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love has come

I have brought water in my eyes

Untold over the years

It's a matter of heart

To amuse my heart

made my own picture

You smile when you read it

have decorated it with ornaments

lovely gift symbol

pink ribbon



Seeing there has been a rebellion in the heart.

I have fallen in love with you.

be of no use to anyone

The condition has become in love.

I can't rest without listening to my voice.

Got used to the phone

I have crossed my limits in love

I have been supported

I can't be angry with you

I have complained to God



There is a sound of something untoward happening.

There is attachment in love.

The stars also shine brightly and

The sky is twinkling with happiness

Fiza sang a melodious song

Look, there is a trembling in the whole body.


Companions live together no matter what the stage.

Those who perform will play whatever the condition is


You are the memorable Mastani evening of life.

You'll be a thirst quencher jam

Every moment missing in the memory of Mehboob.

You will be the beautiful kalam of a mad poet

I have gone far in search of love.

You will be the end of the last journey

A friend never came even by mistake, but she

You will be a familiar name from birth

I have accepted love as a bondage.

You will salute God in worship



Sahil joins the ocean

I wish I'll be good

Keep looking for what I wish

I will find that partner in my destination

Forgot the culture

What have I seen in my heart?


Adil - Judge


You have made it a habit to break your heart.

Habit has forced you to decorate.

Allegations are being made on the charge of infidelity.

You have made wounds into cankers.

Seeing the opportunity, you keep wearing clothes and clothes.

You have made yourself innocent.

To get your point across with your loved ones.

The condition has made you proud.

In the morning and evening, you go to Hushn's house.

Love has made you a laborer.


Don't feel bad I am forced by habit

He is proud and proud of Wafa.

They are living in deception every moment.

What am I so proud of?

I don't know who are drunk

is famous for intoxicants

I don't know the mean world

far away from reality

The soul is aware of their nature.

Honesty dishonesty is acceptable



the light is about to end

an era is about to end

get up and start afresh

This round is about to end

Will not come back

the breath is about to end

hold hands firmly

to end with

come back soon

hope is about to end



what did you say

what i have heard

hid love

hidden rustam ho piya ll

I only saw once

I'll rob my heart from my eyes

to see you whole life

Mora Jiya is suffering today

no time to meet

what have you done



It took a while to try digging,

It took a while to keep my promise to myself.


love is pouring out of my eyes

shining love in my eyes

As soon as I see eye to eye

Love is beating in the eyes

The intoxication of love is a shadow

Love is flowing in my eyes

to see once

yearning for love in my eyes

To hide the friend in the eyes

Love is pouring in my eyes



Why do you look like a stranger today?

Even after knowing the present, you will remain ready.

That's why you always live in the moonlight

I hope for the moon in the new moon

Night and day are concerned only.

If love is there then why don't you show it?

You are leaving without saying then.

Why do you dare to love?

no one ever cared

Today you are afraid to laugh with laughter.


Shab night


Mussal- Constantly


Let the season of love change

Is fickle

With the extinguished Shama in the gathering

Change the gamut of raga

Got tied up in the heart's locks.

Years old sorrow will change its turn

11 -2-2022


make a try today

I'll drink the pain of life's sorrow

By mixing myself with myself today

Tawfiq will give you the chest of loneliness

Tired of fighting for fun

Need Abe-Hayat Safina

Well, I am in my heart.

Dear Nagine has been recognized

shed to love

Will take account of that sweat today


Abe-Hayat - Amrit

taufiq - courage

fun - waves

safine - boat

life - life

khairmakdam - welcome




There is salt in one hand and ointment in the other.

This cycle of yours happens every day.

Listen, no one is going to knock again and again.

Do not listen to your own heart, it is shameless.

When the yearning for union started increasing in the moonlit night.

Looked like a friend, when God's deeds happen.

Seeing the sakhi bond, the door should not return anywhere.

Day and night are about to come

After many years, the message of the oppressed has come.

Then somewhere the heart becomes a little soft today.



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