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Wishes are breaking

There are conspiracy theories of my show

If you have met after a long time, then l

long list of requests

My heart has become hot like sand

I am waiting for the rain of love

I put fetters on my hands and feet.

Why care about drains?

Something is knocking in the gathering.

There is a slight lack of Aries


complaints - complaints

Aarish - Decorations


His name will come today.

will bring flood in the eyes

by reading love

heart will lose peace

From a feeling of confusion

When will you be able to rest?

By taking the name of Bearaami

will go back

at the sound of his arrival

Heart will sing songs of happiness




Shama dreams are lit in the gathering.

Just as my heart's memory is forgotten.

by listening to fairy tales

We remember them everyday.

I had forgotten the moment I had spent together.

Timeless memory is his cry.

They have the feeling of my love.

God has a lot of good in luck.

1-5 -2022



Silence speaks not tongue

Hearts grope the mind

Tied in the box of curves

Years old secrets will open

By loving innocently

Love dissolves in the soul




Let's light the flame of love

Show me the spark of hearts

to remove the hatred from the heart

Then I'll make the world heaven

To all the withered faces

decorate with a smile of happiness

step by step now l

success and increase

Let the brotherhood begin

hug each other




never give up my love

Never give shelter in your heart

You do the beginning, we will give the result.

ll misra dena for song ghazal

In the journey through life's unknown

If not one or two then give the third answer




Husn must have been compulsively forgotten.

Heart must have tormented you a lot.



don't see the face

I'll see the yearning of the heart

spread mirage everywhere

I'll see thirst in Sahara

as deep as the ocean

I'll see water in my eyes



Don't ask how time passes without you

I'll pass as you go

Moment moment has stopped.

Year after year passes like this



I am forever with your silent lips.

You have asked the Lord, I will pray

Was lost for years somewhere

I will know about your innocent heart



Wear a hijab of shame in your eyes.

Listen, put a mask on your face.

When people's fingers start growing

I'll give a befitting reply to the times.

Many Kashisho have encamped in the Spirit.

Keep the wine of your desires in your heart.



One day also come like this

You will come as soon as you remember

Today I am separated from love

night and day will not go



The pain was increasing beyond limits.

The tongue used to be locked.

If the oppressed used to smile then l

the talisman would have effected

Since then I have been associated with pain and sorrow.

I used to be filled with tears




Tell me what is missing in me dear

I don't even know my heart is sacrificed dear



Love like a flower gave life

I'll live a life like a princess




Who wants to break up?

Who wants to die?

keep waiting for someone

Just wanting to be robbed is called this.



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