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Can't forget those love-filled things.

I will miss those pleasant nights by staying

I was looking for pictures from many ages.

Those lovely memories hidden in the deck of time will

No matter how far you go from body and mind

Those threads tied with blood will not be able to break

humming along in open flames

Those songs will resonate for centuries

Tansen sang and hummed.

Even today, those taunts are heard



Even today the memories of childhood swing in my eyes.

Those streets of Babylon will not be forgotten

Mother's sweet lullaby, father's anger

I can't sleep while walking in old dreams

Memory kept in the box with great fervor

Toys dolls don't get out of hand

All day long fun, playing all the time.

The hope of living that day again does not sink.

How is the puzzle life can not even understand.

The breath stops, life doesn't stop.



Missed to protect from the harsh sun.

Missed to show the right way

The air of the new age started with AC.

I missed playing lovely tears.




The bird of dreams was very mature.

Had to leave in the ghazals of the gathering

Wonderful way of living together

Nadeem every morning and evening was joyous.

From little love to heart

It was an old funny story

keep trying hard to live

Painful voice was melodious.

The beginning of Sarab was shadowed in the cities.

was colorful but the universe was virtual

sarab - mirage

Nadeem - friend




I had wet eyelids since this evening.

I was engrossed in deep pain

I am in love without much care

Wine was spilled from my eyes

very cute face

There were tears on the cheeks.

I have seen hysterical tantrums of beauty.

I would have rolled my eyes in shame.

There was a shadow of fog

the light was dim in the morning



The bride has come wearing a red chunaria.

Piya's name is decorated with mehndi.

Apsara is looking exactly today.

There is pink happiness on my face

Why see Chakori with the moon?

I'm shy in the night of meeting

I sat down in the gathering with my head bowed.

Ishq has shown vivacity

Simplicity is reflected in the decoration too.

Doom is two and a half after seeing beauty



The injured searches the cup.

Drunk draws the cup

Ishq ka in a full gathering

I drink a cup of jam

Heart to heart collides

Breathes the cup ll

alcoholic's paradise

Shows the way the cup ll



Deception in love has become a habit.

Now there has been a conflict with the naadims too.

Laughter has increased in such a way that you

Rakibo is getting worse everyday.

Friend mercilessly unrelenting and unrelenting.

Love has become a mischievous snowfall.

What do you say about Ada and Adayaki?

Seeing the young beauty, I have become martyr.

Love has only created a boom.

I'm tired of a small gesture

Dude, what did I hold my hand in secret love?

There has been mischief in the folly of the heart.

The journey from floor to floor was difficult.

Darshita has rebelled against God.




Very beautiful is precious memories

I love you precious memories

In the nights drenched with sakhi moonlight

Heart is filled with precious memories ll

When the sea of ​​desires overflows

Eye spills precious memories ll

The fate of well-being comes in your hands.

The breath smells of precious memories

After a long time came the night of Vassal.

Rest in peace, priceless memories ll

Read it with great pleasure.

Sukhnavar story is priceless memories



give peace to the heart

I'll give you a happy life

Liver is in captivity for ages.

Will testify in our favor

listen to the conscience

give genuine advice


Today I have met the moon

I say proudly to everyone

Saj's has come to meet happiness.

Welcome to Mangal - Song Se ll

To woo Piya

Desire to decorate the patio

The heart felt relieved when I

Breathe to breath

Where is the enemy of love

My friend is hurt from where I will



The gathering of stars at night is adorned.

The words of deceit have deceived my sleep.

Irresistible noise is making

My friend and I will be lonely

Things have made my heart reza reza

Silent silence has grown inside

Bijli passed by without touching it.

Then the clocks of doom have passed.

Miri Mehbooba is as delicate as a rose.

look from afar, she's a petite bud

Seeing Hushn on the night of Milan

Today the moonlight has been burnt.



This city of heart has become beautiful.

He has become lifeless by reading.

What to say, I have seen many colors in love.

I have become fine with the poet

Whom I trusted got cheated

I have become humbled after having found the rivers.

You changed the look of Fizao.

The sky has become the ground today.

A gust of wind shook me a bit

Roses have become a lesser scene.



Someone has always called from afar.

The green scarf is waved in the sign.

Voices were coming out of the soul.

The things of separation have solved

Mussal is always giving since when.

I've blown my heart's peace

have become tempted to see

I love the pain given by Dilbar.

There was always passion in Deedar-e-Ishq.

Like God has come to meet a friend



A lot of laughter has passed.

Most of the people are hidden.

Getting sick

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