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God did not come to offer roses to my grave.

Feelings buried in the heart come alive.



Your mention shakes my soul.

Your concern even shakes my soul.

In this way the relationship has been added to Jamnoman's.

The thought of being away from you takes my life.

For what will happen tomorrow after I leave?

I'll hold every breath for you



Then die on the same infidelity.

I'll take my heart

They can never be unfaithful.

Today, I'll suffocate for Wafa.

Can't give peace even for a moment

And now I'll lose the contract.

Love gave me the sorrow of tears

Why do you have a special place in your heart?

To see once

Will hang out on the roof



The ointment came out ineffective.

Aashiq will come out of the news

To see Mehboob

Then I'll come out of that road

love has come that l

Dolly tere dar se nikle ll

I have come to drink in the gathering.

I will come out of existence Abtar

the pain increased so much that

the song will come out from within

always be happy

Dua will come out from inside



Made the pain melt by melting

The heart will make you its home again

Handle existence as it is

I'll make a convoy of happiness

looking for myself

I'll make a difference with Ranj o gum

By keeping a stone on my heart,

Now I have decided to part ways

Wanted more than myself and God

I will make the first in Sakhi Duao



Will drive away the darkness today

I will decorate the light of the pastures.

I have come to the gathering after deciding.

Will go to bathe in Shama's law

I have come from far away to see the face of the moon.

Will remove the curtains of Sharma Haya

In the same life as the Rann of Sahara

I will go by flowing the river of love

Won't bother you anymore, friend

I will live life by pressing pain in my heart

Ashnai has become from Fijao.

I will go with loneliness in my lap

To set an example of loyalty

I will increase the light in the soul



Beautiful relationships are tied by the strings of love.

Fine relationships are to be maintained throughout life.

Anish does not meet for many years.

To hold a friend is to have a bad relationship.

Where the rain showers

Listen, there are free relationships in the discussion.

Always a person rich with good spirit

ll engrossed in relationships to stay connected by heart

I want most from myself.

Always look lovely



everything will be fine

We'll be with you

will never leave my hand

What's wrong with you?

Only this comfort is enough

You will cut your age



If the matter comes out of the heart, then it will definitely reach the heart.

If the remembrance comes out of the heart, it will surely reach the heart.

The yearning for union is increasing in such a way that my friend

If the sound comes out of the heart, it will definitely reach the heart.



I believe in you above all

Always afraid to lose this moment.

Lost a lot because of the fear of the world.

Today I will openly say that you die on me.

To keep the soul alive and l

Staying conscious fills the intoxication of love

don't expect favors from anyone

I want most of myself

Maybe two or four moments of peace

I'll nurture and grow dreams



Courage is the star of my face.

This is my life's support.

Remove the curtain and look at the curtain.

Wherever you look there are smiles

You step into my life

Friends will brighten the night and day

In the night drenched with moonlight

The moon and the stars are happy to see you

To fulfill dreams

All the wishes of happiness are called




The things that happened somewhere from the heart make me helpless.

Nights wet with moonlight make us helpless.

sparkling with hope and hope

Friend's eyes make you helpless.

of wishes to touch the sky

Eyes full of courage make us helpless

Hope to fly high

The mare's underarms make me helpless.

new life and new joy

Put ruddy leaves helpless



Come let me settle you in my heart

I'll smell the sweet breath

hide from the eyes of the world

I'll put you in my arms

The rituals of the universe are merciless.

Come, I'll hide in Mamta's lap

To make you emperor

I will loot the wealth of prayers

protect from evil eye and evil eye

I'll vaccinate my love



Don't ask like the days passed by loneliness

Years passed away from Shanasai's ll

Identity was searched for many ages.

Today I am afraid of Ruswai

the heart had believed

I've made a lot of big promises.

how to live in this condition

Days are not passing for separation

Don't ask friend to do it.

I have heard many discussions about Jaffi's

say something else do something

To see the colors of the guide

After a long time, the beauty was unmasked.

Today Venus is passing through the east



how to describe heart

how to lose with your hands

Each and every moment is cherished with love.

How to send Lakhte Jigar

Gaya is a very boring year.

How will the coming time be new?

Tired of mistaking Nada

how to tell a story in front of disguise

Forgive me every time as a child

how to decorate my body



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