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Stay With Me - 19 - The Bet

Nomaan glances at the screen with shock mumbling, "Ruhi..? At this time..?" He silences his phone. Looks at me with anticipation, grabs my hands, "so.. do you wanna meet your buddies?"

I jump with happiness, "yeah.. I am dying to see them.." as I am about to sprint out of the hall, he grabs my hand, pulls me closer saying, "but first I need to hear something from you.." I shot my brows up asking naughtily, "oh.. and what's that?"

He clears his throat, " like you don't know.." His phone buzzes again, I swallow being serious, "you should receive her call.. afterall she is your friend.."

Nomaan shrugs, "yeah..I will talk to her later, but why do I feel that you are changing topic.." I feel my cheeks flood with heat, as I perceive his deep and curious eyes.

I clear my throat and my lips part to utter.., "well..." but at the same time, I hear someone enters in our patio, as I peek through the window, I spot Abhi and his family along with Mrunal and Simran.

Nomaan pouts disappointedly, "my bad.." and grabs my hand as we stroll out of the room.

It's been always sentimental for me to meet my friends cause I know without their support I could have been dead somewhere. I meet them heartily, they all greet me the same way.

They all are amazed looking the transformation of our house. Abhi's parents insist us to go to their place.. there we spent sometime reminiscing on the good old days, savouring the spicy Kanda poha..

But whenever my eyes catches Nomaan's face, he looks somewhat distracted, I have gut feelings that may be Ruhi is responsible for that.

It's around an hour later we bid them audieu.. Nomaan invites all to our today's celebration.. Well Isha has told me earlier that it's a tradition of Arora Family that every year they arrange a big get together at one of their farmhouses, where all family members and friends celebrate the festival together..

But they gently decline the invitation saying they all have other plans, but they will definitely pay us visit someday.

As we get in the car, I notice Nomaan's phone is continuously buzzing, he doesn't care to take a glance at the screen.

I sigh, "you should talk to her.." he jolts his head and tries to read my face, I am afraid, he is aware of the bitterness in my voice. I shrug, "what..?" He shakes his head and starts driving.

After a while my phone rings, I glance to the screen and my spirit gets lifted cause it's Viansh. I receive with smile, "Hi.. happy Diwali.." he replies with the same enthusiasm, "happy diwali to you too Tuli.. by the way where are you, you both were absent in company's Laxmi poojan.. so I thought to give Nomaan a call but he is not receiving, where is he?"

I squeeze shut my eyes thinking, Oh dear.. I totally forgot about the poojan at our company. Nomaan side eyes me, asking, "Viansh..?" I nod and reply to Viansh, "here he is, talk to him.." and I hand over the phone to Nomaan.

He smiles, "hey.. Viansh.." well I didn't get much of their talk, but I got to know that Viansh is leaving for his village, and won't be with us in today's celebration.

As Nomaan hangs up. I apologise, "I am sorry, you couldn't attend the pooja.. he grabs my hand and brushes a gentle kiss on back of my hand, "it's okay.
It's dad's area of interest.. and he likes to do it with less people around.. so chill my honeysuckle... and he interwines his fingers with mine.. and I can feel, that pull again, that magnetic sensation in the pit of my stomach.

I smile, as I am mesmorized by his touch, his voice, his scent.. in other words by him. Should I tell him my feelings? Well I don't have doubt that I am totally into him, though I wipe away that thought, thinking it's not a right time.

He sighs as if he is in deep thoughts then utters quickly glancing at me, "Tuli.. there is something I want to tell you.." I nod, "I am all ears..." He continues, "Tuli.. I know it doesn't matter now but.."

And again my phone rings, it's my dad, I hear his loving voice as I receive.., "hello dear.. where are you? I have come to your home to see you.. Rishi is waiting for you too.."

I hesitantly reply, "yeah dad.. we are on our way back home.. Will be there in a few.." Dad nods, "hmm.. please be quick.."

And our Mercedes drives inside the city limits, winding through the streets of Pune, whole city feels alive with people in New dresses, with over crowded streets and sweet shops..

I ask taking back my eyes from the window, "so.. you were saying...?" He clears his throat, "Nothing.. will talk about it later.." he sighs.

As we glide through our gate, he pulls up the car at parking and as I am about to open the door, he grabs my hand, I look at him with smile, as he looks over his shoulder, taking me in, his eyes seem to see right through me, he reaches out to cup my cheeks, his thumb grazing the corner of my mouth..

I can sense a little bit of either worry or regret in his eyes, but I don't have any clue what it can be?

But before I can say anything, he closes his eyes as he kisses me softly on my lips, and I feel like my whole self is melting in him. He releases me with smile. Tucks some of my hair strands behind my ears..

He states taking me in with his eyes, "I wish we can sit like this whole day, just you and me.."

I smile lowering my eyes, "But right now everyone is waiting for us.." he heaves a sigh, I step out and move my legs towards our mansion, of course I can't stop smiling, recalling what had just happened..! this is the most happiest day of my life, I just can't believe that the Nomaan Arora could have this soft side, that too for me.. but he has and I don't have any doubts left, that he loves me, all my worries are gone now.

Inside the house, everyone is busy, our dads are busy in reading guests list. gran is in the kitchen, Isha is packing rangoli colours.. most of maids are off duty today, only some of them are in the kitchen..!whole house seems alive with everyone's happy faces. I just love these vibes.

I dash to my dad, Nomaan joins me in a while, then I tell him about our house in Ahire, of course he knew that.. as Nomaan had taken his permission.

Then I meet gran and Isha, well almost packing has done so gran instructs us to get ready and to pack our outfits for tonight.

We stroll to our respective rooms, I plop on my couch, pinch myself to believe it's not a dream. Get up to look myself in mirror and my smile reaches to my ears as I recall Nomaan's touch.

Then crooning a romantic song I open the closet to select saree that Nomaan squeezes me from behind, arranges his head on my shoulder and asks, "so getting ready to go? why can't we stay here.. alone?"

I turn myself to face him laying my hands on his shoulders, "and why would we do that?" He raises his brows as if he is in deep thoughts, "umm.. I have something in mind.. do you want to listen to it..?" He winks naughtily. His hands slips softly to back of my waist, I can see his eyes lingering on my lips, my stomach flutters with anticipation though I say, "no.. please keep it to yourself..I am not interested.."

He pulls me closer to touch his body, "but I am..". His eyes rove over my body and I feel myself growing hot beneath his intense gaze.

He takes my hand and lays it across his chest, I feel his heart hammering against my palm. He leans in closer until our lips are a breath away, he hesitates as his eyes flicks up to meet mine.. the heat between us intensifies...

His Adam's apple blobs in his throat, he utters huskily, "Tuli.. I want you.. "he brushes his lips against my cheeks, his light touch sent shivers to my body, it trembles.

He whispers as he trails down his kisses to my neck, "I don't know.. what you have in mind.. but all I have is 'YOU'" I almost moan with the pleasure I am feeling, "Nomaan.." he flicks his head up asking, "do you want me to stop then.."But I pull him down and my lips fall open against his, that rest of his words were lost against my mouth as he kisses me gently, carefully..

But it's not gentleness I want.. not today.. I knotted my fists in his hairs pulling him harder against me, he groans softly encircling me in his arms, taking me hungrily and urgently, my self control frays fast as Nomaan deepens the kiss.

His fingertips graze over my tingling body, leaving me desperate to want more..but as I listen to the sound of clicking of an elevator, reality struck me, I pull my self apart, gathering my breath, "I think someone is coming..."

But Nomaan pulls me again, "so what..? You are my wifey.. I can love you shamelessly" and his fingertips graze over my earlobe, and I can feel my hair stands on end.

He naughtily smirks to my reaction, I grab his hand to stop, and reach out to Nomaan's face to graze his cute dimples with my thumbs, "you look tired.. A hot bath will refresh you.." a coquettish smile spread over his face as he utters, "or may be making out with my cutie will help more.." he tries to draw me closer.

That a loud bang startle me away from him. I am about to open the door that Isha yells from outside, "Oppa..Tuli.. are you ready yet or not?.."

As I unlock the door, she pushes it and jumps inside.. curiously moving her eyes from my face to Nomaan's, "wow.. both of you haven't changed yet.. you can't do anything without my help.. do you?" She asks annoyingly and I shake my head suppressing my chuckle.

Nomaan grins like a Cheshire cat and moves his legs towards bathroom, while Isha takes charge of my closet discussing my dress, hairstyle and jewelleries.

It's around an hour later, we three join our family for lunch. Should I mention the table is covered with fine sweets and namkeen along with main course dishes.

Everyone sounds cheerful and happy. Especially Isha, she is continuously talking about the party, Nomaan gives me playful chuckle as I am the only one listening to her with utmost interest. Of course I like her innocence.

Gran is busy with our dads, they are discussing about guests. After taking twice as long to eat, we prefer to lounge in couch and discuss about the decoration themes for the rest of the afternoon. While Nomaan along with our dads, is busy in some serious stuff.

Then after tea, gran annouces, "it will take 2 hours to reach there so It'd be better if we start heading now."

Me and Isha get ourselves in Nomaan's car, while my dad and Gran are in Rishi dad's car, maids and butler will be in other two cars.

With Isha our ride is so joyful, we play Ludo all our way to farm house, Nomaan is the best in this game.

As driver pulls up the car infront of the farm house, it reminds me, under what circumstances me and Nomaan have met for the first time here?

Nomaan studies my face, as Isha moves her legs towards the gate, he drags me grabbing my hand, "I hope you have forgiven me for my silliness. " he pauses, clears his throat, "I am sorry.." taken aback I squeeze his hand affectionately, "I am getting over to it.. but I know I too was responsible for your silly act so don't say sorry.."

He smiles, "you know.. it was the day.. I have fallen in love with you.. it was like I was so sure of myself like never before that you are the one, I want to spend my life with.."

I can feel blood rushing to my cheeks, making them warm. I lower my eyes, as he tries to cup my face.. his gaze darkens with desire as he speaks, "Tulika.. I will wait for the day when you will feel same for me.."

Oh god.. I am dying to tell him my feelings, but Isha calls out loudly, "Hey.. love birds.. we need your help here.. " Nomaan speaks annoyingly, "this is the reason, I wanted to stay at home.." and he replies loudly, "yeah.. coming.." and we head towards the entrance.

As we enter inside, I see most of the arrangement has been done by our people who are already here. Isha says, "Tuli let's get ready first.. and ushers me to the one room on first floor, there we get busy in getting ready with the help of Vidita. Of course it is traditional themed party so we opt to wear saree.

At evening when I am ready in pink and green banarasi silk saree, with matching jewellery and loose bun. I couldn't help myself blushing thinking about Nomaan's reaction. Isha is looking gorgeous in green lycra saree.

After complementing each other, we head to down floor and my jaw drops seeing Whole house is decorated with fairy lights and oil lamps.

Isha unzip her colours' bag and drags me to help her in Rangoli, it took almost an hour to make a big peacock rangoli.. that too with the help of Vidita and two others.

Later, I accompany Gran to arrange sweet boxes on dining table, there are more than fifty types of sweets, very few are known to me..

And finally I spot Nomaan, busy with fairy lights, my chest pangs as our eyes meet, He is looking damn hot in light pink and white indo western suit. For him, I can say he almost forgot to blink his eyes.

With a blushing smile, I approach him whispering, "do you need any help here?" He whispers in my ear brushing his lips against it, "a kiss would be great.."

My eyes got widened, "Nomaan.. how can you think about it at this time?" He utters beaming, "cause it's all I want..." I twitch my lips faking anger. He playfully smiles.

As dad glances at us, he gestures us to join them, he informs us, "You both will be greeter for tonight.. so it's time for both of you to move at an entrance.." we both nod and move towards main gate.

I can hear a slow music starts playing in background.. I smile, "it feels divine.." but as I look at Nomaann a flicker of fear crossed his face. He tries to smile back at me, "hmm.."

Then I spot cars approaching, so we get busy in welcoming guests, most of them are familiar to me as I have met them before though Nomaan introduces them to me.

When he said, "I think everyone has arrived", though we check the guests list and then stroll inside to be part of an event.

Inside it's like heaven on earth with great music, celebrities, star performers along with, friends,top businessmen and family members.

Well It's Arora family's party what can be lacking..??My eyes are glacing around with bewilderment that Nomaan nudges me with his shoulder,asking , "may I have the pleasure to dance with you...?"

I look at him to see he is serious. I twitch my lips, "I don't think I can dance.." he offers his hand, "then follow my lead.. young lady.." I gently put my hand on his, he escorts me to the dance floor..

He swifly slips his one hand on my waist, while grab my hand with the other, he smiles naughtily as I try to match his moves. He compliments, "hmm.. I are a quick learner.." I wiggle my brows proudly.

It is like I don't care for who is around us, all I want is his company, all I want is his attention, his eyes lingering on me.. my whole world seems in him, and I have decided in my mind that I will tell him tonight, whatever I feel for him.

Of course he knows it though I want to utter those magical words, which I have never ever thought to speak to Nomaan that too in such a short period after our marriage.

He smiles, "what is it that makes you smile so bright?" I shake my head, "Nothing.. " we totally indulged ourselves in celebration that I spot her, whom I didn't expected here, yeah.. it's Ruhi.. wearing wicked smile on corner of her lips.

Her heels click against the floor as she strides towards us, my heart is sinking as she is drawing nearer.

She pats on Nomaan's shoulder, "hey.. old friend..!" Nomaan utters with shock,"Ruhi..???" Ruhi smiles, Her eyes slides on my body from top to toe.. she cocks her head as she look at Nomaan, "so.. my formal boss.. how have you been..??.. by the way.. happy Diwali to the happy couple.." I felt disgust in her voice. The shocking thing for me is Nomaan is totally uneasy, as if she is bothering him over something..

Nomaan fakes a smile, "thanks and same to you.." She playfully smiles as she asks, "so.. you must have read my message that I have things to discuss with you about...."she pauses deliberately...

I can sense Nomaan's face saddened as he tries to look at me from corner of his eyes.

I am not sure I should interfere or not though I fake a smile and ask to Nomaan, "about what Nomaan?" Nomaan answers without meeting my eyes, "about our business" then addresses to Ruhi, "first as you have come these far.. please enjoy the party.." and grabs her arm to lead her towards cold drinks counter..

I have a strong gut feelings that they both are up to something, cause Nomaan is trying to avoid me... or may be not.. I shouldn't think much. Though I sit on a chair with a heavy heart.

That Isha approaches me and insists me to dance.. I wipe away my all negative thoughts and move my body to the beats.

After a while Nomaan joins us, I saw Ruhi with other guests and we dance like there is no tomorrow. Then we move out at yard to burst the fire crackers.. whole sky looks colorful with dazzling and beautiful effects of sky shots.

After exhausting celebration, we savour the tasty dinner and dessert.

It's almost 1:00am when we wave bye to the guests and retire to our respective rooms.

I plop on bed and wait for Nomaan for almost fifteen minutes, but he doesn't show up so with somewhat uneasiness I step out of my room, As I start walking down the corridor I hear whispers in kitchen, at the door, I stand rooted to the floor in disbelief cause Nomaan and Ruhi are engaged in heated conversation in way that Nomaan's back is facing the door.

As I showed up, I notice Ruhi has looked at me with corner of her eyes, though she ignored me and asks to Nomaan in somewhat elevated tone, "after all it was just a bet, that you have tied a knot with that illiterate bitch.. you can divorce her anytime you want.."

My world collapses, the love bubble has been burst, my ears start ringing, my heart has been shattered into pieces.. I close my eyes as the surrounding starts spinning.

Though I can hear Nomaan shouts, "Ruhi.." but his voice is like coming from miles away.. I slowly but firmly open my eyes, pull myself together.. thinking it's my destiny..

I swallow the lump and address, perhaps gathering all the courage left in my body.., "may I know Nomaan.. the bet she is talking about.."

Nomaan twists with jolt, to look at me.. and I couldn't stop tear drops falling from my eyes no matter how hard I tried to bite my lower lip...!?!


Hey friends.. sorry.. I know I have been silent for almost a month.. I was off track for sometime..🥺 but yay..I am back.. please try to understand me,..🙃

I hope you've liked this chapter..🤞😁🙃

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