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Stay With Me - 26 - Epilogue


As per fate's design; Our Tulika found her soulmate in Nomaan, and she is on seventh heaven, cause Nomaan is treating her like his goddess..!!

Tulika is grateful to God, cause it's not just Nomaan but his whole family supported her in her worst and in the warmth of these loving people, Tulika eventually forgets about everything.

She is blooming like a beautiful flower under the magical effect of Nomaan's love.. for Tulika Nomaan is caring, loving And kind person.. but What doesn't Tulika know that Nomaan is nightmare for his enemies...!!

Yeah... Nomaan has not forgiven any of her enemies, He, Viansh and Vishesh had done everything to prove Vishesh's innocence to Jalandhar and Nagesh.

It was after one month, there was a headline that the gang mafia Jalandhar is found dead : According to the doctor the patient died after suffering a cardiac arrest..!

Of course no one knows what exactly happened to him.. but who cares?

It was a week after Jalandhar's death, Nagesh was released from prison, and whisked to some place under the effect of sedatives, next day when he opened his eyes, he found himself in a dark hotel room, he was frantically observing the room, that two men entered, throwing a golden shimmering shorts at him, "get ready you mf, you will be next.."

Nagesh just screamed panicking, "next for what.? Where am I?.." those two laughed out loud, "oh.. boy.. you are in a strip club.. hotties are waiting for you.. so just get ready bro....

Nagesh yelled with scary face, "I don't want to.." those two again laughed playfully, "oh really..?? and one of them grabbed his hand, while the other injected him with some drugs..and within a minute Nagesh forgot his whole identity..!!

Poor boy, he will never come out of this hell alive, but he dug the pit for himself..!!

As for Ruhi, helpless... she was crying in Nomaan's office, "Nomaan.. I have lost everything, no one is ready to hire me now.. I am sorry for what I have done but please don't reveal anything to my parents, They won't be able to take it.. I will fall from their grace.. Nomaan.. and may be they will never forgive me.. you know na how much my dad cares for his name..!!" Ruhi's voice fainted thinking about what had she done??

Nomaan's face is stern, busy in his thoughts, he raised his cold eyes to Ruhi uttering in very dangerous tone, "Leave this country.."

Ruhi exclaimed with shock, gawking, "what..?" Nomaan repeated the same sentence again, "if you want me to keep your secret from your parents then leave this country and never come back.." He paused to utter, "And don't forget I have enough proof to ruin your whole life.. so don't try to play any of your filthy tricks on me.. You have one week to get lost.."

"But Nomaan I am sorry" She apologized sobbing. "You should be... " Nomaan stated with dreadful voice. Just looking at Nomaan's face, she realized how wrong she was!! She felt a sharp pang of remorse, but now there is nothing she can do, so without a word she left his office, of course with shattered heart....!!

Though Nomaan and Viansh will always keep their eyes on Ruhi and on Nagesh..!!


It's on one lovely morning, when with rosy hue across the sky, sun shines softly on Arora house..

This special day brings the flurry of activities to the house.. let's have a look inside...!!

Gran is busy instructing each and every maid in Manor.. today her tone is surprisingly if she can't get strict anymore.. and maids too, distribute their work enthusiastically..

With a heave of relief Gran moves her legs towards kitchen..!!

Rishi is busy with Vishesh on phone, as they both were given responsibility of invitation.. as they discuss about the guests their faces are gleaming with the joy of upcoming event..!!

Mean while Viansh (After all the dreadful events Viansh has become part of the family now..)and Isha are in garden, deciding games and decoration theme for the event. "this will look better" Isha states pointing towards pink and white balloons theme"

Viansh twitches his lips, "no... it will give dull look, think about these red and white" Isha argues,"no... red.. ugh.. I don't like it.."

Viansh asks, "but why..? It will look amazing.." Isha purses her lips, "It's babyshower mr.. not valentine's day okay..??"

Viansh is annoyed, "and why can't we have red balloons for Babyshower...? Sometimes your logic na.. it's just...!! " Viansh shakes his head vigorously..

Isha stubbornly stomps her feet, "whatever.. but I won't select these red theme.. is it clear Mr..?" She just turns with jolt to leave but got her cellphone's charm stuck in one of Viansh's sleeve buttons..

Their eyes meet for the first time, as Viansh hand unknowingly touches Isha's while unsticking the chain...

Noticing both of them, the event planner holds his head and decides to ask Nomaan and Tulika.. but wait.. where are they?.

Well.. Unknown from this hustle, Tulika is in her room, busy in trying her newly stitched outfit..

She stretches her arms just to tie a knot in her back strings blouse but out of nowhere Nomaan approaches her, holds her arms stating,"easy.. easy.. darling.." He ties a knot, taking in her beauty in mirror, "I am just amazed.. how anyone can look this bewildered?.." He asks wrapping his arms around Tulika's waist, kissing back of her neck.

Tulika's hands touch Nomaan's as she speaks, "I know.. you are saying this just to cheer me up.. otherwise I have gained much weight now..just look at me.." Tulika pouts. Nomaan smiles and turns Tulika around to kiss on her pouted lips., "no matter how your physique changes.. you can still take my breath away with just your smile.."

Tulika lovingly runs her fingers through his hairs, draping her arms around his neck, "really..?" Nomaan enjoys her smooth touch closing his eyes, "uh huh.." Then he adds kissing her forehead, "you should sit now.." and he helps her sit on a bed. Then gently stretches her legs and slowly massages her swollen feet, "I have told Vidita to bring you hot water tub, to soak your feet.. and yeah Gran will add little more spices to your lunch.. but just for today.. so don't get used to it okay.." Nomaan chuckles.

With a jolt Tulika grabs Nomaan's hand to put it on her belly, "see... our baby is saying thank you for that.." Nomaan gently caresses the baby bump as he feels some movements.. "omg.. it's heavenly feeling.. I just can't wait to see our little one..!!!

Tulika chuckles, "yeah.. me too.., so.. what about tomorrow's preparations?" Nomaan heaves, "yeah.. they all are busy.."

"Let me help.." Tulika insists. Nomaan grins playfully, "No.. it's a surprise for you.. so you my dear wifey.. do one thing.. listen to the sweetest music.. okay.." Nomaan gets up to switch on the device.

Tulika twitches her lips, "But I don't like being alone here.." Nomaan, still busy in plug in utters with concern, "Hey.. I will be here with we will watch your favorite movie and then I will read you a book..! But for now I am going to dad.. so you just enjoy your breakfast with music.." He caresses her cheeks..

"But I just had a fruit dish half an hour back.." Tulika argues.. and ta..da.. Vidita enters with bowl of mix sprouts.. Nomaan gestures her to change her dress before having breakfast, then he leaves to sort out things on ground floor. All of them are so excited for tomorrow.

Finally the morning comes when the whole party hall is decorated with white and blue balloons and pink Teddy bears..with blue and pink flowered bouquet..

Tulika is breathtaking in Maroon colored silk saree with matching accessories, while dad to be Nomaan is looking stunning as always, in beige kurta and white churidar..

Nomaan holds Tulika's hand, as he helps her to reach at ground floor.. There Gran and Isha helps Tulika to sit comfortably on a flowered and ballooned decorated couch..

After a formal ceremony and countless photos.. it's the time when Tulika and Nomaan are sitting on a couch, while Isha is demonstrating some fun game to the guests.

When Nomaan spots Viansh, he smiles to himself, whispering in Tulika's ear, "hey Tuli.. I wanna ask you something.."

Tulika fully indulged in game, just nodes, "huh.. ?" Nomaan heaves and states, "What do you think about Viansh and Isha..?"

Tulika jolts her head raising her brows, "Viansh and Isha.. what about them?" Nomaan playfully winks at her. Tulika's eyes get narrowed, "but they just argue all the time.. Vidita told me, the event planner was yelling yesterday..frustrated.. ." She smiles.

Nomaan smiles back, "just look at them now.." when Tulika moves her eyes to Viansh.. her smile reaches to her ears looking the way Viansh's eyes are glued on Isha..

"But Isha..?" Tulika asks just to be sure.. And at the exact moment Tulika notices Isha's blushing cheeks as Isha has already spotted Viansh..

Nomaan and Tulika giggles to each other.. and the baby in her womb kicks her in agreement..!! Of course Nomaan is the luckiest to find his brother in law in his bestie..

So the time will soon come, when Arora House will witness another love story.. when another love chapter will take its shape between Isha and Viansh..!!

But for now I just can't take my eyes off of Tulika and Nomaan. Their love story reminds me of a quote that "Love is like a wild flowers; it's often found in the most unlikely places.."

Though found, it's not easy to stay in love As love demands patience, Sacrifices and understanding, it's a journey to be selfless and where there is a selfishness, then it can be anything but not true love..!!



Hey my lovely lovely readers...🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

Yeah so so so happy today that I have completed my second novel.. this time it was tough 😜

I don't know how much you have enjoyed it, but for me it was like I am travelling in another world.. Tulika and Nomaan's world.. and it was not possible without you all..🤗🤗

So thank you for your support.. thank you for reading my novel.. and thank you for the precious time you've given to me..😇😇

Yeah.. I want to write more.. and I will publish it on MB.. so I hope we will meet again.. 🤞🤞

You can always share your ideas and thoughts with me.. I would love to know them..😍😍

So until we meet again.. keep reading and be kind..🙏🙏🙏

Good Bye..and take care....🖐🖐

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