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The Angel Inside - part 12 the awaken beast

Jay's POV
Amy sighed and looked towards the officers who were groaning in pain but managed to stand up and went near the unconcious Cody.

Things happened in the matter of seconds. There was a whole crowd gathered outside the room. People, nurses and the staffs around started whispering and gossiping. I fixed my lab coat, I felt my jaw being numb. She walked past me and reached the table. My gaze didn't left her figure. She took the phone which was kept hidden in a flower vase. And looking at the design of the phonecase I realized it was Amy's phone. She hovered her fingers on the phone's screen . I wondered why was her phone in there. I gave her a questioning look.
She went to the staff again ignoring and walking past me.

Amy: hand the proof to the officer and file a case against this bastard.

She said as she turned around and looked at Cody as she was backfacing him.

Amy: Make sure they don't get a chance to delete it.

The staffs nodded and one of them left. Something clicked my mind. I realized it was the same table where she went before we left the room. She actually went there to hide the phone and gave an excuse for drinking water. She actually recorded the whole thing after we left the room. And it was a solid proof against Cody which he can't get rid off.
Now things were clicking clear in my mind and it answered all my questions. Why did she stopped me entering the room and her weird behavior. It was clear.! She is indeed a smartass.!

I looked at Cody who was laying down on the floor. Amy turned around facing me. She asked the officers to take Cody away. But I didn't knew what happened. Within an blink of an eye I saw a porcelain vase being bashed towards Amy's face. But before it could hit her face she sheilded herself as she brought her arms together vertically covering her face. And the vase shattered right on her lower arms.

I looked at the direction where it came from, it was Cody who stood up with the support of the wall and had a sinster smile on his face and he laughed at her like a maniac. The two officers rushed and grabbed his arms tight. I looked at Amy and looking at her dark eyes , I knew she lost it. She stomped her feet taking large predator steps as she walked towards Cody with anger and with a swift move she swayed her fist and throwed a hard punch on his face on the eye making his head jerked back. And the sound of that punch was immense and I was sure his eye's are gonna swell. She threw another punch right on his stomach causing him to spit out blood.

I had never seen Amy being this mad. I had seen woman slapping and pulling each others hair when they fight or quarrel but I'd never seen a woman punching and being like a total animal before. Amy was out of control as if the beast inside her was awaken she was being a total animal as she threw continuous punches and kicks on Cody. And Cody couldn't do anything to defend himself rather he was helpless. She didn't gave him a chance to even recover himself from the previous punch. Cody stood there coughing and grunting in pain as Amy didn't stop. She needed to be stopped, and nobody had the guts to stop her . Soon the two of her staffs came rushing and pulled Amy away. They stood in front of Amy creating a wall between her and Cody.
Both of the staffs grabbed her by clutching her arms preventing her to cause any damages further but Amy didn't budge and throwed another punch on Cody.

Staff 1: maam calm down!. You can't kill him now we need to seek justice for Jen.

Hearing Jen's name Amy calmed a bit. Her breathings were heavy.

Amy: Take this bastard away before he regrets messing with me.

She growled as she glared at Cody who was coughing harder and spitting out blood. His shirt smeared with his blood. His face was bloody, covered with red bruises that are soon going to be swelled in purple. After Amy stopped Cody fell to the floor being totally exhausted but didn't lose his consciousness. Even after such damage to his handsome face, he peeked at Amy from his half closed eyelid while his other eye was shut and swollen. He was still grinning at her.

That made Amy even more pissed off. But she didn't moved ,she just clenched her fist tight as her knuckles turned white in anger but somehow she controlled herself. Her veins were clear visible and it looked like it were about to explode any moment. She was vibrating in anger, I could see her fist shivering, ready to break Cody's bones.

Cody: you can't do anything Amy, I will be soon out of the prison. Women like you should know their place. Once I come back I'll make sure you know where you belong.!

He coughed a lot but still managed to speak to her.

Amy: and I'll make sure you rot in hell.!

She said gritting her teeth as she took a sharp breath.

I stood there all frozen as if I was glued to the floor. I realized her anger issues and bad temper wasn't a joke. The rules she setted up with me weren't for no reason. I don't know after this what extent she can go to, if she doesn't controls herself.

The officers dragged Cody away leading him out of the room and this time he didn't protests as he had no energy to fight back but still had a satisfied smirk on his face.

Soon the crowd that gathered were shooed away by the gaurds. I looked at Amy and noticed her hands that were smeared in blood but I couldn't figure out if it was hers or Cody's?

I needed to do something. Soon I bought up courage and walked towards Amy. I grabbed her upper arm making sure not to penetrate her wounds if any. I dragged her out of the room as we moved along the hallway. She didn't protested but her dark,scary eyes were scaring me so I decided not to look at her. People were staring at us but I didn't care. I took her with me straight to my cabin. We entered the room as I shut the door behind us. I left Amy's arm and went to one of the shelves to bring ointments and bandages. Amy stood near the table like a lost kid as her eyes wondered around.

I reached for a chair nearby as I looked at Amy signalling her to sit down. I bought another chair as I had a seat. We were sitting facing each other face to face.

Me: remove the blazer..

I said as I removed some cotton from the box. She looked at me narrowing her eyes but still did what I asked her to do. She removed her blazer like an obedient kid and putted it aside. I looked down as I took her hand in mine and rolled her sleeves to the elbow examining both of her hands. I sighed in relief.

She didn't got injuried , thanks to the thick blazer, it didn't let the pieces pierce her skin. I cleaned the blood on her knuckles and wrists. After cleaning I realized her knuckles were bright red as a result of throwing continuous punches on that pshyco and there were few scratches caused by the vase. There was a cut on the back of her right hand near the knuckles , thank God it wasn't deep , a bandage would do. I putted the ointment on the cut and bandaged it.
I raised my head and her eyes met mine. We didn't break the eye contact . I felt like I was drowning in her chocolate brown orbs . Her beautiful doe eyes felt as if the whole galaxy immersed in it. I couldn't help but get lost in those galaxies. Both of us didn't even blink for a while. Amy raised her hand reaching my face, her finger tips brushed my skin. I soon felt a sting on the side of my lips. I hissed in pain as I came out of the trance.

Amy: it's bruised. Not noticable tho.!

She applied the oniment near my lips. I didn't felt pain, but the sensual touch of her finger tips on my skin. This time ,it were soft and gentle. I was mesmerized. Soon Amy scoffed.

Amy: done!

We both looked away. I tried not to make the situation akward so she tried too.

Amy: you don't have to worry about me.!

She scoffed.

Me: it's not like I care , it's my duty.

I replied. Amy drew her other hand from me looking away but trying her best not to look at me, I did the same.

Soon our attention was driven to the door as someone barged into the room. It was Noah.

Noah: hey bro! What's happened out there?

Jay: nothing! Just a pshyco being pshycotic.!

Noah sighed.

Noah: yah I saw him Emma is treating him now. He seems to be a narrow-minded freak.

Amy: he actually is!

She mumbled gritting her teeth, loud enough to be audible to us.

Noah eyes shifted to Amy.

Noah: oh oh...

His normal expression turned into a shocked one.

He couldn't utter a word but was rather excited seeing Amy.

Noah: oh aren't you that purple haired girl who bashed that jerk.!

He said stammering as he was nervous but it felt like he was fanboying and simping over her.

I couldn't understand something, it's not like he didn't met Amy before. Actually he has met her face to face in the wedding ceremony and yet he couldn't recognize her.

Amy smiled at him.

Noah: you are so cool!

He said having a big smile on his face.

Amy: thanks...but make sure you don't speak to anyone about it.

Hearing this Noah frowned a little.

Noah: umm.. why?

Amy: that's a secret!

She said with a playful smirk. Moreover she sounded flirty.

Noah: oh okay.

He agreed hesitantly. I looked at both of them being confused and shocked by Amy's duality. Her personality changed instantly. A moment ago she was blasting with anger and now she's flirting with my friend.

I fake coughed to grab their attention. Both of them looked at me for a moment but then their attention was focused to the door. Suddenly someone barged into the room, it was one of her staff.

Staff: maam we're grounded.

She looked at him confused.

Staff: someone has recorded the whole scene and informed the journalists , we need to leave.

Amy cursed under her breath. She took a deep breath before saying.

Amy: is there any other way to get out of here?

Staff: it has but we can't risk it , they can move to any extent to find you and I'm not sure if they are hiding in here.

Amy: Fine! Ask the team to find people and delete the recording on any social media platforms. Did they discover the face?

Staff: nope, you were backfacing but it won't be possible to detect the accounts.

Amy stood there immersed in her thoughts and a devilish smirk occurred on her face.

Amy: then we need distraction.

She said smirking.

The staff gave a questioning look.

Amy: is that jerk still here?

The staff nodded agreeing.

Amy: take him infront of them, make it a news! Until I'll take my leave.

The staff nodded and left. I and Noah had the same expression,we were dumbstruck.

Noah and me: who are you?

Amy looked at us.

Amy:"someone you know and someone you don't!"

She smirked and left the room leaving me and Noah dumbfounded...

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