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Aura's diary - Aura's aura made a difference!

There was a girl named Aura, who used to live at the bank of a river in the midst of the forest away from the town with her lovely family. She was named Aura, because her sweet aura radiated a great sense of cheerfulness in her house. Before her birth, the family was facing many ups and downs emotionally and financially too. But her birth brought this crisis to an end and a ray of hope which drastically changed their living. As a happy family, Aura was born and brought up as a very good human being, her loving, caring and sweet nature always had an appreciation by those connected to her. On the other side she was a quiet child with a soft touch of curiosity, sensitivity & a crazy conscience, closed to a very few people and her own family.
It was a regular day in Aura's life, she was on her way to school with her two friends Oly and Rhoa. As she lived outside the town, they used to wait for her at the gate from where the town actually started. So that day she left her house but in her way what she saw was something which made her dwell into her mind the whole day.
She was late to reach the gate that day, her friends enquired about her reason for being late, but she stared at them blankly and didn't respond. They were familiar with this behaviour of Aura so even they did not questioned her much & they started walking towards their school. They entered the gate, they were already running late so the final assembly bell was about to ring in few minutes. So they ran upstairs to leave there bags in the classroom & join the queue for the morning prayers . As they were in a hurry they did not notice that Aura didn't come upstairs. While coming at the assembly ground they were concerned about Aura because she was no where around. The final bell rang, they had no option but to join there class queue. After the prayers, they saw Aura in the queue of the later comers. They ran towards her so that she doesn't have to face the punish because she was not actually late but they were not able to do so, she was herself standing with those later comer students, still in her own world gazing at the sky.
Finally when she reached her class, and settled at her desk, Oly started asking her question that what was wrong with her. She finally uttered saying, "I'll tell you something but in the lunch break". Hearing her Oly and Rhoa felt less worried and were eager to hear her in the lunch time. That day the three skipped their lunch and were whole heartedly interested in the suspense created ny Aura.
Aura began to share her appalling experience with Oly and Rhoa.
She reminded them about a house which was at a short distance from her house, outside the town. They both already knew about that house, as it was closed from many years, the couple living there lost their newborn baby and the mother committed suicide in that sorrow & her husband few months later died in an road accident. Nobody usually discussed about that dreadful incident, and was afraid to go near that building. Aura and her family's way to the town had to cross that building everyday but they were used to it and never experienced frightening vibes because it was their everyday way & they were used to it. But that day Aura had an horric experience while she was on her way to school. Aura continued saying, "I was going in front of the house and a light was switched on," she ignored that incident, thinking that it was just her illusion because of the history of that building so she kept moving forward. She continued saying, " As I ignored & moved further but just to confirm that it was an illusion, i turned back and saw the window excepting there to be no light, and that's when i was threatened because the light turned off at the same moment I saw inside the window, and the same thing happened twice, Ifelt like someone was staring at me from the window, so i ran like an idiot towards the gate of the town, and was trying to tell myself that it was just an illusion, but actually it's not and now that incident has kept me thinking, what must be there inside that building which is almost closed from fifteen year". And now along with Aura, Oly and Rhoa both were shocked and afraid listening to the incident. Three school girls, 11 years old and this kind of experience what else they were going to think over it, they were obviously frightened. They were worried now how Aura is going to go home after the school if the same incident repeats with her. Aura gathered some hope calming her mind saying, "there are no such things like horror, and I will reach home safely," laughing fearfully, she added just pray for me. Last period started, teacher was teaching on the blackboard but these three girls were near the building wandering what's wrong and how will Aura cross the house safely in their minds and were staring blankly as the board. The last period was over and final bell rang prayers were over and everybody started leaving only these three were standing at their desk, finding it difficult to leave worried for Aura.
Aura is a brave hearted girl and her friends gave her strength and asked her not be afraid saying God protects His child always!! These words made her feel safe and they three came at the gate of the town, bidding a good bye to there dearest friend Aura ,Oly and Rhoa returned back to the town. Now Aura was a little conscious to her way to home as that house way coming closer with every step of her. But she was trying to avoid those horric thoughts remembering God. She is was in front if that house trying to avoid looking at the window , but as her mind was a curious place to dwell in, she herself went near the window with not a single being around her, just to find out who switched on the lights out of curiosity. She waited there for fews minutes holding herself with courage even tough she was fearful. But nothing happened, so she felt a calm at her heart and started walking towards her house, questioning herself whether she should share this experience with her mom and dad or not? She decided not to, until and unless she finds out the truth because she didn't to make fun of herself. In the evening, ghe three girls had conference, Aura told them that there was nothing inside the house as she checked, but Oly the most fearful of them all, doubted further adding who knows if tomorrow fhe same thing happens? Now this thought disturbed Aura again, the day ended she tried her best to hide her facial fear from her parents.
A new day, a new story started. Like everyday she was crossing that house but praying, and what happened was just shocking and scary. The door opened in front of Aura's eyes this thrilling scene popped her eyes out, she started shivering and sweating all scared and her voice choked and she was neither able to go back or move forward. But being brave she managed to stand firm and gathered strength to face whatever happens further. First the door opened
and she panicked and the next minute an old lady came out of the door with a walking stick in one hand and a glass of water in her other hand, smiling widely at Aura which made Aura more scared. But she softly said, dont be afraid of me, little brave girl ! I am not a ghost. I am simply an old lady with no roof on her head. Aura was trying hard not to trust her in anyways so she started her questioning her intentions. The old lady started with her story, she said, " I have no one in this world to call mine i am all alone, my children left this country for higher studies and never returned and from many years they have cut off there contact with me. People in the town have considered me dead". She stopped with tears in her eyes. Aura felt compassionate towards her, but still wanted to make sure whether she's speaking the truth. So Aura asked her, "so why didi you do that with me yesterday?" and why are you living here, hiding yourself from the outside world & if you are hiding why did you wanted me to know about this?" still shivering. The old lady kept the glass of water on the floor and said " Aura, I brought water for you but i don't think so you trust me and you'll drink it, but still i would say i am not a bad human girl!" Aura was left shocked, questioning the lady how did she know her name? The lady said, "You're a sweet miracle of God, the whole town knows about your helping and loving nature." The day i came here, i had only one hope and that's you Aura. I know i frightened you but i apologize for that, i had a newborn baby with me, which was left alone on the streets by her family. I thought of adopting her and taking care of her and found this horrified house, the most safest place for that baby and me to survive from the outside, cruel world who doesn't want that infant and an old lady in there world." Hearing this Aura with her wide open, asked is this true? The lady said yes. Aura said," keep in mind God won't spare you, if this is not true and if your intentions are not pure, " with tears in her eyes. I am afraid and started crying loudly making her heavy heart empty. She took a deep breath, wiped her tears and asked the old lady in high voice still afraid , what does she wants from her adding that she's just a 11 years old girl. The old lady smiled at Aura and her innocent bravery, and said "dear child, i have heard you have a pure heart and you're the purest soul always helping the needy and caring for the weak and i also know your sweet aura have an divine effect on the people around you, i didn't want to tell you about my truth but now I am running out of food for the baby and if anything wrong happens with the baby, i won't be able to face the lord when i die," she spoke with all tears and genuine need for help in her eyes. They both were staring at each other, now Aura was left silent feeling overwhelmed. There was silence all around, the lady went inside and Aura was confused, few seconds later the old lady returned with the baby girl in her arms. Aura saw that and now she finally trusted and apologized to the lady for her harsh behaviour but it was out of fear and was obvious. She drank the glass of water requested the lady to left her take the baby in her hands. Aura took the baby in her arms are her heart was full of compassion and eyes full if tears and a smile on the her, as if she saw God and was holding Her in her arms. The lady started cried with a grateful heart saying, " i choosed you to share this because you would not refuse to help us, that too secretly without letting the outside world know about this till its not safe for us. i assure you at the right time we will come out and settle in the outside world, till then will you help us? i know, Aura i have heard alot about your good deeds, you're such a pure soul that you won't even expose this little secret of us, just for credit and praise," she ended with joining her hands. Aura handed that baby back to the lady with watery eyes and said, "you're like my grandma and this baby is my little sister !" I will make sure that you both are safe and sound, I would neither let you starve and nor the baby, you do not need to worry anymore" and hugged that old lady giving her the tiffin Aura's Mom gave her.
That day Aura missed her school but went to the gate of the town, she knew Oly and Rhoa will come to see her after the school gets over and they came. Aura told the truth, they three made a promise they won't share the old lady's secret till it's safe for the baby and the lady and will help them. Aura, Oly and Rhoa collected some money to buy food the baby and daily shared their tiffin with the old lady. And now this secret little family, is waiting for their little sister to grow up and go to school so that their granny and she would live securely and happily in the town. Aftersome days Aura's parents decided to help them and were proud of their sweet daughter. Sweet aura, brave souls, pure hearts and clean conscience is gifted to everyone, its just that we need to awaken and use it, because it can make a good difference in someone's life because of us and Aura and her friends proved that!

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