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Stay With Me - 25 - The Resolution (Last Part)


"You don't deserve Nomaan.." His words are swirling in my mind, putting me in a ocean of confusion, forcing me to recall each and every events of last few months.

As I try to think deeply, I feel that the man was right... It was my dad's selfishness to protect me, that I am married to Nomaan.

Otherwise how on earth, a girl like me deserves Nomaan..? It's like 'There is no comparison between great man and nonentity.'

But now what? A question arises in my mind.. and my heart skips a beat, cause my it's my mind who asks back," should I leave Nomaan.. ??"

No.. my heart screams... Oh dear lord.. why are you doing this to me?, there was a time when I was not ready to see his face then I was married to him and now when I don't think I will be able to breath without him, then I have to take this heart wrenching decision..

No.. No.. No.. I won't do this, there must be some solutions, he is my husband, he loves me and I love him too, more than anything in this world.

"Do you think he will say it, that please leave me, you are good for nothing.." My mind argues. "If you love him, then think about him, his happiness. His reputation should be your priority.. and here you are ruining everything.."

God.. I can do anything, but to leave him, it's like someone asking me to leave my heart, my breath, what would I do without him? Most probably die with pain and agony...

No.. this ain't gonna happen, I am just stupid, making mountain out of molehill, I shouldn't come to any conclusion right now, I should talk to Nomaan first.. but how? It's not gonna easy as I think...!!

I hold my head as I feel suffocated by my own thoughts, I try to calm myself down closing my eyes. But my mind and heart are not at ease now, there is a storm raising inside me that I can't get rid of, cause I know, I am the one behind it.

I just stand at the window, looking out side, churping of birds remind me, it's almost evening, and Nomaan isn't back yet.. as I pick my cellphone to call him, there was his message, he's sent to me almost twenty minutes back that he has to go, it's urgent. I let out a worried sigh..

Eventually I decide to go to the kitchen.. expecting that poor Gran will be waiting for me..

I wash my face, splashing water on my eyes, as I move to kitchen, I get to know that Gran has gone with Nomaan..!!

"Okay.. now I hope that it's not his company meeting to discuss about the rumours, which are not rumours after all.." a knot twist in my stomach.. a sudden touch of Vidita's hand wakes me up from my thoughts.., "di.. I am asking you.." I jolt away my thoughts as I ask, "huh...?"

And at the exact moment Isha enters almost out of breath, crying out my name, "Tuli.. Tuli.. Tuli..thank god I found you here... please help me in packing, I have to leave tomorrow morning." I furrow my brows asking, "but weren't you supposed to stay five more days..?? " "actually I got a call from one of the best company in Bengaluru, they want to discuss about my project.." she explains jumping with excitement, just come now. She drags me to her room, grabbing my hand..

She is continuously chattering about her project, and the company, I am listening to her, perceiving how carefree she is!! At her age, my mom was trying to protect me from those blood thirsty people...and now because of me my family's reputation is at stake. I wish no one in the world has luck like mine.. no one..!!

I try to wipe corners of my eyes, thank god Isha didn't notice it. She is so innocent to do so, I hope her life would always be this amazing, I cross my fingers, smiling at her.

It's almost half past nine,When her bags are packed, Rishi dad calls out our names so we descend the stairs to join him for dinner. My stomach flickers with unknown feeling, looking Nomaan and Gran at the table, when my eyes meet with Nomaan's he flashes a big smile, while all I can do is fake a smile.

I don't have any urge to eat, so I try to serve them but Gran orders, "Tuli.. Vidita will do it, you just take your chair beside Nomaan.."

I reluctantly sit there, he teases me wiggling his brows and touches his feet to mine, giving me goosebumps. I pull my feet away, no matter how hard I wanted to enjoy his touch.

Thank god Isha drags our attention clearing her throat and explains about her early departure, she is somewhat sad, for the fact that it's her last dinner with us, but Nomaan states, "oh my dear sis.. I totally forgot that I have bought something for you, turn around to look" we turn our head to spot a laptop bag on sofa.. she jumps up from chair, strides towards the bag, happily checks her gift.. then cheerfully joins us again.

When dinner is served, I regard everyone is delighted, except for me.. It's not that I don't want to, but I just can't, with burden on my heart..

There Isha is talking about some funny incident and everyone is laughing to that, I, too want to laugh my lungs out but my mind doesn't let me forget that man's words, so I chose to eat silently, thinking how to confront Nomaan??

Though everytime Nomaan touches me under the pretext to serve me, it sends shivers to my spine, Omg.. the way he is pampering me, my heart is just overwhelmed and I want to enjoy every bit of it.

Obviously Nomaan's cunning eyes notice my absence of mind, but doesn't embarrass me asking questions, I am relieved for that..!!

Just after the dinner Gran and Isha retire to their respective rooms, while Rishi dad and Nomaan moves to garden talking about something serious.

Looking at Nomaan's mood today, I don't want to rush to my room first, so I help in kitchen then go to Isha's room, she is busy in her laptop, noticing me, she puts it on side smiling, "hey Tuli.. please come in."

I just sit beside her asking, "so... everything is ready??" "Yeah... big thanks to you.." she replies with glimpse of sorrow in her eyes. "I am going to miss you.." I uttered and She knew that I was telling the truth. She smiles with melancholy in her voice, "I know.. and I will miss you too.. but this is last time then I will permanently move here, you know before Oppa's marriage with you, I wanted to settle in Bengaluru but now it's killing me leave you.." She annoyingly adds.

The clock struck 11, so I get up hiding a yawn behind my hand, "Okay.. now get some sleep.." I say hugging her, she reluctantly asks, "Tomorrow will you come to see me off?" "Sure.." I assure her. "Okay then nighty night..." she wishes. "Sleep tight.." I replied and move out of her room., Still embarrassed to go inside my room.

Sooner or later I have to meet Nomaan so I pull myself together and move towards my room. Upon entering what I notice is room is empty, from the sound of running water, I guess that Nomaan must be in the shower.

So I hurriedly change to my night dress and about to lay myself on bed that Nomaan steps out of bathroom, looking at me he utters, his voice is somewhat upset, "finally you are here, you know I was worried about you, I tried to call you but your cellphone is right here.. atleast take your phone with you, wherever you go.." "sorry.." I apologised briefly.

Without a word he steps towards his wardrobe, stands there facing his back to me, He removes a towel wrapped to his waist putting on his night pants and then carefully rubs his back with towel.

I absent mindedly perceive at his back, I notice his wound is somewhat healed now, though I can see a finger long scar with stitches, I inattentively get up to gently touch his scar recalling that night, my voice trembles with emotions as I ask,"does it hurt now?"

Nomaan turns to study my face, grabs my hand saying, "not at all.." "I apologise with moist eyes, "I am sorry Nomaan.. I am so sorry.." Nomaan makes me sit on couch. He states taking a seat next to me, " I've noticed, you were upset today so tell me everything.."

I don't know where to start, so I lower my eyes, "Nomaan.. please don't get me wrong, cause it's killing me to say this but I really really think that we are not meant to be together.." I reluctantly said

Nomaan is stunned, he asks with somewhat anger in his voice, "it is because you have eavesdroped what that uncle was telling to me right..??"

I just nod without looking at him, " hmmm"
He laughs out loud as he explains, "my
Silly silly girl.. That man is out of his mind, he has always been this negative, He was against me, when dad announced his retirement, no one takes him seriously, it's just he is dad's friend, so I respect him, hence you don't have to think this much about whatever rubbish he was stating okay....? and yeah.. never ever ever think about to leave me..." I sense a flicker of fear crosses his eyes.

He cups my face and adds, his voice is so gentle "You know me no..?, I don't care for anything.. no matter what the world says, I just care for my family and you are on top of that...Tuli.." he brushes his thumb on back of my hand, sending tingling sensation to my body... It's like I am losing my senses to his touch..

But my inner voice jolts me awake, and I reluctantly ask," but Nomaan.. what if my image is ruining your reputation..? I don't want you to lose everything because of me..." I pause to add, "I... I care for you Nomaan..." His eyes smile to my words.

A moment later they changes to questioning as he asks, "And what about me?.. don't you think that I will definitely lose everything if you are not with me.. even myself.." He pauses to read my face, interwining his fingers to mine, his expressions tensed, "I won't be able to do anything without you.. Tuli.. I have almost lost you once... so my heart knows the pain of losing you.." I can see his eyes are moist.

"I don't know how will you take it, but I am stupidly.... crazily.. and insanely in love with you Tuli..." His thumb rubs corners of my lips, flaming up the raw sensations and my heart races like never before..

"Nomaan..." I try to speak.. but he holds my face with his hands, "This is business Tuli.. people don't care for anything but money, and I can swear that I am not losing anything, our shares price are on top, I have signed two multinational companies' deal just today, so you see... we are totally fine..." he twitches regarding me.

"Are you telling me the truth?" I doubtfully look at him. "So you don't trust your husband now?" He asks me back. "No.. it's not like that..." I defend myself. "Then what was it.. I mean really you were thinking to leave me just because I was losing some projects..?" I notice he is serious, I try to explain, "no.. I just wanted you to be happy.. I mean just look at us.. the way we met.. the way we are married.. I really feel myself unlucky for you.. it was my dad's suggestion otherwise I am just an ordinary girl.. I really feel that I don't deserve you Nomaan.. "My heart sinks uttering last words..

"Okay.. now listen to me carefully... This is the last time I have allowed you to insult yourself.. cause you are MINE.. MY LUCKY CHARM..!!" He strokes my cheek, leaving a trail of burning sensation..

I look in his eyes in disbelief, astonished by his words.. he is in deep thoughts, "my life was like a black board.. flat, colour less, and monotonous.. Isha used to call me 'stone man' and then I saw you, you are like butterfly, full of colours, fickle like a spring, your beauty is rare like a natural pearl.. no politics, no calculations just you.. " he halts to stuck a hair strands behind my ears, "and your effect on me... it's soothing like a first drop of rain...." he traces his name on my forearm with the tip of his finger.. my breathing quickens and goosebumps rise to my skin.

He giggles to his effect on me, continuing "and You were saying yourself Ordinary... just look at yourself with my eyes, You will see how extraordinary you are..!!.. It was me, who wanted to be with you from the time I got to know you.. cause you are the only one whose presence makes my heart beat faster.. and..." He deliberately stops.

I look down with blushing cheeks. He tilts my chin up to look me in his eyes, "So are you satisfied or want me to open my dirty secrets to you?" He winks at me.

"Noooo.." I squeak, my cheeks must be cherry red.. He utters calmly, "Good.. cause I don't like it, when you get are my Gem.." and I see his adam's apple moves as he swallows hard.. He draws himself closer, brushes away strand of hair from my face.. his gaze is still on my lips..

Taking in his smell I ask to tease him, "what are you looking at?" But to my bewilderment he shrugs shamelessly, " to your juicy, pulmpy lips.." and before I can speak anything, his thumb brushes my lower lip, my heart definitely skips a beat by his touch.

He smiles staring into my eyes, I hold his burning gaze for a moment.. but eventually my eyes move to his beautiful they part to murmur, "Tuli.. you are so tempting.. it's not fair.." god.. his words made my heart swells to the point of near bursting.

His fingers slowly trace down my face, sending impulses to my spine.. He draws himself that much close that I feel his heat, his breath dancing on my lips, his cheek brushes with mine as he kisses my earlobe whispering huskily to my ear, "Tuli... I want you.."

His words widened my eyes, sparkling me alive, I can't control the flutter within, the lump in my throat, the violent heartbeat.... the thrilling rush of sensation crawling over my body

He kisses on my cheek, on tip of my nose, on my forehead, his hands are busy undoing my bun, I feel adrenaline rush, that I nearly forget to breath, my eyes jumping from his lips to his eyes, my heart beats like a ticking bomb..

Heat raises in my stomach, warming my face, as his lips make run for my neck, melting me into flesh, I bite my lower lip as a soft moan escaped from my mouth. He inhales deeply putting a wet kiss on my collarbone, "your smell is driving me nuts...". I run my fingers along his masculine frame, dipped and rippled at all the right places, I feel its warmth like a magnet, as he looks me in the eyes, kissing tips of my fingers, I close my eyes and part my lips to whisper, "Kiss me..." and before I complete the sentence he pulls me closer, his mouth was on mine, claiming my lips..

I stop breathing, just to feel his lips, they are soft beyond measurement, there is a sound from the back of his throat, little shivers of pleasure shot through me as he deepens the kiss, parting my lips, I stop thinking, push off the arm of the couch, sealing tiny space between us, pressing myself against him, digging my fingers into his wet hairs.

I can feel he is smiling through kiss, but today I want him more than anything and he knows it.. he circles his arms around me, gathering me against him then with a jerk he makes me sit in his lap, I wrap my legs around his waist.

His hands pass over every curves of my body over my night dress, pleasure surges through my body as his hand slips inside my top, his fingers skimming over my skin, a rush of blood to every part of my body. and I skip a breath, when his palm moves on to my chest, and squeezes it.

"Oh.. Nomaan.." I pull away as my lips just uttered his name unknowingly, he pulls me back, murmurs against my lips, "I like it when you say my name like this.." then he is kissing me again, it's like we can't get enough of each other.

Devouring me, He lifts me up like I am made of air.. his hands are on my posterior.

He lays me down on our bed, before he can roll to the side, I pull him, to claim his lips again, The weight of his body on top of mine is extraordinary, I feel him.. all of him.

My heart scutters when he gets the hold of my top and yanks it up, I break apart long enough to pull it over my head. He unhooks my upper inner wear gazing at me hungrily, I grow hot beneath his gaze, as he slides it down from my body, God.. I am drowning in ecstasy..!!

His eyes linger on my bosoms, he circles his thumb around centre of one, while claim the other with his mouth.. My back arch with pleasure, I bite my lower lip, "God.. Nomaan.." I gasp with pleasure, excited by my moan he gently bites that sensitive part.. A squeal of delight escape from my mouth, "ahhhhh.."

My hand moves down to his waist, circling him, drawing closer, He kisses from my chest to abdomen, my skin prickles to his soft lips part in arousement as his mouth nuzzles around my naval, I dig my fingernails into his back as his kisses reaches to my thigh.. and lower, pushing my pajama pants away.

he gazes at me, adoring and awed by sight of me being undone, his eyes are gleaming with pleasure, as his pants meets with mine on floor.

when he slides his fingers down he asks, "
"please don't tell me you haven't touched it before.." I smile, "yeah I haven't .. but now I want it to be touched by you.. " I gasp, arch my back as he finds the spot, which wakes me up, turning my craving to something that can't be ignored.. I slide my hand around his head, digging my fingers into his hair, I pull him closer to kiss him hungrily like never before.

then my world collapse as I feel immeasurable pain followed by immense pleasure, which sends me to another world where nothing matters but only him, Whole my life all I wanted was him..

I whisper his name, as if it's the only thing I know, I wrap my legs around him, drawing him deep into me, telling him what I want with my soft moans.

He kisses me hard on my lips, trails his hot kisses down to my sternum, our hands clenched together, his powerful body shakes like mine. The whole world dissolves into him.. I am breathless and dazed, when he slows down.

He wishpers out of breath with a smooth peck on my lips, "I love you..." I kiss on his forehead, "I love you too.." Then we lay silently embracing each other smiling satisfactorily, as our breathing become normal again, we both clean ourselves.

I lay my head on his bare chest, he runs his fingers through my hairs, and after so many days, I sleep like a log, secure in Nomaan's arms.

At morning his gentle peck on my lips, wakes me up, "Rise and Shine beautiful.." I smile with sleepy eyes, "So you woke up early today.." "yeah.." He smiles playfully handing me my night dress, and cravingly watches me wearing it. Ignoring his gaze, I rush to bathroom to brush. Smiling to myself thinking about last night, when I am washing my face, he enters, closing the door behind him, I squeak with surprise, "Nomaan... not at this..." but I give up parting my lips, when he pulls me in his arms, his lips against mine.. and after making out in shower, finally we get ready to bid adieu to Isha..

When we are returning back, Nomaan turns his car to high way, I ask raising my brows," Nomaan where are we going?" He smiles naughtily, "to our holiday home in Lonawala.. " I jolt with surprise, "but why?? He answers calmly, "to enjoy our time together.. so that I can live my fantasies I had imagined with you...." His smile reaches to his ears.

I furrow at him asking frantically,
"Fantasies imagined with me?.. what does it mean?" he kisses tips of my fingers as he answers, "you know making out while watching TV, In kitchen, in swimming pool.. and you can scream my name as loudly as you want to.."

"NOMAAAN.. you have imagined this?" I yelled, gawking at him.. and he is like, "yeah.. babe.." he pulls me in a hug, kisses my forehead wishpering, "I love being dirty with you.. my sunshine" I close my eyes, taking smell of his cologne deep down my nostrils replying, "I would love to fulfill your every wishes my dirty dirty boy...." I jolt away from him remembering , "but what about my dresses?". he answers proudly, "I packed them.. today morning.." I regard him with bewilderment, "you packed my dresses? " He scratches back of his head, "Isha helped me. My jaw drops , "what?.. Isha was in our room when I was sleeping undressed. Oh my god Nomaan.." "no... silly.. I took your dresses to her room.. you know, I was confused so..." He explains annoyingly.. I try hard to suppress my laughter, "and Isha...??" He rolls his eyes, "She made me promise to buy her a new car...." I laugh until my stomach aches..., "oh.. Nomaan.. you are so cute.." I tease him, he smiles, "yeah... for you anything ma'am" . I put my head on his shoulder, "Love You Nomaan.."

As we reach at our destination, he doesn't let me step out side, as he, himself carries me bridal style, smiling at me.. He directly takes me to the room decorated by red roses and red balloons...

Overwhelmed when I ask, "what is this Nomaan..?" He pulls me in a passionate kiss wishpering, "Happy one month anniversary my love..." omg.. I totally forgot.. I facepalm.

"But how did you manage all this?" I ask curiously.
"With some phone calls and friends.." He simply answers, while his finger is busy tracing heart on my cheek... "I know it's not much but..." and his words lost in me, as I pull him in my embrace...whispering, "it's more than I had ever imagined.."

Upon returning after three whole days, of course living his fantasies...!! he hands me a key, upon asking, "what is it?" He drives me to a place... it's like a three storey commercial building but totally empty, when we step inside, I notice, It's under reconstruction, it's almost evening so there is no one around, but my jaw drops when my eyes spot a big poster having written on it, 'Coming soon.. Tulika's art studio and Gallery..'

Is it a dream or what? I am just overwhelmed with joy, Tears sting my eyes, as they dart around the whole place, God.. this is amazing...

Nomaan wraps his hands around my waist from behind, kisses back of my neck as he asks, "I hope you like it.." I turn myself to face him, "like it?.. omg.. Nomaan you have fulfilled my impossible dream, I just can't thank you enough.. First my village home... and now this..!!! Oh god.. Nomaan.. what will I do to pay you back..?" I ask absentmindedly..

He smirks, "promise me that you will always stay with me.." he is damn serious. I slowly grab his hand, intertwining my fingers through his, stare deep into his eyes and speak firmly, without any hesitation, "I promise you Nomaan.. I will never leave you..never". He smiles satisfactorily at me saying, "Thank you.." I touch his dimples with pad of my thumb, as I get on my toes to reach to his lips..

Then we trot up the stairs to its terrace, witnessing the sun, slowly disappearing beyond horizon... Nomaan drapes his hand around my waist, I lay my head on his chest, taking in his warmth. Smiling satisfactorily, pondering that ours was an arranged marriage, in fact it was truly our fate, the way we met with each other.. .. and today I am certain, beyond any doubts that Nomaan is just not a best person.. but he is best husband.. best lover.. and best friend of mine.. and yeah.. into the bracket best best best kisser...

I look up to his lips, he stares into my eyes, "what..?" "Nothing.. " I replied.. he lowers his face to brush my lips with his... and I lost in him again like on one exist in this whole universe...!!!!

Yeah.. It's me - Tulika Nomaan Arora.. and this was my story....!!! Or I can say LOVE STORY!





I know I have been irregular in updating.. so thank you all for the support.. 🙏

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