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Fate with a Deomnic Angel - 2 - intro..

The Silence broke when Arnav's phone rang. He seemd to be very angry hearing something on the phone. Seeing him tensed Nisha asked "Doctor is there anything serious? You look so angry."
Arnav: Nisha! Come with me. We Have to go the police station.
Nisha: why? What happened?
Arnav: those rascals were caught. Let's go and witness there suffering." A devilish smile came on his face.

Upon hearing that Nisha becomes tensed she became upset and remembering the last night started crying then or not came near her and plated her back to soothe her and gave water and went up stairs to become ready. one maid came there and said that doc told me to make you ready then she got prepared and then they went to the police station with Arnav . they went to the quite room passing through a dark passage at last she came near a while room quite room and he found two gas standing there or no ordered them to open the door. when the door opened, the heart trending sound was filled in the whole environment making Nisha terrified. They went inside the room. Nisha couldn't find any policemen inside, but there are men with black dress and black sunglasses. She understood that they are bodyguards, but she couldn't understand why they are here. Then she saw 5 men were sitting on the bench with their hands tied at back. Then they become terrified when they saw Arnab. Arnav looked like a devil at that moment.
Then One of the bodyguards handed a fun to Arnav. Arnav pointed then gun to them and within 5 seconds he killed all of them.

The atmosphere was so tensed. Nisha felt uneasy and began to scream. The last night had such a terrible impact on her that she couldn't believe what was going on. Then she became unconscious.


A week later......

Nisha was so frightened that she didn't went to her office after that night. She was so much stressed. Her company didn't bother her to come there. After a rest of one week, she became normal and was able to overcome her fear.

Let me introduce Nisha.....
She was a pretty girl with attractive physique. She has curvy figure. Her rosy lips, almond eyes, small sharp nose, butter soft skin, wavy dark black dense hair. One will fall for her in one look.
But she never showoff her beauty. She was very innocent girl and she believes in karma. She was parents less. She lost her parents when she was only six. Since then she was brought up by her grandmother. For her her grandmother is everything. She loves her grandmother without any condition. She calls her Chinu. Her grand mother is a piece of piece of peace. She loves Nisha heartily. She is to worried for because Nisha is not interested in marriage. She thinks marriage don't contain any love. After a year
Or two they will end up with divorce. So she is interested in her carrier. She works in a multinational company " Avenue group of Industries". She earns about 2.5 lakhs per month. And everything is settled for her. Her life was good going without any worries till that day. She has never seen the CEO of her company. Neither he revealed hoon nor Nisha tried to find him.
She was very good and fine......

So hlo friends this is my second part. Hope you all like it. Tell me about any type of queries. And please rate me for which I will be able to get inspired. And thanks you guys for supporting me and reading my novel.... ☺️☺️

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