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I am a woman, I am aparajita.

I will not bow down, I will not stop, I will not cry, I will not be afraid.

I will move forward with courage

No chains can tie my feet.

No storm, no storm can stop me

I will neither give up nor give up, I will get the goal.

Ranchandi in the battle, will be the mother of the children at home

Yes I am a woman, I will remain Aparajita





To stay in the shade of a tree in the sun

Today I have to forget the heat of the sun


Don't be afraid of anyone in the world

I just have to bow before God




good bad all suffer here

I have to fear according to karma.


The sorrow I found in love is

Gotta get stuck in Mamta's lap


People are surrounded by many sorrows.

Everyone has to laugh now.

16-5 -2022




Today I have set out in search of life.

Wherever the steps are being taken, I have walked


I kept on considering love as a prayer.

I have been deceived to see the lover as a fakir.


Came to dry clothes on the terrace today.

Seeing Hushn unmasked, I am blown away





There is something lacking in the prayers of God.

That's why there is moisture in the eyes again.


There is a shadow of chaos in the universe.

Due to heavy mood, it is like heat.


I sat in the gathering with anger.

The eyes of sunshine are like Shabnami.


something more special

Shame on my face and face


love has made me useless

Now there is no disapproval in love.





I have prayed for love

Heart has done a little mischief


What do you think of God sitting down?

Beautiful gifts are of grace


The winds of the times changed like this

Muflis has made a move today.


There was loneliness for many ages.

After a long time, I'll get better


Keep watching shamelessly

Now the eyes have scolded





Showed the way to live life

I have been taught how to live


Always cut with flowers

I have explained to smile even in sorrow


I am encouraged by love again and again

from the ground to the sky


Rahbar to bring you on the right track.

I've adopted everyone's rejected


Fiza sang a pleasing song and l

I have flown with a flying kite.





nomadic life

Country abroad, this is the story.


After years, the gathering is decorated.

I want to hear new ghazals


Who is singing Prabhat Pheri

Sunle teri is my story


Be silent for ages for you

Now I have to tell the matter of the heart


We don't care about anyone today

I have to express love openly





The tourist in me roams the world.

Live life, life has to come


Yes, small voter love is funny.

Listen, everyone's heart has the same story.


Take care of every moment as the last.

Seeing the pace is slowing down youth


Every moment here is full of masarat.

I will leave in every season of time.


Wherever you go, keep sharing happiness.

Don't be sad, my heart is the world




Mother's son doesn't like bullshit.

Never feel the wind of the times


For our best skills

The punishment given by loved ones is not felt.


There was a little flirting in love.

I don't feel like getting upset over things.




All my poems are your badolat.

This is my lifetime wealth.


The pain I found in love makes me sleep.

Ghazals - Kalam is the same thing




Why is there moisture in my lovely eyes?

Today there is probably a shortage


moments spent in love

Heart is a land of memories


I want to forget everything

The world has stopped in love




have fallen in love with a stone heart

You have become mischievous sitting down.


love is no sin

Today the world has rebelled.


Gham-e-judai gave nada sajan l

What to say I have hated myself


Erase your identity

I am ashamed of myself


Ishq has gone completely mad

I have become a habit of seeing everyday.


The relation of soul has been added, friend.

Bepanah Ishq se prayer has been done.





Let's bring the matter to the end

If there is any treatment then tell me


Today the weather is also bad.

I'll listen full of love




Sheesh Mahal of dreams was broken.

Hand in hand was left somewhere


Throw heart, Dil e nadan, Dilbar l

Heart's toy robber was robbed



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