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Stay With Me - 20 - A Perfect Storm



My lungs fills with ice as I spot her, shooting blood red eyes at me, her words are still echoing in my mind..Numbness engulfed me for a moment cause there's a strained silence, we both are glancing at each other..

An unknown fear tightens my heart in my chest, a fear that things wouldn't be the same between us..

God..! I have a made such a mess, she means a lot to me.. even more than myself.. and irony is that I am the reason, she is standing there unbelievably desolate and on the verge of break down.

Looking her like this rips my heart, I feel unbearable heaviness. I don't know about heart attack But what I am feeling right now is hundredth times worst than that...

The sound of my heartbeat pounds in my ears, cause what I am witnessing right now is utter coldness and hurt in her eyes..

But Ruhi... her lips curls in a sinister smile as she fakes a surprised 'O mouth' expression, It was not enough that her tongue runs like a serpent crawling on one's body, "oh.. my dear Tulika didn't know that.. oops.. sorry I burst out your secret" I notice malicious glint in her eyes.

My fists clench with helplessness, I am feeling right now. Tulika slowly but firmly steps inside, not moving her eyes off of me, as if she is struggling to believe whatever shit Ruhi has uttered..!!

As she draws nearer, I can feel the rage in her eyes, she wearily heaves a sigh, "so.. whatever she is it true..?"

It's like she spoke last words with utmost difficulty. I try to grab her hand, but she swiftly moves back to avoid my touch, I hesitantly take my hand back, it's first time I am loss for words, I swallow the lump as I try to speak, "I can explain.. it's not..."

She raises her hand to stop me, "I want to hear just 'yes' or 'no'.. so tell me is it true?"

She is trembling with anger..I again try to explain "Tuli..." but she closes her eyes in disappointment as she sighs, "Yes or No"

Her coldness is killing me, I lower my eyes. Then I hear her heart wrenching words, "I will take this as Yes then.." my face grow grave as my eyes dart to her face, it looks melancholy and dull..God..! I have hurt her...!

She twists to leave, damn.. I stride to block her way, "Tuli.. it was months back, I didn't know you well at that time.., but believe me it became real since the first time we met at your place.." I grab her arms and utter in a most regretful way with tears at the rim of my waterline "I am sorry Tuli..." She jolts away her arms, as if I am poison..! all I can see is total emptiness in her eyes.

Dammit.. It hurts.. and it nearly killed me when she uttered most hurtful words, "You know what Nomaan.. I was so f***ing blind and fool. How could I believed in all of your lies.." she pauses to fight back her sobs.. then lets out a dry laugh, "by the way congratulations Mr. NOMAAN you have won the bet.." her face stern, her voice dead, her eyes teary... "actually when did you plan to divorce me...?" And she couldn't utter a word after that.. as she couldn't control her emotions..

Startled I try to speak, "For god sake Tuli.. I didn't plan to divorce you..never.." She smiles with contempt, "but I do now.." and she walked past me, dashed out of the kitchen in a flash. I pursed my lips tightly to hold back myself. My heart shattered into pieces.. but no.. I can't let her do that.. I can't let her go.. I will convince her.. she will trust me, I know she loves me.. and recalling the moments we shared today, boost up my self esteem.. I can't lose her..

"Tuli.. wait.." I yelled.. I am about to rush after her that I feel Ruhi's comforting touch on my shoulder.. I shake it off.. and I see that still that shameless girl is beaming a most playful smile, "Why..???" I ask, doing my best to keep my voice calm, She smiles satisfactorily, "Nomaan.. You have ruined my career, our friendship, infact my everything.., that too because of that commoner.."

Anger begins to rush in my veins, I almost growl, "Get lost.. before I forget that you used to be my friend, and another thing.. if I will spot you in any of my premises again then you know what I am capable to do?" And without glancing at her, I move my legs towards the door but she grabs my wrist, and asks with bitter feelings of resentment, "What's so special in her that you left ME?"

I lash out with all the hurt and anger I have for her, "Have you lost yourself? how could you ask me this question huh? Now just open your f***ing ears and listen to me carefully... about Tulika's speciality.. She is the best thing that ever happened to me.. for me no one on earth can match her.. no one... and you are the most disgusting and wicked person I have ever known.. how can you compare yourself to her..huh??.

The second thing... about leaving you then let me be crystal clear on that... I never had any feelings for you, never... so whatever you were thinking about me, I am not responsible for that.. now get your ugly ass out of my house before I lose all my sense and you be the victim of my monstrous cruelty.." my voice trembles with anger.. of course I will make her pay for the damage she caused to my Tuli.. but not today.

I stride out of kitchen and dart to our room, there is no sign of her, the only thing I find is, her cellphone.. "Tuli..." I let out a low cry, as I sense that she is not here.

With heart racing in my chest I look around frantically throughout the corridor.. double check each and every corner of the house, I know she couldn't leave me like that.. then where did she go?

I have a strong feeling that definitely something unexpected has happened, I take a phone out to make a call.. and dash to wake up dad and Gran....

Narrator's POV..

[Let's put a halt, and get back to Tulika to check what had happened to her after she left..?]

A burst of rage bubbles inside Tulika, as she knew whatever Ruhi has spoken is not a lie..and Tulika latches onto that rage, letting it overtake the pain.. for her anything is better than the pain of broken heart and trust... she swallows hard, carefully straightening her expressions into an impassive mask.. and stride out of that place.. as she couldn't bear Nomaan's presence any longer.. she is afraid, she'd start panicking if she'd stayed any longer..

She is determined to leave this place, but she is quite aware of everyone sleeping in the house including her dad.. thinking about the circumstances she darts towards her room.. and plops herself down on the bed, letting out all the heaviness..she buries her face in her hand as long agonizing sobs wrecked her body to the core.. she felt heart broken, betrayed..

She is reckless to fight back her enemies but to deal with heart break.. she feared that she was never ready for that.. and that's the reason she had buried those stupid feelings deep down her heart but Nomaan has resurfaced those ..and here
she is miserable and devastated.. she has feared she would be..

Her sobs were not subsided that a strange voice startles her from behind, making her jump up from the bed, "poor girlie... it literally broke my heart that your marriage with Nomaan is just a bet thing.."

Tulika furrows at him, wiping her tears, "what the hell..? who are you..? what are you doing here?" But at the same time two other men emerge from the shadow, one swiftly covers her mouth, while the other injects a watery liquid into her vein..

In a fraction of time Tulika feels dizzy, her body loosen up and she drifts off. Those men lift her off of the ground wothout wasting a moment and haul her to the long van, already waiting for them.

When Nomaan approaches to the room, Van has quietly drifted away from the farm house, vanished in dark..

《《《《 《●●●●●》》》》》

[Narrator : Now that we know what happened to Tulika.. it's time to check on Ruhi.. what does she do after Nomaan strolled out of kitchen?]

As Nomaan leaves, Ruhi's phone buzzes, She annoyingly receives it, "can't you wait for my was close.. thank god I have stopped Nomaan on right time.." she pauses, exhaling satisfactorily, "well the good news is, things went as we have assumed.. now just take that she bitch far far away from Nomaan's lair... well all the best for that... and remember we don't know each other from now on.."

She hangs the call up as she murmurs to herself, "I am the best thing for you Nomaan.. I will wait until you realize it.. and you will, one day. cause I don't know for how long will you grieve for her..? when they will finish her very existence.." she sighs deeply.

For a moment, a flicker of sorrow crosses her face, but she wipes it off swiftly mumbling, "I am sorry Tulika.. but everything is fair in love and war.. and believe me I am much more suitable for the title of Mrs. Nomaan. I know it won't be easy.. but nothing comes easy right?" and her face beams happily.

She checks around and stroll out of kitchen as if nothing has happened. She trudges out of the farmhouse, eventually making her way to the parking..

She again looks around to reassure herself that Nomaan is not following her, relieved she wipes beads of sweat from her forehead, opens her car's door and just about to get inside it that she hears someone's scornful voice, "BUSTED..."

her face as pale as ice, she twists around, her mouth snaps wide open, as she cries out, "Viansh...???"


Hello.. my lovelies.. Sorry all for keeping you all waiting.. but due to navratri...I was not able to write thoroughly.. and believe me it took more than I thought to write this short chapter..🤯

i'd love to know what do you think about this chapter.. ?🙃

what do you think Viansh was doing there, where did they take Tulika.. what will Nomaan do? In short what will happen next..? 🤔

So see you all next week.. until then keep reading..🤓

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