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Stay With Me - 24 - The Reminiscence


here I am, in my room, of course followed by my dad.. cause when I saw him in the elevator, I didn't utter a word to him, no matter how hard he tried to apologise!!..

Why would I? after, all these pain he caused to us.. And now my only concern is to know, "why???"

And my eyes moves towards him, he is staring at me with empty eyes. When he notices my stare, he slowly moves forward and sits on a chair besides my bed.

Here my inside is bubbling with bitterness, of course he can see it through my eyes. I have thousands of questions..

How can anyone do this? I mean.. two families..?? Did he cheat on my mom or Nagesh's mom?

God, I am screaming inside, as anger and rage course through my blood, there is a lump in my throat and I can't swallow it away, I just gnash my teeth and clench my fists, with misty eyes.

On the contrary he is awkwardly calm, just studying my wounds and witnessing my anger. It's killing me that he doesn't have anything to explain. Such a shameless person, I shouldn't have anything to do with him..

I angrily lay myself on my bed and about to close my eyes that he clears his throat, "so.. don't you wanna scream at me or blame me or ask me anything..?"

I sarcastically smile,"it doesn't matter.. dad.. my mom is dead, I have faced my worst nightmare and thanks to you that a person who has nothing to do with any of these shit, had been stabbed.." again Nomaan's face appears in front of my eyes, I have to close my eyes to say, "It was like I have had lost everything... now I don't think your explanation matters, so it's okay for me.." I completed the sentence breathing heavily with anger.

My dad's lips curls into a bitter smile, "just like your mother, can't be beaten in arguing."

He gets up, fills a glass of water, chugs it down, then moves to windows, glances outside, takes a meditative breath and utters, "Grishma.. love of my life, believe me, she was the only one in my life, and I have never ever cheated on her.. in fact It was her, who wanted to keep you away from my past, that's the reason despite of her love for me, she chose to live alone with you.. yeah she wanted a normal life for you.." Dad turns to look at me.

I heave an annoyed sigh, "what is that much in your past.. dad.. ?? I mean you have a good friends, you are a good businessman then how on earth these blood thirsty people entered in your life? And as if It was not enough that one of them is claiming to be your son..!!" Of course a chilled wave of shiver passes through my spine recalling Nagesh's words..

Dad purses his lips, as he moves back to the chair, he reaches out to grab my hand and squeeze it affectionately.

He utters with stern face, "I have only one child and that's you my daughter..!!"

"Then why the hell.. that Nagesh and his psycho uncle were blaming me and my mom that you left them for us, that we are responsible for his mother's death..? obviously there is something, which I need to know dad.." I ask in one breath, boring my eyes into him, not ready to give up this time, afterall it's his past which affected almost twenty years of my life.

My dad closes his eyes, gently caressing back of my hand,"until today I was thinking, some truths are better left uncovered, some things are better left unsaid.. cause I was afraid... afraid that you will judge me based on my past, and I will loose you.. but today I feel that you have right to know.. so let me share my burden with you...finally.."

And he steadies his gaze on a wall, as if his mind is travelling back in time, then utters with utmost sentiments in his voice, "I was born with silver spoon in my mouth, my father was an established businessman here, but his lure of money forced him to do business outside the country, when I was 6-7 years old, he found that opportunity in Oman, of course with the help of his partner living in that country.

Within five years, his business got expanded but he had to spend months there, meanwhile I was enjoying my life with my mom, I must admit that I was somewhat spoiled..

Well I was not interested in studies, I cleared 12th exam with passing marks, though my dad gifted me a small island. In short I had no idea what grief was, until a day when I lost my mom, when I was in first year of college.

Then I moved to hostel and dad got busy in his stuff. As they say 'Time fills all wounds' I forgot the pain of losing my mom and started enjoying my college life, where I met with Rishi and Sakshi, Sakshi is Rishi's late wife and Nomaan's mom. We three were best friends.

Then in third year, when I was part of theatre play: Romio and Juliet, Sakshi introduced me with your Mom.." Dad pauses with nostalgic smile on his lips.

As he notices me he clears his throat and continues, "so I was saying... like in play, we both actually fell in love with each other. But it was not just time pass, it was real.."

Whole college was aware of our affair, but as my dad was a strict man, so I didn't tell him, and that was my biggest mistake, cause when I completed my studies and ready to take over family businessn he introduced me to Kriti..." He pauses. But I don't have a passion to wait so I ask, "and Kriti is...."

My dad completes the sentence, "She is Nagesh's mom and Jalandhar's sister.. Jalandhar is my dad's partner's son, my dad promised him to marry me with his sister.. well it was more of a business deal for both of them, but dad didn't even ask me.

So when they returned, there was a huge celebration, where my dad announced my marriage with Kriti, at that time I was so angry that in front of all the guests, I refused my dad's proposal and declared my love for Grishma, which made Jalandhar furious, and he left the party with his sister at a dad was angry too but when he realised that I will not give up on my love then he accepted Grishma as his daughter-in-law.

I lived happily for two years, it was like my life was complete with loving wife, good friends.

Well Jalandhar withdrew his partnership but he or his didn't do anything during that time.

But it all started again when my dad was no more and I had to visit that country, where Kriti came to meet me, well with a business proposal, I was totally unaware of her wicked plan, so when Kriti served me a drink, without hesitation I drank it and after that till date all I can remember is I felt dizziness and darkness..

But my life was changed, cause when I opened my eyes, I witnessed Jalandhar's furious look, Kriti was crying in corner, blaming me that I have abused her.." my dad closes his eyes in annoyance,then after short pause he tries to clarify, "Tuli... I swear I don't remember anything I have tried to recall with hypnotherapy, but nothing, I couldn't recall a thing.."

I study my dad's face, there is no way he is lying to me, " then??" I ask with utmost curiosity.

Dad states, "then Jalandhar insisted me to marry his sister, divorcing Grishma, when I didn't agree, then he threatened me to kill Grishma, only then I realized about his connection with underworld, and after that there wasn't a day, when his men didn't follow us or threatened us to death.. so when she got pregnant with you, I couldn't risk her life and we moved on our island, though his men were searching us.

Cause according to Kriti, she was pregnant with my child and Jalandhar was blinded by revenge, he had only one condition, to marry his sister, which was never possible so his next target was to kill Grishma and you, to torment me.

But your mom.. that amazing women, changed her whole identity just to raise you in peace.

But When I went to Oman, to meet Kriti, She met with an accident and died, which made Jalandhar believe that I killed her.., which I swear, I didn't.

Of course he tried to kill me, but I was prepared with my dad's protective team, then he openly threatened me that I've killed his sister, so he will never leave me alone. So I have to keep this bodyguard and everything.

Then my only aim was to survive, I have created my contacts, collected proof against his crimes, though whenever I got a chance, I tried to convince him for DNA test, But he feared that if I was right, questions would arise about his sister's character so he didn't get ready to take the test.

If he was stubborn then why would I give up, why would I accept the child, cause even till date I don't know he is mine or not, only one person knew the truth, and she is not with us.. so I never accepted Nagesh, Cause like his uncle, he didn't need a father, all he wanted was a revenge and deep down I was sure that even if I would have accepted him, he wouldn't have stopped searching for you and hurt you.

when I heard that he lost his life in a tragic accident, I was relieved but then he again tried to use my man and took my money, then I got to know that he was alive. The real reason behind my heart attack that day.

Then at hospital I encountered with Rishi, who was worried about his son's marriage and I proposed your name to him, cause all I was worried about your safety, and I was sure that Rishi and Nomaan both will be able to protect you.

But alas! I was wrong.. in fact I have dragged Nomaan's life in danger. I am sorry.."

My dad lifts his eyes, I am just overwhelmed cause I don't know what to say, sometimes it's hard to think logically, what is wrong and what is right? It's only fate, and I don't wanna blame my dad for anything, cause he already suffered a lot, I can be just thankful to god, that he didn't lose his hope and he didn't give up.

So without any words, I get up and squeeze him in a tight hug, "oh.. dad.. You don't need to say sorry for you didn't do anything wrong, and thank you for everything you did for me, but now I suggest you to go for DNA test, let it be clear after all these years, and put an end to this hostility.., cause I am sure that Nagesh is not your son.. sent percent.."

Well he hugs me back silently, may be with watery eyes.. as we part, my dad examines my bruises, "it was the bravest thing.. you did there..." I raise my brows with questioning eyes.. how did he know? My dad smiles, "Viansh showed us their cctv footage.. may be recorded to blackmail me.."

My dad's eyes get low, "I am sorry.."
I lift his chin with teary eyes, "thank god.. it's all over now.." he grabs me in a fatherly hug.

"So where are they now?" I ask releasing my dad. "In prison.. though I am doubtful for how long will they stay in there?"

My heart skips a beat, "does that mean they will try to come for me again?" Dad chuckles to that, "No.. my dear.. Even their shadows won't be able to touch you.., I will make sure of that" he confidently smiled.

"Oh god.. I am feeling weightless, as if tonnes of weight has been lifted from my heart.." my dad exclaims.

When Rishi dad calls my dad on phone, he leaves the room, I am left with turbulence of thoughts. Thank god my attendant enters with my lunch and colourful pills, which made me dozed off.

It's when I open my eyes at evening, Isha is ready to announce, "Hey.. wake up Tuli.. you are getting discharged.. finally."

I jump up asking, "and Nomaan..??"
Isha is annoyed, "omg.. You both are just the same, you know what, since when he got his senses back, he kept nagging us to know about you, " She adds with rolling eyes.

I shake my mind off from the things my dad said and get up to change my cloths, with butterflies in my stomach that what will be Nomaan's reaction..


As we reach at Nomaan's room, he is sitting on his bed, laughing on something with Gran.

In my mind I thank god for thousands of times, for only god knows how much I miss his smile.

And before Nomaan notices my presence, Isha chuckles happily, "so my dear Oppa... here's your Tuli.. "

And as my eyes meet with Nomaan's, my heart burst out with joy seeing same old naughty grin on his face.

Of course his face looks pale, but I am so relieved. Gran adresses me, "come in Tuli.. "

I slowly move my legs towards Nomaan's bed, Gran clears her throat addressing Isha, "we should go outside.." and they both leave.

Nomaan pats empty side of his bed, as I sit there, he examines my wounds as he clears his throat to speak, "so.. are you alright?? I nod my head in reply, "hmmm.. and you?" I ask hesitantly. "Good.." he gives me suppressed smile. Then we both are confused.

Oh god it's awkward, cause I don't know what to say.. "I think I should call gran" I say slowly but Nomaan grabs my hand, "so.. are you still angry with me?.." I raise my eyes to look at him, his innocent eyes looks tensed, does he have any idea, that I have proposed to him, just some hours ago.. I am about to open my mouth that he continues, " look.. I know it doesn't matter now but I am so so so sorry Tuli.. I was not aware about Ruhi's trap... otherwise I wouldn't have let her in..."

I narrow my brows, "Oh.. so it was Ruhi .." Nomaan utters "yeah.." he studies my face as he adds, "and about the bet..." I twitch my lips, looking at him. He adds with pleading eyes,"Tuli.. I swear.. " "It's okay.. Nomaan.. " I put my forefinger to his lips.

He smiles playfully pecking my finger, "so you forgave me..??" I heave a worried sigh, "you have risked your life to save me!!!.. do you still think that I am angry with you?.. in fact I should say sorry.. cause It's because of me, you got that scar.." I try to look at his back. "Does that hurt..?" I ask with worried face."Umm.. thanks to pain killers, right now all I am feeling is slight tightness due to stitches.. otherwise it's nothing.." he states carelessly.

I am just witnessing his perfect face with mysterious charm, that he asks, "what.. why are you unblinkingly looking at me?"

"It's your lips.." I say hiding my blushed cheeks. He touches them, asking, "what's wrong with my lips now? "

"I don't know.. " I shrug and take my face closer to his, "umm.. let me see clearly.." and as our face are just an inch apart, I peck on his lips and say recalling the dreadful night, "I thought I'd lose you.." I close my eyes and caress tip of my nose to his.

He smiles as if in trance as he says, "Please tell me it's not a dream, I have weird dreams lately, you were saying I love you in former one and now you are kissing me.."

I pinch him angrily, "these are not your dreams silly, it's really me," I say with fake anger. He flashes a bright smile, "ohhhh.. my wifey.. but you know.. I don't believe you so can you repeat it with a kiss of course.." I twitch my lips, "in your dreams..." and I am about to get up that he grabs my hand and pulls me in a affectionate hug, "only if I can explain, how much I missed love.." lost in his warmth, I hug him back with a smile.

"Knock... knock.." Isha speaks as she enters in a room and we part with jolt. "So.. Oppa.. you are discharged too.. now get ready.." she smiles playfully darting her eyes towards us. She hands me a bag, "here's Nomaan's clothes, make him ready, Doc will visit him in no time.." and she leaves the room.

Nomaan glances at the closed door as he speaks, "she is like a storm..." I nod with a smile, "hmm"

Finally at evening we both are damn ready to leave this nasty place called hospital. But in a way, gran suggests us to go to my dad's place cause according to her, our home is crowded with guests and friends along with some press persons too.

So Viansh and Rishi dad first clear the matter, and then after about two to three days we should go home.

So we do as Gran said, we head towards my dad's home, with Isha and my dad, while Rishi dad, Gran an Viansh move towards our place.

There my dad took care of us every way possible, of course he apologized to Nomaan, just like me, Nomaan was overwhelmed too, knowing about our past, and should I add more in love with me..

It is like, now everything is over, Jalandhar and Nagesh are in jail, About Ruhi.. I don't think, she will try to bother us, so I have decided to give a new start to my life, forgetting everything bad that happened...

So with new approach in mind, we move to our home on fourth day, well Nomaan is quite well now, but still his stitches will take more than week to dissolve completely. Though how hard gran tried, people are still coming to see Nomaan and I can say, me

It is two days later, when one of his company's man visits us, well he is my dad's age, he is talking like he is a family member, after some normal chit chat, he asks Nomaan to move in his meeting room as he wanted to discuss some important stuff with him.

Nomaan hesitantly goes with him, and when it took more than hour, I go to meeting room, to tell Nomaan that he should rest now, as I reach at the door, that man was yelling with frustration, "these were the list of projects our company lost, no matter how hard your dad and Viansh tried, we have lost our reputation Nomaan.. there were rumors about your wife's connection with.." suddenly he stops, may be because of Nomaan..

But after a pause he starts again, "I am here to tell you the truth, I have been working in this company for twenty five years, I was with your dad in every ups and downs, It was his hard work, That the company has reached here today, I have witnessed your dad's struggle and I don't want you to lose everything, just because some girl.." and before he can speak anything, Nomaan yells, "enough.. I have heard everything.. now you can leave, and yeah one more thing.. don't bother to visit us again.. never..."

That man protests, "but son.. her dad and..." Nomaan shouts, "I said.. , enough... " that man reluctantly gets out and before I can hide myself he sees me, and states angrily, "you know what girl.. you are ruining Nomaan's life... you don't deserve him..!" and leaves angrily

Stunned by his words.. I move my legs towards our room.


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