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Kaliyuga The Age Of Darkness (Chapter 33)




[Mahabharta, Ramayana and many other Puranas refer the deadliest weapon of the world. It was called Brahmastra. it was considered a very destructive weapon. Said is that this weapon never missed its target. But the old books also tell precaution about it: It should be as a weapon of last resort and should never to be used in combat because the use of this weapon that is charged with all the power of universe can complete annihilating the biggest army of the world. Old books refer it as a weapon that creates a fireball that can threaten the world with destruction. It also causes a severe decrease in rainfall with the land developing cracks, as in a drought.]

                                                -Epics and Vedas



Till the evening we read files from that folder.

The gathering starts at midnight when Jagapti knocks the door and Kajal opens it.

There are four other people in the gathering along with conversant and me. My father, a folk lady named Shrushthi, Jagapti and one of his men.

“I need to explain you in details.” As soon as everyone gets a place on the marble flour and gathering starts I say, “According to these books, Pralaya was natural. No one had caused it except nature but a person who was prime minister of the country got profit from it.”

I pause and look over Kajal, Pavan, and Amar, and other four if they have any question but none asks so I continue.

“Before Pralaya Indian scientist had predicted about it. The Primi minister had years to do preparation against it. During that time he found a best man who had built many government skyscrapers which can withstand heavy scales earthquake. He employed that engineer to make a tower which can withstand against Pralaya. The same engineer made the maze around the tower so after Pralaya if there isn’t any government and people are mad on each other the tower can remain safe.”

“What about real Devatas?” Kajal asks, “You forget the main question.”

“I’m coming to the point, but it needs some minutes.” I continue, “The problem was that the engineer didn’t know true self of the prime minister. He believed prime minister as a kind man and thought the tower was for the safety of ruling men so they can make the country stand again after Pralaya.

“But after Pralaya the Prime minister declared himself as the king which people weren’t ready to accept. Most of the people who survived Pralaya believed in democracy and they attacked the tower and burn the tower. The engineer himself had helped people to pass the maze but the creator killed him in the battle inside the tower.

“After the fall of the tower, people thought the creator is dead but actually he wasn’t.  He was half alive and half dead. He had got the position of prime minister after getting a reputation as a scientist of biology. He had developed a virus – TNX32 which kept him alive.

He used another virus – DTL01 to make an army to fight with rebels. He made that army out of his soldiers giving them all dose of the virus which turned them into half zombie half human whom we know as Devatas now.

“That dead army of zombies killed almost most of the rebels and the remaining fleed. But it made the situation worse than the Creator had imagined. The rebellion happened in every place, every city of the country. Most of the police went against him so his half-dead army used the deadliest weapon called PARAMANU to wipe out the cities. They threw PARAMANU over many cities like Mumbai and Delhi.

“That Paramanu wiped out those cities. Half of the human population was dead in Pralaya and the most from the remaining were killed in Paramanu attack.

“Unfortunately no country of the world could come to help people as Pralaya had killed democracy from all over the world. After Pralaya there wasn’t any water on the earth so most of the people died in that after effect.

“It was in favour of the creator. Now the remaining people of India were under his control as In India there wasn’t any water except in the Ganga. He got control over that river with his half-dead army and declared himself as the owner of that river and god of the country.

“Now, this dead army is called themselves Devata which was a holy name of celestial being before Pralaya. There wasn’t any Devata on the earth before Pralaya. The Creator divided people into four sections. The Sunya – People who were rebels so he grounded them in the south, making a huge wall to take revenge with them. Those were the people who had the knowledge so he snatched away all the books and knowledge from them and turned them into slaves.

“The people who supported him got his favors. He made a big square are for them. They are called the traders and got right of trading as their birthright.

“Dead army of intelligent zombies killed all the soldiers who had fought against the creator but the families of those soldiers were taken by them. The creator knew those children were as fearless as their fathers. Their DNA was useful so the creator prepared a biological process that can control their minds and turn them into brave and loyal soldiers to protect the tower. They were known as the Nirbhaya.

The common people born after Pralaya were unaware of everything. For them, the creator was the god and Devatas were real Devata. Such people were mild and fearful and called the folk.

“The last one the Real Devatas hidden in Himalayan Valleys are nothing but the result of the H-HUMAN project’s failure. Once scientist confirmed the Project is a success the Creator started to make an army of such human but only to use against his enemies. He had sent this army when there was rebellion after Pralaya in which rebels had nearly killed him but he survived with robotic engineering.

I pause a while, “army of H-human had every human emotion so it didn’t accept Creator’s order to kill people and contrary, that army made a treaty with rebels and went against the Creator.

The next hour, I spend with Jagapati.

He tells many things about those labs and gives me some more books which he’d got from a ruined city near Mount Mare. He says the city was one of the biggest cities of Rajasthan – Jodhpur.



Time jumps and another five days disappear from the calendar.

On the sixth day, in early morning Jagapati knocks the door.

 “The work here is finished. Tomorrow, you are going to in the wall.” Nirbhaya leader Jagapati gives me the news as soon as I open the door.

His son is with him. He is a strong man like his father but young. Perhaps my age. Well build muscles and beautiful face, his clothes are as per their dress code and a curved sword is at his waistband, his hand on the hilt of it as if he is ready to draw it out any moment.

“Hi.” He greets me, “nice to meet you.”

“So you will train me.”

“Yes, if I will be able to come inside the wall without being noticed by anyone.” He smiles. I like his smile and bravery.

“I hope you will make it.”

“I, too,” still a gentle smile is on his face. I wonder if he has ever smiled at any Sunya before. No Nirbhaya smiles at us. Of course some laughs at us.

“What did you learn from the book?” the Nirbhaya leader asks.

“About most of the things.”


“Like the creator isn’t human.”

“Then god?”

“he isn’t a god, too.”

“Then what the hell is he?”

“He is an artificial god. In one way or other he had managed to keep himself alive and if I’m not the wrong secret of his life lays in the children he abducts every year.” I say what I’ve found out in the last five days.

“There are still much to know,” The Nirbhaya leader says, “my son and a Nirbhaya is coming in the wall. They will train you for everything except the magical weapons of the Devatas.”

“We should know the secret of their magic.” I say, “Unless we can’t win them.”

“Yes, I know but how can we? Said is that the creator has burned all the books of magic after Pralaya. Now only they have magical weapons.”

“There must be a single copy somewhere. Just we need is to find it.”

“Real Devatas are trying to find it since years but they can’t. If there is any copy than it’s inside the tower.”

“Is there any book which gives us more information about the tower?”

“No, but I know about the tower more than any Nirbhaya know as my father was a soldier there.”

“Why the creator stays inside it?”

“It’s said the tower itself is alive. The creator is bound with it. He is alive due to that tower. If we separate him he would die.”

“How can a tower be alive?” I say, surprise in my voice.

“Don’t know but it’s. My father has seen the tower killing people who try to break in. only the creator can break the tower.”

“Only the creator can break the tower,” I mumble, “but why should he?”

“We don’t know but if we can force him and he has to leave the tower then he would break it as he never wants to have its secret public.” He says, “All these things are far matters the first thing is your training.”

“What I alone can do?”

“The rebellion. Only the Nirbhayas are under the effect of the biological process. Other people are under fear if they knew the Sunya of the prophecy has come among them they will be free from fear and again there will be a revolution which hasn’t happen after Pralaya.”

“Okay, then train me and some of best Sunyas in the wall so they can support me in this war.” I say, “There are many boys in the wall who didn’t believe in the creator and can read books.”

“Conversant.” He says, “Is this true? I’ve heard about it.”

“Yes, it’s true we have many conversant inside the wall but we never reveal ourselves even to our parents as peoplel believe conversant are responsible for Pralaya. If there will be conversant there will be Pralaya again.”

“Then let it come again.” The Nirbhaya leader smiled, “it can’t be more terrible than the rule of the creator.”


to be continue...