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Kaliyuga The Age Of Darkness (Chapter 32)




[Then the end of the Kaliyuga comes, the god, people worshipping would be a false one. Everybody will be in dark, away from the truth. The religion would be used to enslave people and wash their brain and all the points of the horizon will be ablaze, and the stars and stellar groups will be destitute of brilliance and the planets and planetary conjunctions will be inauspicious. And the course of the winds will be confused and agitated and will carry only sand with it instead of the sweet fragrance of the flowers, and innumerable meteors will flash through the sky, foreboding evil. And the Sun will appear with six others of the same kind. And all around there will be din and uproar, and everywhere there will be conflagrations. Kaliyuga ends when crops will not grow in abundance and the evil of the false god will grow more rapidly than the grass.]



Time jumps. It leaps. It pours away like water through a channel in the wall. Every day I see that the calendar has a different date. I’ve learned to understand it. The day jumps. It leaps. One after another day goes forward yet I refuse to believe I’ve got nothing useful yet.

Every day I get books from Jagapati and his men but nothing significant or useful my eyes can spot from them. A sick feeling grows in my stomach, a leaden sensation that gets heavier every day.

Ten more days have been passed. The third significant memory dream is this night. In the dream, I see my older version.

I’m standing among thousands of people; all are ready to go to war. All had weapons in their hands.

And I see the creator.

He is at the top of the tower.

Between us and him is a maze. A maze made of massive stones and all stones are moving, gaps are opening and closing with moves of the stones.

It’s impossible to go beyond the maze.

“It’s time to go.” The man standing near me says. He is a stranger to me even in my dream.

I nod, “into the maze, into the tower.”

The crowd cheers on my words, “In to the tower.”

“Don’t be feared of the maze,” I say, “it’s all about pattern and we have read Chakravyuha. We can solve it.”

“Mahabharata will make is win.” Everyone shouts and breaks into the run.

The last thing I see before my eyes are open is running uncountable people into the maze, into the tower.

I open my eyes to see myself inside my room inside the glass building is small and smells like rubber, the same smell I had felt in the tunnels. The Nirbhaya leader has declared me and three other teenagers (conversant) as his prisoners so no one is paying attention to us. No Nirbhaya dares to visit our room. No Sunya is allowed to visit me, not even my father.

I also don’t want any interruption as I was with books. My room has a metal table on which are stacks of books, piled one on top of another.

“Are you awake?” Kajal asks.

“Yes,” I prop on my elbow, “but still dozing.”

“When did you go to bed last night?” Pavan asks.

“I think two o’clock,” I chuckle, “and not bed but my corner.”

“Did you find anything?” Amar jumps in the talk.

“Yeah,” I get on my feet, “interesting but not useful. We need a book that says us about the Creator.”

“We’re searching,” says Kajal.

“And still have nothing.” I sigh.

“Don’t lose courage.” Kajal says, “Wash your face and join us.”

“Yeah,” I mumble, take my water bag and got washbasin. This room has a bathroom and wash-basin as Jagapati has chosen the best place underground as our prison allies our cover.

I join them after ten minutes. As the last ten days, we four are in the room.

Kajal is on the chair at the metal desk, Pavan and Amar are fumbling through a pile of books at left corner and I’m searching in the last inventory of books, near wooden book self.

Jagapati says our room looks like a library. Nirbhaya leader often comes to meet us after dark. He has told me he is trying to send a message to the real Devatas but it’s hard to send anyone beyond the second wall. The wall separating middle India from the Himalaya is called the second wall. I’ve not seen it but Nirbhaya leader says it’s covered in snow and looks like made of nothing but the whiteness.

Last ten days we’ve spent with books provided by the Nirbhaya readers, books of different sizes and different subjects, some binding in a leather cover, some in cotton while some had no binding at all. All give different knowledge. Some teach how to live life, some teach what is good and what is bad which already I knew. The one which I had got from the underground tunnels tells me a true account of Pralaya.

But none has revealed the secret of the Creator or his weakness or the way to fight against him.

“Hey check this.” Kajal slides a bag towards me.

“What’s it?” I ask, looking at the bag.

The bag is small and made of a faded red material, gathered at the top with a grey string.

Kajal hesitated a moment, then put her hand in her lap and says, “Something I can’t understand.”

“Okay.” I reach inside it and finger the paper, feeling as if I’m touching thick cotton.

I pick a folder out. It has several papers in it.

I open it. The papers are thick. The words are written in black ink, in small careful printing.

Pralaya Files, they said. I stare at them.

“Out loud, please,” Kajal says, “please if you can read the language.”

“Pralaya files,” I say in a whisper. “It’s in Devanagari, I can read it.”

“Then do it,” says Atul.

“Pralaya files,” I whisper again more to myself than others, my voice low and cracked. There is something useful. I feel.

Keeping my eyes on the paper, I go to a metal desk and get myself a metal chair.



FROM: Arvind Upadhyaya, Lab chief at Delhi

Subject: failure not of project H-H-MAN.

I’m sorry to say this, colleagues, project H-H-MAN has failed us. I wouldn’t remind you but still, I do – we have no time. The world is about to meet the fate that is unstoppable. The world is going towards never known dark time.

This project was last hope as it could save the human DNA inside new bred H-HUMANs. The coming Pralaya would erase everything we consider as god’s gift. Nature would no longer be boon for us. The rivers, the volcanos, the water, the ocean everything is going against the human race. It’s coming – Pralaya is coming to wipe Human race completely.

But humanity wouldn’t disappear without its last stand, even against nature. And the men working on that project at your Lab are those who are going to giving the last stand. This isn’t a war. Our technology, weapons and every known thing of defense aren’t useful. Increase numbers of experiment dual than now, if your lab gives us a better version of human in both strength and IQ than now HUMANITY will survive.

Henceforth, The total expenses of your Lab would bear The President of INDIA.

We need to test DNA of each monkey of Himalayan Walleys and test each human subject with it. Find out immediate, subjects who can control DNA, such candidates are the greatest hope of Human Race to survive after Pralaya.

You can send the design of DNA mixing to the Super Computer when it is ready.

You will get help from Pro. Pandit as he is Partner now in this project.

The President has ordered us to stay in constant communication with you through the project.

Feel free to inquire or demand anything.







We have discovered a new DNA mixing method that allows us to mix GOLDEN MONKEY’s DNA with HUMAN and it doesn’t resist with the human body.

None of our team has claimed so perfectly why but this is like a miracle. We have a beta test on five people and the project is a success. The subjects haven’t lost their awareness or human emotion after the process. Their verbal and cognitive skill also remains unaffected. It just gives them unimaginable strength and speed. But a small loophole – it makes some physical changes in their body.

The test shows the most prominent result we have ever. But to continue the project and control the subjects who are high intelligence and immeasurable physical strength we need armed forces.

We have given a new name to this project: PROJECT KISHKINDHA.

I hope The President would like the name.




FROM: Arvind Upadhyaya, Lab chief at Delhi

Subject: Armed Forces

The armed forces would be at your aid in 24 hours. Your name would be written in golden letters when this new version of the human race will survive after Pralaya.

GENTLEMEN, you have done more than anticipation.






Thanks for Armed Forces.

After the success of H-HUMAN. Miss. Devika has started the next Project.

Not much progress in the project but here is a quick report.


BETA TEST:  20 Teenagers and 100 teenagers not directly involved in the project.

Though we have not begun collecting data, officially but we are studying the test subjects and Miss. Devika sees the Project Pralaya as a great boon to humankind.

First 20 subjects are tested with Virus DTL-01 and it is giving them special gifts like superhuman power and super IQ.

LOOPHOLE: Subjects have uncontrollable curiosity. Hunger for food is beyond human nature. They speak but not more like Human.

Those are two things, Miss. Devika wanted to bring to your attention. First she needs a place in the future city being built to survive after Pralaya and second, the president makes sure that no one knows about this project as it is involving violence. Five subjects have died in the process.



FROM: Arvind Upadhyaya, Lab chief at Delhi

Subject: concerning Project Pralaya.

A three stored house is confirmed in the future city for Miss. Devika. I have attached documentation with this mail.

Don’t worry about violence and death. We have no choice. The effect of good deeds sometimes brings bad result but we have to carry on it for good consequences.

At evening you will receive a sample of a Virus TNX- 32 developed at Delhi Lab. We need to check it on subjects but only at Himalayan Lab.





Due to Virus DTL-01, we have lost more than 25 subjects. It affects the human body very dangerously. It mostly affects the human brain. The subject turns in zombie-like creatures and dies with hunger.

Still, I don’t believe we should stop this project. This means we need to make some changes in DNA of this Virus.

We are trying with different subjects after manipulating their DNA through the Project Pralaya is much, much riskier.

The last some days have been terrified difficult and we have lost many test subjects.

In need of 200 more subjects.

I think Project is last hope and we should give whatever it takes.



FROM: Arvind Upadhyaya, Lab chief at Delhi

Subject: Attack on the future city.

I’m sorry to say that I can’t aid you more, not at least until the rebellion ends.

Forgive me for this. The truth about our experiment has been revealed by some of our own men. Police and paramilitary has attacked the city.

I don’t know how long it will take.

Thank you for your friendship, your trust in me, your contribution and whatever you have done for the future.

I hope you will continue research in such a terrible time.





I take total responsibility on my shoulder, volunteer. No matter you can help or not.

I’ll continue the project.


The Creator is Stronger than anything, no matter rebellion or Pralaya.



FROM: Arvind Upadhyaya, Lab chief at Delhi

Subject: Attack on the future city- 2.

Project H_HUMAN has failed us.

The army of H-HUMAN has joined rebellions and destroying the city.

IMPORTANT: in need to find a way to kill that army.





There is no weakness in H-human army except their physical appearance.

They were bred to replace the current race.

IMPORTANT NOTE: use subjects of DTL-01 as soldiers in rebellion. Implant MC chip in their brain and join them with a supercomputer.

I’m sending you the command pattern to control their brain.

Miss. Devika has named this command programme after her own name PROGRAMME DEVATA.


With best wishes of Devika.



FROM: Arvind Upadhyaya, Lab chief at Delhi

Subject: Attack on the future city- 3.

The rebellion has been defeated by the army of Devatas but every war has its own prize. I’ve paid this time with my own body. I’ve been caught in the blast and I’ve not much time as the blast has destroyed half of my body.

I’m writing typing this with new invented flexible metal fingers. I’m half-human and half-robot now. But this technology can’t make me live. My remaining half body is damaged internally and I’ve not much time.

I hope you will be my replacement and the last hope for humanity.




SUBJECT: a cure for wellness

Arvind Upadhyaya, Lab chief at Delhi

One of the most dangerous bio-weapon is TNX-32. That project isn’t complete. But I’ve report of the project that shows ten deaths during surgery. All brain commands, DNA manipulators, and processing have been described in the attachment.

TNX-32 is deadly and dangerous for its subject, sorry to say but you have no time, you are dead already so you can take the risk.

The sample of Virus can be collected underground basement-P-741 at the secondary lab, Delhi




SUBJECT: confidential

We’ve received a radio message from NIRBHAYA REGIMENT at MADHYA PRADESH: a conversation between Major Aditya and a Lieutenant named YOGESHVARA that happened in a helicopter flyover.

It’s little confusing and disturbs me as I can’t understand what’s going on.

#Transmission starts#


Lieutenant: Ujjain is ruined.

Major: how?

Lieutenant: by nuclear weapons.

Major: it’s not possible.

Lieutenant: it is.

Major: India has a declared nuclear no-first-use policy.

Lieutenant: it was in democracy.

Major: our country is still democratic.

Lieutenant: no longer as the nuclear power has fallen in wrong hands.

Major: but NCV is the custodian of all of India's nuclear weapons, missiles and assets.

Lieutenant: it was.

Major: now?

Lieutenant: The creator corporation has got control over everything and democracy has been ended the minute the president attached Ujjain with a nuclear weapon without authority or discussion with anyone.

Major: why?

Lieutenant: to stop a rebellion against him.

Major: to kill rebels he killed a whole city.

Lieutenant: he isn’t happy with just one city. I’ve hacked their conversation with a private named Surendra.

Major: what did it say?

Lieutenant: the Ujaain was beginning; the next is some cities of UTARPRADESHA where the rebels have hideouts.


#five-minute break in transmission#

Lieutenant: what is that down there?

Major: maybe a camp? Maybe of rebels.

Lieutenant: we should warn them.

Major: we should contact Mr. Engineer.

Lieutenant: we need to get down there and have a look if engineer himself is in this camp.

Major: Okay.


#two-minute break in Trnasmission#

Lieutenant: open the door.

Major: it can be an army of the Creator corp.

Lieutenant: open the fucking door.

Major: Okay.

#several minutes break in transmission#

Major: no one is here. Just dead bodies.

Lieutenant: but I’ve seen something from up.

Major: maybe some animals.

Lieutenant “no, they were humans.

Major: a scream and then Grunting noise

Lieutenant: what’s going on?

Major: no response.

Lieutenant: are you okay?

Major: no response.

Lieutenant: My god…a scream… screaming continues.


#End transmission#


I need to know about it.

Is this right what I’ve received?




FROM: Arvind Upadhyaya, Lab chief at Delhi

Subject: True Partners.


You shouldn’t look into the matters that were beyond your field.

The information you got is right but I’ve no other way to stop Army of H-HUMAN.

The Problem is simple: the world has no order.

The solution is simpler than it: the world needs someone who can order it again.

For your kind information, Arvind Upadhyaya has died and you are talking with the Creator- only living god of the world.

A missile named BRAHMASHTRA, carrying 100 KGS plutonium is coming for Kailasha Lab.

Please let me know you are dead if you have enough time to type some words.

And thanks to being a true partner in this madness. The world would remember you till infinity to give them a living God.


I put the folder down. Nothing is making sense.

“What?” Kajal comes to me. She bends over and takes a book out from the bag.

“I can’t understand it,” I say as she sits near me.

“Is the language strange for you?” Atul also comes to see it.

“No,” I say, “language isn’t strange but this nothing makes sense.”

“What did it say?” asks Amar.

“It says that the creator has mixed human and animals with each other some way and made a new race.”

“For what?”

“To protect people from Pralaya.” I say, “As per this book.”

“And what do you think?” Kajal asks.

“He has created it to rule over the world.” I say, “Perhaps he mislead those people who are at Lab in Himalaya.”

“What is this book?” Pavan asks looking at Kajal.

“The hard copies of official E-mails.” Say, reading the title.

“Check it if there is something useful.”

I read a few pages from it.

“It’s about how Pralaya started and citizens of the country had nothing after its first stage.”

I flip a few pages.

“The creator is no one but the last President of the country before Pralaya.” I say, “He was a biologist and after becoming president he got chance to get all power and wealth in his hand. When scientist found out about coming pralaya he took all the military power in his hand and after that, there wasn’t any election. He became unofficial king of the country on declaring a critical situation of coming-Pralaya.”

I flip some more pages and when it shows pictures I pause.

“Look at this,” I say, showing pictures to others.

“Who are these?” Kajal exclaims.

“H-HUMAN.” I say, “As per the data but I think these are real Devatas.”

I put the book on flour and we examine the pictures of the H-HUMANs.

“How can you say that they are real Devatas?” Kajal asks.

“Not they but their lineage.” I say, “They were bred from Himalayan monkeys so they can survive if Pralaya brings ice age. And nowadays no one but Devatas only can survive in the ice age of Himalayan valleys.” I add. “What do you think?”

“Why they are enemy of the Creator?” Amar ask.

“We need a gathering.” I say, “at night when will come.”

“Okay.” Kajal says, “And till night?”

“Read as much as we can,” I answer.

Then we all took books and pour ourselves into their pages.


to be continue...