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The Angel Inside - part 13 Ash!

Jay's POV
I am performing a surgery with my colleagues. And after a good 2 hours we managed to save the patient and I could tell luck was on his side. It was really complicated and there was only 20% chance for his survival. I smiled with satisfaction and one of my colleagues finished up the rest of the surgery, skillfully stiching the skin where we operated. I was really tensed at first, but now I felt relieved.

After finishing up I reached my cabin , tilting my head from left to right to relax myself. The scenes from the day start to run in my head.

Amy left the cabin as I peeked out of the window a swarm of journalists gathered around the enterence . Darn! That's too much! The gaurds didn't let the reporters enter and I guess it's was soon going to turn into chaos. I didn't like it. The ambulance had to go through the second gate because of this.

Soon there was a screeching sound of the tires behind them. They all turned paying focus on it. It was a black Lamborghini. . It droved away in a fast pace.And the driver seemed to be crazy. I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around startled. It was Noah.

He saw the car driving away. He mouth was gaped open and I didn't knew why.

Me: what's wrong?

Noah: that car!'s Ash's!

Me: Ash?

Noah: the purple haired girl! It's her car! She's Ash! I can't believe! It turned out to be a girl! Now I see what she meant!

Me: who's she?

Noah had a cheeky smirk.

Noah: someone you know and someone you don't...!

I looked at him confused.

I turned around looking again the gate where the media was. The car drove away really fast. The gate opened and there was a bandaged and limping Cody who was being discharged from the hospital and the two police officers arms clutching him. The flashes from the camera started emitting on Cody as he tried to hide his face and literally screaming on them to stay away . And with the chaos I could tell they were asking him something embarrassing . He almost punched one of the reporters. But the police officers dragged him away. I heard Noah spoke behind me.

Noah: this is going to be a hot topic...


Noah refused to tell me about Amy . And her staff threatened us not to leak any info about the incident. Jen was still recovering. She was still traumatized. If I would have been even a minute late she would have lost her life.

My mind runned with Amy's thoughts again.
I still can't understand her. Who is she? Why she is hiding? Media is behind her? Is she a criminal? Mafia? I felt the possibility of her being a criminal or a Mafia were logical cause the way she punched and kicked that pshyco felt like she was trained and practiced a lot for it. And her extreme aggressive move really gave me goosebumps.

I shook my head trying to remove those thoughts out of my mind. The day she stepped into my life I can't even rest in peace. I needed to take her out of my head and it shouldn't bother me who she is cause in the end we are gonna part our ways. I mentally scolded myself.

The rest of the day went by I was busy with rounds , checking on patients and appointments. It was 10 in the night, I checked my patients for the last time and left the hospital.


I reached home , taking slow steps to the door I pushed the keys in the door lock twisting it as I push open the door and again.... BOOM! ..... MOM!

Seems like today all my scary ladies are giving me surprises and I have no idea what mom is upto today. First the spoiled brat , then her sister and now mom! Entering through the door I was startled seeing my mom's figure on the couch, crossing her arms to her chest, she was kind of glaring at me. Did I do something wrong? Seems like I'm going to be dead meat at the end of the day..

I went in with an akward smile.. trying to butter her with a apologetic grin...

Me: hi... Mom...

I said slowly trying to analyze..

She stood up from the couch as she pinched and pulled my ear. I groaned in pain...

Me: mommm..... Sorry!

I don't know what I was sorry for but doesn't matter saving your life matters the most..

Mom: you little brat, you really have forgotten your mom!.. didn't you!? Not a single call...huh! You forget me that early?!

She pulled my ears back and forth and I tried to calm her down..

Me: mommmmm...I was busy.... sorry...aah!

Suddenly someone opened the door... AMY!
Amy was surprised she stood there peeking through the door looking at us.

Soon mom released my ear as she akwardly laughed..
Amy came in and reached two steps away from mom with a small smile as she looked at mom.
Mom left me as she went and hugged Amy. What kind of partiality is this?

My mom happily wrapped her arms around Amy as Amy hugged her back. Soon both of them pulled out of the hug.

Mom: my daughter! How are you?

Amy: I'm fine!
She said with a small formal smile.

Soon mom turned towards me..
Mom: you brat learn from her..! She calls me everyday and you are busy huh!

She said taunting at me. I looked at her in disbelief. It's only been a week and she's already taking Amy's side... what about me?Mom's eyes went back to Amy but she was looking at her suspiciously. Amy still holded her small formal smile at mom.

Mom: dear, did you change your hair style?

Amy smile soon changed into a troubled one as if she was caught in a big lie! It seemed like she didn't expected that question, she was a bit taken aback. But still she akwardly smiled and replied as she trailed off.

Amy: yeah..!

This was turning even more suspicious for me. First her identity and now even her hairs hold a mystery.

Soon Amy changed the topic.

Amy: what a surprise Mrs. Conor..!

Mom glared at her.

Mom: get rid of that habit, call me mom! Didn't I tell you before?

Amy gave a sheepish smile.

Amy: sorry!

She said as she scratched her head. Mom noticed the bandage on her knuckle. She had a worried face.

Mom: what happened to your hand dear?

She gently holded Amy's hand as she stared at the bandage worried. I could see Amy's nervousness but she managed to cope with it.

Amy: nothing mom ..just an accident.

She said in a low tone as she looked away not having an eye contact with my mom.

My mom looked up at her.

Mom: you should be careful dear!

She took Amy's hand closer to her lips as she placed a gentle kiss on her wounded knuckles.

Mom: you'll get better soon...

She said as she slowly left Amy's hand. Mom would always do this whenever I or Candice got hurt. It always helped to ease the pain. I always asked her how she did that and she always had the same reply 'love's magic'!

In the whole time Amy didn't moved an inch she just remained unfazed. Amy stood there frozen staring at mom but her face didn't had her usual expression, she wasn't in her formal attitude of keeping that usual poker face, she seemed to be rather surprised.

Soon Amy broke into a small smile as she looked down slowly and this time I couldn't say that her smile was a fake one ,done out of formalitiy ,it was a genuine one. It surprised me and the thing that shocked me the most that her small ,cute smile caused a slight dimple on her right cheek. It was adorable. I couldn't take my eyes off her. I suddenly found it beautiful. I wondered If she smiled often how beautiful she would look. I stood there staring at her not at all bothered about my sorroundings. Soon mom cleared her throat a little louder looking at me and I immediately broke out of my trance. I mentally slapped myself,bad timing.

Amy seemed to be flustered like me and she changed her posture back to the formal one.

I looked away totally embarrassed. I was sure my ears would have turned beet red by embarrassment.

Mom: so did you guys like the house?

We both nodded in aggrement.

Mom: seems like you guys didn't had your dinner yet?

Amy: yeah, just gonna prepare now..

She said with a polite smile.

Mom: both of you go and freshen up!

We both nodded and went up the stairs as Amy followed me behind. We both were about to part our directions when mom interrupted.

Mom: Well which one is your room?

Amy: left! Me: right!

We both spoke at the same time pointing our fingers to our rooms. Mom gave us a blank stare. While I and Amy were secretly death glaring each other. We both putted our hands down looking away.

Mom: don't tell me.. you guys..are separate-

Amy soon cut her off..

Amy: mom actually I like the left room , the interiors are beautiful, I am able to get peace there and he likes the right one , his lovely garden of roses stay in the backyard ,so we kinda argue..heehe!

She fake laughed as she stomped my foot to join her. I was about to shout in pain but held it in and akwardly laughed with her. It was unnoticed by mom as our lower area was hidden behind the stairs fence.
I couldn't believe her, she could be that fast in making excuses and how did she knew I loved my garden? Maybe mom told her...

Mom chuckled at our silliness. We both akwardly went to our rooms to freshen up.

I entered my room shutting the door behind me as I groaned in pain. MY FOOT! I mentally screamed.

I went to the bathroom as I freshened up. I opened the door of my room to get down to the kitchen. Opening the door I found Amy standing in the shirt and sweatpant , her right hand sleeve rolled up , her fingers resting on the door knob. She looked at me surprised. Pretty coincidental. Both of us went to the kitchen as we started helping Mom with the cooking.

We had talks the whole time and I could only notice one thing is Amy smiled geniuenly , though a small smile but a beautiful one. All the time Amy hummed or gave a short reply to mom's questions. I thought it would be akward for mom but she didn't mind.

After dinner three of us sat on the couch as I and Amy seated on each side beside mom.

Mom: oh! I really forgot my actual purpose to come here.

She said as she chuckled on herself. She bought a book that she had kept on the table nearby. I looked like an album.

Mom: it's your wedding album.!

She said excited as she opened the book and flipped the pages. It had our wedding ceremony photos. I stared at one particular photo of engagement of mine and Amy. I realized now that I was wearing a ring , how much drowned I was in my thoughts that I didn't even noticed the ring had been wrapped around my finger for a week? I questioned myself.. I think I don't remember anything about my wedding... I quickly glanced at my ring finger.

Mom continued to flip the pages . My eyes went to a photo of Amy walking down the aisle. I noticed something weird... Her hairs..
It were long and black that reached her waist.. but her real hairs seemed to be way more different than this one in the picture. Instead her hairs reached her shoulders and has highlights of purple in the end.

Now this seemed to be more suspicious and I think this was one of the reasons why Noah didn't recognize her. Cause she looks a total different person with her current hairstyle. And that too her aura and attitude creates a big difference. Nobody would recognize her unless and until they pay attention to her features.

I continued staring at the picture of hers...Not gonna lie she looked like an angel in this picture though. Mom kept on smiling as she continued to flip the pages while Amy was simply looking at the pictures with her. I wonder why she hides her identity. I needed to turn down my curiosity. After a while we reached the end of the album as mom closed the book.

She smiled as she ruffled my and Amy hairs .

Mom: well when are you guys thinking of giving me some time than your professions? This is so unfair all of you are busy. I feel so lonely.

I chuckled.

Me: sorry but soon.!

Mom: what about this weekend ? We can spend the weekend together. All of you are going to take a break and we will enjoy...

I tried to interrupt her that I would be busy but before I could , she spoke..

Mom: that's final!

I sighed in defeat. Amy still had her cute little smile and her small dimple appearing on her chubby cheek. I couldn't help but find it beautiful. Amy nodded in aggrement with mom. We three had a great time.

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