HAPPINESS - 41 in English Poems by Darshita Babubhai Shah books and stories PDF | HAPPINESS - 41


Jalan Aftab Ki Suhani Lagi l

Jln mahtab ki ruhani lagi ll

Living on each other

The love story seems old


The heartbeat has become intoxicated

As soon as the eyes are four, the senses are losing


Zindagi made Mohtaj and left

Zindagi to di jine ka anand le liya ll

What is written in destiny is found

I hid my tears and drank gum with my hands

Encouragement to live and look at our passion

No complaints, no complaints

The fruit of deeds is happiness and sorrow

I lived my life understanding the will of God

If everyone gets happiness by being happy

Apna ke liye har wakt hotho ko hai sia ll



These lives have become a tradition

Ever since you got used to it

What happened to your love?

Love has become worship

Unveiled since Husn Hua l

Aashiqui Inayat Ho Gayi ll

If two moments of separation took place then l

Complained to God

Don't close your eyes

Nazar se sharafat ho gayi ll



Deewana batati hai mujhe l

Plur se bulati hai mujhe ll

Girlfriend in dreams

Need me satati hai mujhe ll

By talking on the phone

Ll wake me up all night

They go away even for a moment

Yaade teri rulati hai mujhe ll


Seeing the effect of duao

Sanam took a look


I have to talk to you today

The big days have come and gone

Daman is full of happiness

Tere aa jaane se nikhri hai raat ll


The puppets of the theater of life

There are puppets in the hands of God


There are headlines on the cheeks

Haya is appearing in the eyes

Will live and die together

The promises are showing fidelity

They smile alone in the evening

Ll are appearing in memories

One moment filled with happiness

The breaths are showing in the breaths

Nagmel was humming in the fizzes

The songs are showing the night



Baat dil ki hum batakar chale jayege l

Teri suni mehfil sajakar chale jayege ll

Caravan Sakhi is ready for the journey

Jaan phir tum par lutakar chale jayege ll

We will live for someone's happiness

Today will go away after persuading the stubborn



I am writing poetry on the day of poetry

I have become a poet, I am blooming with paper

I have been a participant in the happiness and sorrow of the poet

I am peeling with the pen of Dhayal Premi

Just look at the scattered existence here and there

I will sew with the needle of Saiya's love

Once upon a time there was a scope of mehfils

I will meet the king of ghazals

Today it echoes everywhere in Fizao

I am shaking with the waves of poetry



Today the bird has come to my roof

Bird ll sing happy songs

I am happy to see him

Chi chi chi sunati hain chidiya ll

It keeps flying in the open sky

The birds come and eat the grain again

This is where the forest orchard revolves

Where are the birds called?

Gather food in broad daylight

The birds do not find peace for a moment



Beware of the coming storm

Love the world more than yourself

There will be many difficulties in life

Get ready to fight the storm

Someone has to be l

If you have love, close your eyes

Behind the scenes, everyone cheats

If you dare, strike from the front

Sakhi will make the journey easier

Ll trust once in a lifetime



The wish is to be colored in your color

Aaj pyaar bhare rangon se tere sang mein rang jaun ll


I came to fill the colors of happiness in life

Bring your freshness and exhilaration with Holi

The universe had become very colorless due to the epidemic

Holly ll to rain rain of colors all around

The virus of hatred has spread in the world

Holly ll losing heart and mind

Baruto has filled the river and the land

Pyar ki sarita mein sarne aaye holi ll

We also have life by erasing us

Holika ko jalne jalne i holi ll


They sow the seeds of desires

Ll sleep soundly

Burn the heart for someone

Why do you lose comfort?

Empty-handed smile l

The ones in the vault cry

The one who makes a living

Dil ko bhigoya karte hain ll

Clear Daman Chhoti Chhoti l

Happiness is threaded