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come to tassvur

don't go again

By giving you a lot of comfort

don't burn ji

If you want from my heart then l

I'll show love


listen what is right

The mind will bear the uncountable voices

everything to live life

mind collapses without will

always smiling

Desire is unwanted, the mind ll

by deluding hearts

Mind flows in the stream of time

Always listen to him always

The mind will tell the true things

Reza Reza gets on

still remains silent

In search of musal happiness

Sakhi's mind wanders all around



The pearls of the eyes shine with dreams

The pearls of the night shine with the stars

When the yearning of union grows, then twelve

The pearls of memories shine in the eyes

Made in unconditional love

sweet sweet pearls of sweet things ll

Nagma o lion in the moonlit night

The pearls of the instruments echoing in the gathering

Flowing waterfall, tinkling of leaves

ll hear the pearls of voices in Fizao



time is precious don't waste it

Won't get lost in useless things

Kainaat is full of life

Won't decorate moments with sorrow

If possible, give happiness to everyone

Won't hurt any heart

Whatever you do, do it from your heart.

Will not play unwanted leaks

I have opened my heart by trusting

Won't tell the secret to anyone

time can change anytime

I will not bow my head in defeat


shell rate for happiness

Won't touch the pain

listen to the place in the heart

I will not make a map on the sand



The pasture of hope is burning in my heart.

This is the right life.

Husn's dolly is passing in front.

Today the spirit of dreams is running out.

If not here, you will definitely meet in paradise.

I am getting encouraged by false promises.

17 -7-2022


I have rained in my eyes

I have brought memories

Leaf leaves get wet

It's raining all around


Haven't seen any Shirin without Farhad.

Today I have heard the gathering without the master.

walking hand in hand

The journey doesn't cut without help.

I must ride passion in my heart.

love is not found without mania

Only the rupee speaks in the universe, the human being.

ll without property

When you resonate with sweet ghazals

There is no fun in the gathering without Irshad.



Look today the earth is decorated like a bride

In the season of rain, she will decorate

He covers the drops of love everywhere.

I'll flip every little big scale

Today I am dressed like a bride

I will see the happiness of clouds

In my own fun continuously for ages.

I'll walk day and night without stopping

without any training

I will laugh continuously after bearing the burden



Keep fighting, success will kiss your feet.

Then even angry luck will touch your feet.



There is the smell of moist soil full of fragrance.

There is radiance in the whole universe from Barkha.

I go for a walk with an umbrella

I'll remember getting wet today



We are in front of my eyes

He is the humsafar of Rahe Dil Kell

promise to last forever

If there is a wish then I will

Confused will say

There is a house in front of the tavern.

Know that the path of life

It's a difficult journey

Find where you can and say it

Where is the peace of sakhi heart?

silence can also be heard

I have the skills before the beauty.



He came in dreams last night.

I had brought beautiful colorful gifts.

The message of Sajna's arrival came.

There was a strange beginning in Fiza.

To woo happiness, God

Rainbow was created in the sky

If only a lover remains a mentor, then l

Abra's shadow was in the universe.

Laila did it for the sake of Wasle-Yar.

I had found a wonderful spirit.



love blossomed

I got heart to heart

listening to the separation

shook head to toe

by suddenly appearing

smiling lips will be stitched

If dreams are fulfilled then

Aziz has lost his heart

I still have a wish in my heart.

I'll be shaken by the sea



dry mind wet in the rain

I'll be full of happiness

I want to hide in the eyelids

Seasonal atmosphere robbed my mind

The heat inside you increased that l

heart broken like a cloud

There is a silent desolation

I'll be a very lonely mind without a friend

Keep smiling even in pain

Sakhi is illiterate



come to tassvur

don't go again

By giving you a lot of comfort

don't burn ji

If you want from my heart then l

I'll show love

Be the one who came out

black vaccinated

for love

boost your spirits

let me see the face of the moon

Don't hurt you friend

don't say half incomplete

I'll tell you the whole thing

for yourself and your loved ones

I'll remove the veil from the stand



He came after knowing

brought the gift of love

I smile even in sorrow

I'll laugh and laugh

to change the luck

go to temple mosque

the days go by

I decorate the night with dreams

moments in life

I will cherish beautiful

I live every moment to the fullest

I will not lose the pride of happiness



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