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you are my life

Mamta will have my respect

God's blessings

I will be a boon

in the throes of life

Have green paan of gardenia


I started to paint in the colors of love.

I will start coloring in Chunaria

Born to live together

I will start getting into Piya's structure.

The time of meeting is near.

I will decorate for Sajna

Like I got wings today

I'll start flying in the dreams of happiness

Friend in the state of drunkenness

Eyes will start waking up in the morning and evening



There are many good things in life.

There's a lot of headlines on my face

By increasing the heat of union

There is a lot of restlessness in love.

don't even let me live in peace

There is a lot of hair here.

Where millions of people still live

There is a lot of loneliness in the crowd

in the heart to have a look

There is a lot of strange desperation



Don't get drunk by drinking jam.

I will not faint to see the beauty

It will be in the destiny that he will get it.

I'll be satisfied with whatever I get

I will trust in the digging of God

Apologize but I'll be at fault


don't hold hands

Do not advise, give support

love in my heart

just give a hint

lost in the middle of the way

I'll shore up the kayak

12-3 -2022


Humanity dies in a heartless world

I leave the truth for my selfishness.

Wind, fate and nature's decision.

Life changes in a moment


There is a strange love in dreams.

I'm intoxicated like a jam

Live in the same way in the morning and evening

He lives in every moment.


There is fire in the heat

The passion for union is

settled in the eyes

I'm a little jealous

musal in remembrance

I'll see it's raining

desire to meet

Now Armaan is buried

see the agony of chakor

Gagan is crying today



There's nothing to be gained by staying here.

Keep moving forward, this is not the destination.

To deceive your loved ones so much.

The stranger is not allowed to enter the house.

What are you hoping for?

There is no Aadil here.

read and write that even though the world

illiterate but not ignorant

Looks simple but simple

I am not afraid of worldliness.

Don't expect from the merciless now

The lion of the jungle is not Amil.



The world is here, some people will say

People will fill their ears with rumours.

If you believe in yourself then why are you afraid?

True and false feelings will flow

Who has kept a clean arm that lasts for a lifetime

If it is a matter of fear, then he will be afraid.

If I were a stranger, I would have fought with him.

Will bear the deceit given by loved ones

Can't see anyone's comfort

Be the nature of which they will burn

I have a habit of city light but

I'll face the black night

Ignoring the rumors

I will remain fearless as it is



If the heart is full of sorrows then it is.

Nazms are related to words, so I will

Whatever you meet in your own way or in a foreign way.

Our pain is related to lies

Flowing in the love of unfaithful

If the eyes are related to the eyes, then I will

Now studying in big college.

Illiterate little relation is with the bandits, then I will

God has made lovely lovely colors.

Colorful relation in Holi is with colors


Worship God's love from the heart.

I'll love you with my heart

For the happiness of you and your loved ones

Do sweet sweet things all the time

I have nothing to do with you

Forget the hate, just wish

You will only get the good of good deeds.

God's servants have mercy on everyone.

Today in these difficult times

I'll make everyone happy and peaceful



Don't be stubborn to get Dilbar.

So what is the fun of love?


This is the land of Khudai Ishq.

Shameo Haya's moisture in my eyes

The Ganges of Milk flows here.

nothing is missing

Jannat Basti is face to face

There is softness of love in hearts


The pain hidden in the heart let the lips laugh.

Let the untold pain settle in your heart


chatted with him today

Filled my hearts in the soul.

saying without meaning

You took the news every time.

Sakhi in the rest of my life

I'll take my breath away

Heartlessness broke my heart again.

I will get happiness in borrowing

Desire for one's own comfort

I'll stay with my own hands



Beautiful dream caught in my eyes

Dear deceit was shown to the face

Didar-e-Ishq's yearning for you increased.

Sweet moments met with life

Now I feel like looking at the glasses

Today I heard the forgotten song

Sometimes I love Dilbar

I'll be heartbroken by saying cute lies

By sticking big Tabasum on the lips.

drank silently to the bloody liver


Tabassum - Smile

Aab-e-Chashm - Watering eyes

Didar-e-Khuda - Darshana of God


In what kind of city has this chaos spread?

There is no peace of a moment nor  relax


Look at the sight of the destruction of Arjoo.

Look inside the ammunition hidden

Today to end the chest of the soul.

I'll see the daggers carrying with me

Storms keep coming and going for a lifetime.

The face is ready to shine, look continuously

Learn the point of view of seeing beauty.

No body is a woman's mind, look beautiful

Do not think of everyone as straight as yourself.

see the difference from the ground to the sky


baharo pyare song hum pyari nazm you l

You have come to hear some ghazal.

How have we cut night and day in separation?

You will tell the condition of restless heart in the gathering


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