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The Angel Inside - Part 20 Shooked

Jay's POV

I stood there baffled for a while. All along she was the CEO of Ace and I didn't knew how much I mentally cussed her unknowingly assuming her as her ex- boyfriend. But she's now my wife. Does that mean she fooled me all the whole time!

Amy who was standing near the door frame left the room casually before speaking.

Amy: if you are hungry go to the kitchen downstairs or explore in here or rest, your wish. I'll be at the office.

Does she have an office in here? It's still midnight. Freaking 3 'o' clock. Who goes to office in the night.

A maid entered breaking the chain of my thoughts.

Maid: would you like to have something sir?

Me: um. No ..umm ... don't call me sir just call me Jay.

I unknowingly cringed at her calling me sir.

Maid: oh ..ok .

Me: what is this place? And where am I ?

The maid looked at me puzzled.

Maid: you're in ' The divas...'..

My eyes widened. Looking at the classy infrastructure of the room I realised it was not a joke when Amy said she was Ash. And that too the owner of the popular mansion. Divas!

Divas is the name of Ash's mansion . My sister would always chant about its beauty but no one was ever allowed to enter in here. It took me a while to get this info in my head.

Within that time an another maid arrived in the room.

Maid: sir your family has arrived here!

Hearing her words i realised how much mom would have cried about me and Amy being missing. I rushed out of the room , I wanted to comfort her that I was fine. I ran down the stairs running down as they hallways are way long and i didn't wanted to waste even a second. I finally reached the living room it felt I had run a marathon. I huffed my heart beating faster. Finally I found mom and dad sitting on the couch as Candice runned towards me wrapping her hands around me. I patted her head gesturing I was fine.

She broke the hug after a while as I saw my mom's face , all pale and eye puffy due to bawling her eyes out crying. I reached to her engulfing her into a hug. She started crying again. Her face buried in my chest by I could feel her sobbings.

Me: mom , I'm fine. Stop crying.

I continued to rub her back comforting her. Soon we could hear footsteps as my eyes went to the stairs . I looked at Amy who was casually stepping down as her silk robe reaching down her knees floated with her movement in a sync. Her robe was untied making her tonned abs visible. Her hand shoved in her pockets with a confident look on her face.

Candice looked at her in admiration,her mouth gape opened. While mom and dad seemed surprised. Amy finally reached the end of the stairs as she walked towards us. She clearly resembled the ruler of a kingdom. A fierce and fearless queen.

She stopped a few steps away from mom. Mom gasped looking at her wounds. She broke from the hug and turned to Amy cupping her face as she analysed the bruises on her face. I could feel mom burning in rage even though tears were falling down her face.

Mom: I want that sickos in the prison.!

She spoke to dad as a sob escaped her lips. Amy quickly pulled mom in her embrace, caressing her head.

Amy: mom I'm fine.. don't cry please...

Her voice laced with utter calmness and softness I didn't heard before. It was new to me to see her this soft. She cupped mom's face .

Amy : seems like you have been crying for hours... You need to rest mom...hmm.

Amy called a maid and started speaking in some other language. Maybe it was Spanish? Soon the maid spoke in reply but none of us could understand.

Amy: she'll take you to the room. She's asking if you want to eat something?

Mom shooked her head.

The maid politely bowed to mom and took her to a certain room. And now it was just me , dad , Candice and Amy.

Dad: I'm glad you guys are safe!

Candice: well! What are we doing here? I mean it's Mr. Ash's house. Where is he?

She asked puzzled.

Amy: infront of your eyes..

It took time for dad and Candice to take in the information. But at last their jaws dropped.

Candice: it means that the rumours were right when they said Ash is a girl. I thought they just wanted to degrade his image.! Wait... wait a minute you said Ash was your boyfriend! But you are Ash?

Amy: Ash is still my boyfriend, so what's wrong in it? There is something called self love you know! I love myself!

Amy chuckled while Candice stood baffled by her reply.

Amy: I see... you're too shocked. calm down and rest,it's about to be morning.!

Candice: wait! I'm your big big fan! Umm i ummm?

Amy: calm down sweety we can talk whenever you want after all I'm your sister in law!

Candice chuckled.

Amy: have some rest!

Soon the maid guided Candice to a room.

Dad: we need to talk , Ash.

Amy: sure Mr. Conor... follow me.

This talk wasn't between a father in law or daughter in law but between two buisness professionals.

Before walking away Amy looked at me.

Amy: you need some rest too doctor. Get some sleep.

She said before walking away with dad upstairs.

I stood there blankly but I was thirsty so I went towards the kitchen. I grabbed a glass of water. Suddenly a maid approached me from behind making me startled.

Maid: I'm so sorry! I didn't meant to startle you.

Me: it's fine.

Maid: well it's the first time I have seen ma'am bringing someone here other than her brother.

I looked at her puzzled.

Maid: I mean you seem to be someone special to her.

Me: I'm her husband.

She gasped but then smiled.

Maid: I see. That's why she was so worried when you weren't waking up. It's first time I have seen her caring about someone. You're really special to her.

She smiled and left.

I unknowingly smiled at myself and left upstairs. Walking through the hallways to reach my room I could hear someone pleading near by. It came from a room. I debated with myself if I should hear them or not. Evasdropping isn't a good thing, is it? But my curious self won.

Through the door gap I could see dad , Amy and Alex. A man was kneeling in front of them begging them for mercy.

Man: I'm sorry! Please!

Alex: then you should have thinked twice before betraying us.

Amy: come on! Mark... you're sweating so much here have some water.

She handed mark a glass of water before pouring the jug of water into the glass. With shivering hands mark drank the water.

Amy: it's poison!

My eyes widened. And mark choked on the water, coughing hard. He started having breathing problems and soon fainted. As much as I was baffled Alex and dad were shocked too. Amy waved her fingers as the 2 buff gaurds dragged mark away.

Amy: huh! What a weakling! Fainted so early!

She said annoyed.

Alex: there wasn't any plan for killing him. What did you do?!

Amy calmly poured the water in the glass before drinking. It was the same jug.

Dad: what are you doing?

She emptied the glass and looked at them.

Amy: it wasn't spiked!

Both of them looked at her in disbelief.

Amy: playing with minds is always entertaining...

She smirked.

Amy: well Mr. Conor, I promise this won't be happening the next time. Cause the next time they'll know what happens when they mess with Ash!

Dad sighed.

Dad: you're just like your father, insane!

Amy's smirk dropped and rather she had a straight face.

Amy: I think you should both rest. Good morning!

Dad and Alex nodded before leaving and wishing her a good morning. I hided myself behind the door as Alex and dad left without noticing me.

I sighed in relief. I hurriedly runned back to my room. My mind tangled with thoughts. I decided to sleep. After a little nap I was awake again. But surprisingly it wasn't because of the traumatic experience I had last night but I felt empty. I stood up from the bed as my eyes went to the balcony.

I could see a figure and I went towards it.
Reaching there I found Amy lying on the couch her eyes closed and head fallen backwards on the headset. I went towards her slowly sitting beside her. I noticed her robe had slided down her shoulder exposing her tattoo. The beautiful portrait of tiger inked on her arm. I knew what it meant - power and strength...

I unknowingly traced her tattoo fascinated by its beauty. Suddenly a voice startled me.

Amy: evasdropping isn't a good thing you know.!

I looked at her shocked. She slowly opened her eyes looking at me . I drew my hand back. I hesitated.

Me: I thought someone needed help... don't you want to sleep...

Amy: nope..

Me: were you worrying about me?

The question took her off gaurd.

Amy: nuh! But mom did. She was worried sick.

Me: yeah! She is sensitive when such things happen.

Amy looked at me with curious eyes wanting me to explain further.

Me: mom lost grandma and grandpa (her mom and dad)at very young age in a car accident. She was the witness but couldn't do anything as she was just a kid. After that she feared loosing people around her. Even if it was a scratch she would still cry. So looking at your condition today she must be really terrified.

Amy sighed.

Me: well why were you punishing that inocent man?

Amy: he hacked mine and Mr. Conor's security system for Cody. And he wanted us dead.

I was shocked.

Me: but then too maybe mark did it all out of helplessness. He might be pressured.

Amy let out an airy laugh.

Amy: helplessness? He's another misogynist! He didn't liked me ruling the company and never liked taking orders from a woman.

I sighed regretting my innocent predictions which were the total opposite to the reality. But her actions were evil.

Me: you're a devil...

Amy smirked.

Amy: aren't I Lucifer?

I scoffed remembering the contact name I had saved for her.

Me: so you did check my phone! It's inappropriate to invade someone's privacy! That's unfair..

Amy continued to chuckle.

Suddenly loud screams could be heard. As Amy and I looked at each other confused.

Ghost!!! Witch!!!

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