HAPPINESS - 32 in English Poems by Darshita Babubhai Shah books and stories PDF | HAPPINESS - 32


Mischief has become love

Shafat has become graceful.

written in your memory

Daily rituals have become


the day passes

the night does not pass

stings like a dagger

I can't stop remembering


Every evening is not pleasant

There is never a complete story.

Like Sabab doesn't age

Well the wine will not get old

love happens anytime

Not every love has a youth.

Many hearts are thrown where I

Not every love is spiritual

If the yearning to meet exceeds the limit, then

Meeting is not tempting

Every night of meeting with love

Poonam won't be stormy


Pain has learned the world

Seeing a human, he robs


The seeker is said to meet the true lover.

Only the true lover is found by luck.


The fate line is in the hands

Those without hands are lucky


These eyes speak a lot even without saying anything.

These eyes show the truth to the truth


Listen, love is a wonderful thing.

I have met you strangely.


I will not leave my hand

will not leave you

done to you

will not break the promise

on the way to love

I will not turn my way

I will not leave my hand

will not leave you

Whether it is full of thorns

I will not leave my way

In the gathering of notes

I will not leave the rage

moon stars l

I will not leave the night

on the nights of meeting

I will not leave the matter


Someone knocked in my heart

Today someone will take peace of heart

This heart lost on that madman.

I'll go to war on his every step


There is a hidden story behind the tears.

There is a hidden story behind the memories.

walk together to reach the destination

There is a hidden story behind the roads.


who can stop the running water

he does his own arbitrariness

no one stays thirsty for a long time

Without him, life is lost.


Be safe, a naive heart, now is the time.

Mean people have mean world


memories remain

things remain

drenched in moonlight

the nights will remain

lone sum sam l

the way remains

Tansen is gone

taunts will remain

long full of separation

I'll stay in the evening

the poet goes

shingles will remain

in unrequited love

sigh ll stay

life goes away

corpses will remain



Such is the priceless story of love

Life has been beautiful ever since you met


Daughters light a lamp even in the dark.

Daughters illuminate the name of parents

Don't consider him weak and weak.

Daughters can fly in the air

Give a little love a little encouragement

Daughters fill the world with fragrance

If you come down on yourself then the sky

Daughters have the ability to fly

Brave is fearless like Lakshmi Bai.

Daughters can fire a cannon in war



Who has come to know the philosophy of life?

Where I have lived all my life


I like talking with my eyes

It's nice to talk with memories

In the wet moonlight of Sharad Poonam

It's nice to talk at night

I would like to take these vows throughout my life.

It's nice to talk with promises

In the memories of love while sleeping on the terrace

I love talking to the stars

Mehndi with the name of the beloved

I like to talk with my hands


The fun of getting wet in the rain is something else.

The fun of getting drenched in memories is something else.

Moonlight wet with the desired and pleasing

The fun of getting soaked in the nights is something else.

To support births in unrequited love.

The fun of getting drenched in promises is something else.

On the phone for hours from the heart in the pleasant weather

The fun of getting drenched in things is something else.

Today I express to you that every person coming and going

The fun of getting wet in the road is something else.


the clouds are raining

Eyes are sparkling

see you drunk

things are spilling over

bride's veil open

the nights are spilling

from old photos

Memories are spilling

on the nights of meeting

I'm breathing


What was in the dream has become a reality today.

That stone heart slowly became my wish.

What was in my thoughts has become a reality today.

What was in the morning and evening has become worship today.


make you must

It is necessary to decorate with happiness

sweet in heart

Memories need to be filled

To the best luck

beautiful dream is necessary

to live a perfect life

It is necessary in the world

By becoming a comrade of Humsafar

it is necessary to move together


Hole hoe heart is yours

I'll get lost in sweet dreams

engrossed in sweet talk

I have sown beautiful dreams

Colors in your colors

I fell asleep in a deep sleep

The one who kept Raabta from desires.

He went from work to love