HAPPINESS - 48 in English Poems by Darshita Babubhai Shah books and stories PDF | HAPPINESS - 48


Accounts are written in the pages of memories.

Floods are written in the pages of promises.

My dreams came out a lot but.. l

Ghalib wrote Sher wonderfully.


This beautiful weather hums with joy.

This beautiful weather ll sings lovely songs

The melody of the drizzling drops of rain.

Raag Malhar sings this beautiful season

Mussal ghazals are going on in the mehfil.

Shama intoxicating makes this beautiful weather ll

Who ever used to see in dreams

This beautiful weather brings peace and happiness.

There is a strange happiness in Fiza.

This beautiful season is called pink



There are wonderful views of nature.

Laughter is a gesture to live life

look at the beautiful night

Chand is dear to Chanda's heart.

strange ejaz is overshadowed

There are many stars in the festival.

You look like the heroic angel of heaven.

By luck, there are stars in the clouds

To get angry again and again in love

You will love me

You just stay away

beautiful gifts are ours

I have bowed my head in frozen love.

We are defeated in the face of stubbornness


ajaz - magic


What is the flowing waterfall saying?

Water will flow with time

I cherish happiness

Waterfall lives in your fun

On the way falling from a height

rock-cut waterfall ll

always with carelessness

Falling waterfall with mud

pain, bites, flowers, mud and l

I'll love the water I got



eyes are watery

Who is immortal?

who touched

hands are warm

on what

Shame on you

sing the song

ruthe sanam hai ll

love beautiful l

have a lovely journey



Victory is sure to win in life

There is a ring surrounded by the sea.

by connecting with each other

There is a merger of the flowing Natos.

These are the treasures of Masratt.

it's time to live together

princely state, live in peace

I am the abode of souls

in beautiful dreams

Innocents have ventricles




Don't let the sadness stay in your heart today.

Wearing the mask of happiness will not allow you to decorate

Anyhow explained but deceived someone l

Don't let the heart throw in the hands of the games.

made the unfaithful smile

Don't let my heart be wired

Very cleverly preserved the weak moments.

Don't let the people get into your heart.

Today my friend has bid farewell to the pain.

I will not let the intoxicating eyes fill with tears




Time is spent in immense pain.

seldom caressed


Zohukmi has exceeded the limit.

That's why I have called God

to breathe easy

Painful song is sung

Living on my own trust

I've bowed down to the universe

Holding on to Wafa

the unfaithful ones have made me cry




Eyes have become ocean of tears

Today the ocean of sorrows is spilling.

Friends are friends

The ocean of notes is flowing through the throat

will be back soon

They have been eaten by the ocean of oaths.

I want to hide inside the lap

The ocean of tears is flowing outside

Swallows people are very dishonest.

The sea of ​​secrets will be exposed



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