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The shadows from the eyes are madness

Clearly the madness ll

The loved ones wore the cloak of the garrisons.

Everywhere I can see the innocence.

Everyone is living in their own fun

Looking for where I'll belong now

People have become strange and strange.

Whom will we teach



Today life has strayed from the destination.

The boat of love has gone astray from Sahil.

In this mean and greedy world

The door of justice has deviated from Adil

The time to sit quiet has gone out of hand.

The butterflies in the soul got away from the mole.

The biggest problem got resolved in a moment.

The matter went astray from a small quibble.

Rebellion in love is needed

The bet of love has gone astray from the heart.



I'm in sleep but I wake up dreaming

I measure my spirits from time to time.

Seeing the spirit of the universe

I'll run away with the thoughts of failure

Listen from oppression-o-sitm

How are you afraid of God?

Live with the Lord every moment

I'll put happiness in the bag

Just keep moving forward

dry luck




Nadimon gave a lot of talk.

The consolation given to the heart is immense.

Many times seen in farebo.

Glimpses of Excavation ll ll

have felt friends

The loneliness in the gathering will be immense.

There's a smile on my lips

There is a lot of sadness ll

no matter how sad

ll spend a lot of happiness



Qayanat gives prayers every moment.

May the day and night be illuminated with happiness

what you want to say

Even today I will say an incomplete thing

Friend by sending mother on earth

God has made a big difference.

You drive by taking care of the road.

Look, the ambush has passed by.

It's too much

Life has given us death



Heart is singing songs of happiness

Finding peace and relaxation

with your favorite partner

He's going somewhere far away

I have been tied to the raging times.

Bringing loved ones near

Very happy to know that

Sakhi's message is coming

look at the end

I'm taking challenges today

truths - truths



The moment brings aspiration.

I'll get robbed like a robber

Why are you wishful?

What am I shy about?

Ignorance done by oneself

I regret remembering

see you soon

Will deceive you with false promises

In the bag of colors filled with love

Brings colors of happiness

Armaan is sleeping on him.

wakes up from deep sleep

by making dreams beautiful

Comes in new clothes



who says i'm forced

I am very strong in mind

drive a breather

I'm a laborer of life

no one cares now

I'm safe in my lap

I live forever

I'll feel with Rab

people don't care

I'm proud of myself

7-7 -2022


have learned to smile

Sakhi's sorrows have been removed.

Listen, God is in every human being.

I have given love in exchange for Raqibi.

From the threads of makkam spirits

Siya is the end of life

No wish fulfilled

Life is lived with vivacity

I'm here in a mean way

God and God are right



I wish this time would end here.

the moment of happiness will freeze

to wear the cover of love

To connect heart to heart

Time has come to an end

attitude is the turning of the winds

By going out of the realm of customs

To break the bond of society

by creating an atmosphere of friendship

I have to burst the balloon of doubt.

Let the river of Tabassum flow.

I have to squeeze my friend's arm

By making the round of tears strong

hate to shrink



cover cover


Have a fragrant evening of gatherings

And I'll get stuck in my hand

By sacrificing every breath on you

Last salute to Maa Bhaum

Badshah of the best ghazals

Will be the name of a famous poet

Tabassum come and read that

sweet ending of the story

Didn't get importance in life

Maybe there will be a name in the universe



Some you understand, some we understand Sanam.

Sanam passed away laughing together in life

What did you see by lifting the curtain?

Lovely melodious ghazal chalke sanam ll

To meet God and God

Sanam wandered in temple and mosque

You don't have a habit of wandering around.

Seeing the jam-house, Sanam will step away

Bandgi is also you, worship is also you.

From morning till evening, Sanam will agonize for the deedar.



l Songs of Aaya Sawan Jhum

Come on friend

Aaya Sawan Jhum Kell

enjoy the weather

Today it is raining sky.

Aaya Sawan Jhum Kell

Everywhere smells of life

See, Chaman has blossomed

Aaya Sawan Jhum Kell

Let's do lion in the rain

I love you in an umbrella

Aaya Sawan Jhum Kell



Life's journey doesn't cut.

I often keep thinking about how it will be cut.

Have to reach till the end

don't talk today if but ll

The flow of breath keeps going on.

I wish I could find a companion if I

Pain and sorrow have surrounded me since when

Mostly ll can't do it

take every step carefully

Don't take anyone's eye



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