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Keep the passion alive to look young

I will be proud in front of the world

get along with everyone

You will keep fear of God in your heart


good deeds became sane

Even the curse has become a blessing.

mixed in love

pain has also become medicine

Ishq has done for years.

Infidelity will become paid

She was searching for many ages.

where your love has become

Today's angry friend's l

Silence will also become forever


sana - prayer


love is raza

Ishq kaza hai ll

if one sided

love is punishment

If you are two sided

love is fun



I don't know what I'm afraid of losing

I'm fighting with my own luck

What crime are you punishing now?

I am asking God again and again

everyday for my own happiness

I am filling the pot of karma again

I have seen many sunshine in my life.

I'm moving towards the last stage

see the changing mood of the seasons

I'm dying moment by moment


The days of listening are gone.

Silently reading everyone's mind



saw the changing mood of the weather

I'll see the hijab on Husn's face


There is a stir in my heart today

the wind smells like sandal

Hushn unmasked in the city

There's chaos all around

Excavations are spilling

the light of the face is real

Listen in memory of Mehboob

latest written ghazal

those who are lucky

i miss palpal hai



my dreams are flying high

I have learned courage from courage.

make life easier

The strings of breath are drawn tightly.


Hurt on the heart then we became silent.

Before we came to our senses we would faint

Pardanshi was unmasked for a moment.

I will get intoxicated as soon as I drink the jam of my eyes

After a long time in the festival of beauty

I'll be blown away by a sweet smile

There was a gesture for many days.

What did my friends say?

Today in secret gesture, heart to heart

I will get excited by the promise of meeting



Solve the riddle of life soon

Let's extinguish the lamp of hate from our hearts

people have forgotten the world

Tell me the meaning of living together

is bound by the chains of many rituals.

Be patient and explain with love

The gathering has become very silent.

ll sing love songs again

The time has passed, listen to something good.

Listen to the ghazals of Mir-Ghalib.



love can break

The leak of pain never breaks

The name written on the sand is met.

The name written in the heart is not erased.

I have come to support the birth of birth.

I have come to tell you were yours

Will be tied in an unbreakable bond in such a way that

I've come to hug you for a lifetime

Weirdly tied up

Daman is filled with happiness

I have given you the treasure while sitting.

Look what has God done?



Paper boat floating in rain water

Lovely childhood friendship.

Neither worry about yesterday nor worry about today.

I used to have fun day and night in the morning.

People used to spend their lives on each other.

That settlement was said to live in harmony?



I remember the past

The heart is humming

Where would I have listened in ignorance?

I used to love to cry.

As soon as the eyes meet with pride

I'll hide my face like a palm

Why do you remain silent for many hours?

get tied up like this ll torment

Like I used to do in childhood

I'll put small things to heart

hope to meet again and again

hard to explain myself



It is impossible to get out of the prison of the moment.

It is impossible to get out of the prison of pain.

I swore to live together as well as die

It is impossible to get out of the prison of promises.

He used to talk morning evening, night and day.

It is impossible to get out of the captivity of memories.

Telling small incidents

It is impossible to get out of the prison of things.

Keep changing the whole night in remembrance.

It is impossible to get out of the captivity of nights.



new year has come

bring a new era

treasure of happiness

and found peace

last year's now

I will not let the shadow fall

look every moment

each other's shadow

This is my prayer to God

stay safe kaya ll

I will live with simplicity

no maya can touch



This is life till then there is war

The business of tears is closed

Everything is due to circumstances

Whoever you see here is tight

Qasid came with Bashirs.

Hope is the wave of hope

I am full of talents

Today there is zeal in the hearts and minds

live forever

There are different colors in life


truths - truths

courage - courage

Bashirs - Good - messages


Let's take a look

Will want to fill the liver


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