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The Angel Inside - 25 - Dresses with messes!

Jay's POV

I was seated on a chair as I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked at the reflection of Amy as she flipped through the pages to find the best hairstyle for me. I didn't wanted to do anything to my hairs. But here I was, anxiously looking at Amy choosing a style for me.

On the other side viona looked at me. He came near me whispering something in my ear.

Viona: you are in good hands Handsome! Don't worry! Your wife has a great sense of fashion and style when it comes to men.

I looked at Amy's reflection as she flipped the book making the hairstyle reflect the mirror. The hairstyle was out of my taste, and this process needed the sacrifice of my long precious locks of hair . No way!

Me: I ain't having that!

Amy: you are!

She argued back. And the saga goes on.

Me: we can do it before Sunday!

Amy: Tomorrow is Sunday.

She said with dead eyes.

I will take revenge!

After an hour, the hair dresser stopped as I looked at the mirror. Gosh I looked like some anime bad boy character. I couldn't lie, the hairstyle somewhat matched me. Amy had a satisfied smirk while viona winked at me. I looked at my reflection again. My bangs were sided on the left, few locks kept long and highlighted with a shade of burgundy on the sides. I somewhat liked it.

The next moment I knew that I was standing in front of Amy and viona trying different designs on me. After the nth time of changing, Amy finally agreed with the design.

I turned around facing the mirror, looking at the final outcome. And I couldn't recognise myself. But I had one problem.

Me: I need my glasses.

Amy: bring the contacts.

One of the staffs handed me the lenses. I akwardly looked at Amy. I don't know how to put them on. I looked at Amy with hesitation.

She stepped towards me. Taking the contacts in her hand she knew I didn't knew how to apply it. She took a step closer towards me just an inch away from my face. She took the contacts her eyes boring mine.

She gently took the lens on the tip of her finger that had the exact colour of my irisis, blue. Her left hand resting on my jaw, holding my face, she placed the lens on my iris. I looked at her not blinking at all. Amy blinked at me but my eyes stood unfazed.

Amy: blink doctor.

She broke the spell she had on me as her voice made me enter my consciousness. I blinked as Amy placed the other lens. I blinked again as she opened a small box which had one earing, glittery and shiny, black in colour. She took it as her hands went near my ear. It was a magnetic earring. She gently attached it on my ear. As I had a final glance on the mirror. I couldn't recognize myself.

Looking at the mirror I felt stares boring behind me. One of the female staff stared at me shamelessly from head to toe not at all bothered, how much uncomfortable I felt. I decided to totally ignore that staff.

I turned around as she continued biting her lips eyeing me. I wanted to growl at that woman. But being a gentleman I was, I decided to keep it shut. My eyes went near Amy who was calmy noticing my actions.

Amy: do not ever remove that.

She said gesturing the earring.

I cocked a brow at her.

Amy: it's a gift.

Me: why?

Amy: because you are my husband.

I found it fishy, but amy continued to fix my shirt collar, soon her secretary, Joe came rushing inside the room. He looked at Amy.

Joe: Ma'am, our rivals are planning to destroy our reputation in the event. Their intial plan is bringing your image down with false rumours.

Amy didn't reacted, she continued fixing my shirt.

Joe sighed after few seconds as he didn't get Amy's reaction to it.

Joe: aren't we gonna take actions?

I could see Amy being totally unborthered of such news.

Amy: It's an old habit of theirs to snatch all the things that are mine, since I was a kid. So let them think it would still be easy to bring me down. They always choose me as a victim. This time I ain't gonna fight, I'll just play the victim.

We all were perplexed at Amy's reply.

Viona: and what if they are successful to bring you down and snatching away your company they are always eyeing on?

Amy smirked.

Amy: They don't know me. I don't like when people eye the things that are mine.

Joe: so what will you do?

Amy: Poke their eyeballs and put them on display. So the next time, no one would dare...

She said as she leaned a bit left, her eyes stuck on the mirror behind me with a dark, intimidating gaze. My eyes went to the female staff who was staring at me like a predator before was now looking down at her toes and not daring to eye me again. She looked scared. I realised Amy's words were directing towards that woman. She was indirectly threatening her. Did Amy meant I was hers?

Amy turned around facing her secretary.

Amy: let the things be as they are, Mr. Joe.

Joe nodded totally puzzled. If there was any other person than Amy, he/ she would have panicked in her position.

Amy: don't worry Mr. Joe , I have faced such shits for many years. So I'll manage.


I never knew dressing up would take so much time. It was already 5 in the afternoon. But I had a plan on my revenge for Amy. Getting my hands on the opportunity to choose designs and style for Amy. I always wondered what she would look all cute and beautiful rather than her hot and badass attitude.

Amy looked at me tapping her feet impatiently, clueless about what I was thinking. I smirked at her. "Waxing"

Amy looked at me flabbergasted for seconds processing my choice.

Amy: never!
I smirked.
The staffs took her to the room while she shot death glares at me. Till then I chose her dresses and the style of make up that I wanted. I always wondered what she would look like in an all girly outfit. Well, it's my time.
After an hour. She was out of the room dressed up and styled her the way I wanted. I felt frozen. She looked... So different.
She was all beautiful and so inocent. Her eyes were stuck on mine. While I stared at her. Her hair tucked in a bun with shining little decorative flowers pinned on the braids. A beautiful light blue gown that reached down her feet. It looked elegant and classy. The beautiful chain with a star shaped pendant that perfectly displayed on her sharp structure of collarbones .She looked like a princess. My eyes fell on her lips that were painted with the shade of baby pink, making it look plump and full.
I realised it wasn't just me who was startstruck by her, even the staffs had their mouth gape open at her sight. She looked like a Greek goddess.
While I just gawked at her looks, she frowned.
Amy: Do i look like a clown?
Viona: fool!
He said as he grabbed her by her shoulders turning her towards the mirror.
Viona: I realised why you don't wear all girly? Of course men would die on your innocence.
Amy looked at her reflection from head to toe. She stood unfazed for a while as she was lost.
Amy: why did you even suggested waxing when I'm all covered from head to toe?
She said annoyed, indicating the long gown covering her legs and her full sleeves of the dress that didn't even show an ounce of her skin.
I sheepishly smiled as she glared at me through the mirror that was displayed on the whole wall. But I still wished to add something more.
Me: oh! There's still something incomplete. I remember now.
I said walking towards the box that had nothing but pencil heels. I pulled out the long 3 inch heels which were designed in straps giving an exotic look. As I wiggled my eyebrows at her, smirking.
Her jaw dropped.
Amy: are you planning to break my legs, doctor? I ain't gonna wear that!
Me: oh yes you will! Cause I get to choose.
I said smiling.
Amy rolled her eyes at me. She snatched the stilletos from me almost throwing it to the floor as she sat on the single couch like a kid throwing tantrums. She wore them as she stood on her feet but instantly landed on the couch, losing her balance.
Amy: this is ridiculous!
She muttered angrily but she looked so cute. I couldn't help but admire her cute tantrums and whines where she was actually growling in anger.
Viona smiled at me as Amy backfaced us trying to walk in the stilletos.
Viona: you seem to have some magic. Never in years I saw her wearing such feminine outfits. I knew she has the best fashion sense in styling but boy it hits different when it comes to you. She looks so sweet.

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