp as she was too scared. Soon tears started to fall down her cheeks as she sobbed. After taking few breaths. She joined her hands as she interwined her fingers begging.

Jen: Maam please don't do this.

She said suttering as she was choking on her tears. I felt really pity for her. I continued to rub her back. But Amy she stood there with a blank stare. I looked at her in disbelief how can she be so calm at the moment. Soon she spoke.

Amy: it's your decision Ms.Jen. If you wanna suffer or fight. In the end you need to face it.

Hearing this Jen cried even more.

Amy: does crying gives you a solution?

She was being too rude.

Me: it doesn't gives a solution but it helps to get rid of the pain.

I said in attempt to defend Jen. She sighed being annoyed with my words. Then Jen spoke.

Jen: please I won't be able to face him, I'm a weakling! He'll kill me!

She weeped.

Amy: do you know ,the world you live in is not meant for weaklings! Cause here people tend to feed on your weakness and then kill you!

She said in a rude tone and a dark but dead serious expression. She sighed.

Amy: either you need to learn to be stronger or be wiser in hiding your weakness! Choice is yours!

She looked away being silent for a while. Jen sobbed silently.

Me: who's Cody? Why don't we just call the police to arrest him?

I asked being curious.

Jen bursted in tears. She spoke suttering.

Jen: Cody brown! he was one of the son of our business partners. We met in a meeting. He would always flirt with me. And soon he asked me out. I agreed to be her girlfriend. It was perfect in the start but soon he started acting like a sick pshycopath and started abusing me. He would beat me even if I just talk to one of the boys. I even tried to break up with him but he threatened me that he'll destroy my career...

I realized... things weren't easy as it seemed to be.. as far as I know, first of all that man is filthy rich being a son of a buissnessman. Secondly even if Jen filed a case it won't be of any use. Cause it won't be a big deal for him to close a case by bribing. And Jen would be helpless.

Me: so what are we gonna do?

Amy: do you want me to help you?

She spoke out of the blue.

Jen looked at her with teary eyes.

Amy: I can do help you but first you need to help yourself.!

Jen: but maam this will also affect the collaboration we had with his company! And I'm sure he'll try to destroy our company too.

Amy: that's not a big deal cause after some days I'm going to destroy them by myself!

She smirked.

Jen eyes widened in shock.

Amy: Ms. Jen we have discussed this before now it's your choice if you want to help yourself or not...

I look at Amy. And one thing was clear either she is a buissnesswoman or a Mafia!

Jen stood there still sobbing and shedding tears. Suddenly the door was dashed open as a man barged in. He had a business attire.
He rushed to the bed where Jen was laying. He came and hugged her , his eyes showed how much he was worried. He was panting as his chest rised and falled, he seemed to be running all the way here. He hugged Jen tightly as one of his hands caressed Jen's hairs. But to my surprise Jen didn't seemed to be comforted rather she was shivering under him. The same glimpse of fear and trauma were visible in her eyes when she talked about Cody. Was he the same man? Soon he spoke.

Cody: baby! I heard you fainted! I was so worried! I told you not to stress and overwork yourself!

He said as he held her shoulders. He looked so concerned about her. But Jen's face turned paler. Soon his eyes feel on me and Amy.

Cody: Ms.Amy thank you so much for helping my girlfriend. How many times have I told her not to work too much.... cause some work are only meant to done by people like me.

He spoke at he glanced at Jen and soon his gaze got fixed on Amy and it felt like the last sentence was specifically meant for her. As if he was indirectly putting Amy down. Hearing it Amy clenched her jaw a little but soon her expressions change.

Amy: your welcome Mr. Brown! I hope you are capable to do the work. After all some of the work are also capable for the people like me. And I'll make sure of it.

Amy winked at him and gave a small smile and that smile on her face is 200% fake.! Living with her for a week I could say that any smile she gives is either due to formalities or disgust. But I didn't knew what was behind this smile. Maybe sarcasm.

This time Cody clenched his jaw and seemed to be angry. I couldn't understand which work they are actually talking about, but they seemed to be... rivals!

Both of them were death glaring at each other as if killing wasn't a crime then they won't hesitate to kill each other. Giving death glares through eyes while both of their lips holded a sarcastic smile. Soon Cody spoke with a fake smile.

Cody: well we will see later which work are we capable of..

He fixed his blazer as he pulled the collar of his shirt giving a sly smirk as he gazed down at Amy who was seated on the chair. He was rather trying to show dominance. Soon his dominant actions changed into a worried one.

Cody: please would you give me and my girlfriend some privacy. I want to talk to her .... ALONE!

He said as he glanced at both of us and then at Jen with a threatening gaze. Soon Amy stood up from the chair casually shoving her hands in her pockets as her blazer pushed behind .

Amy: sure..!

She said with a smirk as if she challenged him. They both stood face to face from each other .Both of their tones of talking were weird. It seemed like they were trying to put each other down by their sarcastic phrases.

I walked out to leave the room. But Amy didn't moved an inch. Cody glanced at her again. I could see Jen looking at Amy and me with pleading eyes as if she didn't wanted us to leave. Cody glanced at Jen and Jen just lowered her gaze avoiding any eye contact with Cody.Amy stood up from the chair and went to the table which was in the right side , near the wall to the bed. She backfaced Cody and me. She took a glass of water from the jug and took a sip from it. Cody looked at her suspiciously. She turned around and looked at Cody and raised the glass in her hand.

Amy: just thirsty.!

Cody just nodded. And Amy left the room with me. What a weirdo! We both stood out of the room near the door. I don't think Cody could be abusive. He is an ideal caring boyfriend. I was confused. Amy noticed my expressions as she leaning against the wall her back touching the wall , she shoved her hands in the pocket .

Amy: don't fall for his acting doctor! He's good at acting!

She whispered.


Suddenly I could hear muffled screams from the room. Was it Jen? My eyes widened. I could hear the sound of hitting too. Was Cody hitting her? And maybe he was talking too but we couldn't hear it. I glanced at Amy and she was looking at me too. She still had that poker face. Even if the room was soundproof but the person standing near the door could hear a little. And I bet Amy could hear it too. I took my step further to rush and barge into the room. But before I could touch the knob of the door, Amy held my wrist as she shook her head signalling me not to enter.

I was angry and disappointed because Amy was letting things happen. And on the top of that she had her usual poker face and was really acting normal. She didn't reacted at all.

Me: did you lost your mind?

I angry whispered. She smirked at me and looked away. I bet she rolled her eyes on me.
She looked at the end of the hallway. Soon one of her staff signalled her for something while walking towards us.She understood but I didn't. There were two officers walking behind him. She turned around and looked at me.

Amy: go save her!

I looked at her in disbelief but I didn't hesitated to get in the room. As I entered the room. I could hear Jen's screams. Cody was hovering over her practically slapping and choking her. I rushed towards him as I pulled and pushed him to the floor as he falled right on his butt due to the impact. But the beast inside him was awaken. I stood between him and Jen like a wall to protect her. He stood up again and tried to trespass through me. But I pushed him away. He was very much irritated and angry. A total pshyco. He grabbed my collar as he slammed me into the wall. His left hand grabbed my collar while I felt a tight punch with the right one. As a result my glasses flew away on the other side as my head jerked too. I felt my jaw being numb. He reached his hands on my neck. But before he could grab my neck to choke me, the two police officers rushed and grabbed each of his arms.

On the other hand Jen was coughing harder she stood up from the bed as her feets touched the floor and after a while she passed out as she falled on the floor. The nurses rushed in to check on her. While Cody was wiggling under the officers grip , being a complete madman. I could sense the craziness in his eyes. I asked the nurses to take Jen to another room as the situation was out of hand.

Cody's eyes followed Jen's figure as the nurses rushed her out of the room laying her on the strecher. He was desperate to get her . He punched and kicked the two of the officers and was rushing out of the room. But as he rushed to the door he instantly fall to the floor landing on his back, he grabbed his stomach as he groaned in pain.. My gaze followed from down to up. As I raised my head to the door I saw Amy standing there. She kicked him.
Amy entered the room. Cody was fuming in anger. He was panting heavily. But this time he stood up to attack Amy. He runned towards her to choke her . But within a swift move Amy grabbed and twisted his arm on his back . He grunted in pain. Soon she released him arm as she pushed him as she kicked him on his back pushing him against the wall. Her leg pressured on his back as she grabbed the back of his neck and pushed him against the wall. He kept on wiggling, screaming and cursing her like a pshycopath. Soon he was exhausted and fell on the floor as she released him.

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