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black letters to hide the heart

black characters ll play dear

False promise, false comfort and hope

ll show stars in the daytime

To caress me in the valleys of love

Sweet lovely songs sung black letters ll



Remember the moments spent with friends

By remembering the past moments, my heart is married

Despite the distance of miles from friends

Heart's world is still inhabited

looking at cute childhood pictures

For years, my days and nights are happy.

Have treasures of a lild fun.

Were free from sorrow and will be free

to breathe in the evening of life

This is the only way to live now



One moment of happiness is enough to live life.

ll need a lot of courage to drink the tears of gum

How to live life The world is full of sorrows

I want a calm and waving ocean to be clean

There is a tarana written for Saajan.

I have to celebrate the angry friend with love.

The rest of the life was spent in the running.

Life is to be lived peacefully and peacefully.

friend before embracing death

To solve the tangled relationships

I have got a humsafar in life.

I'll sing Afsana for Dilruba

spend whole life with arrogance

It's a shock to see this change.



Breathe stops but time doesn't stop

Life passes but time will not stop

The liver has been made like iron that

Will not bow before the river of sorrow

If you want to sleep under the frozen snow

Sulado is young blood that does not freeze with snow

Have faced many storms since ages.

Heart won't smolder with pounding solo

Such a scene comes in love where the poet

Won't reach the depth of love



Written in the light of love

I have written myself in love

Today I am forced by the hands of my heart

The feeling is written in exaggerated form.



After a few days, I have come to the race.

Saajan's message has been brought Namabar ll

By bringing good news from a distance of mills

I have received the boon of happiness.

Going from village to village on bicycles to the elders.

He himself reads the letter and narrates it.



Rakshabandhan, the festival of unwavering affection of brother and sister.

Rakshabandhan is a festival of joy and gaiety

This strong bond is attached to the raw thread.

No matter how far away the bond stays connected.

Find happiness out of pain

I'll find the spirits out of the mud

The universe is full of unfaithfulness.

ll find out from the primordial badd

There is a snowfall

I'll find the warmth out of the cold

If you love unconditionally then

I'll find love out of the veil

Greenery is visible everywhere

I'll find a leaf out of the powder

Reza reza has become life so l

Find out from my friend's sympathies



Today my eyes are shining.

You will get drunk after drinking the jam on the jam.

Very few get such moments to live in life.

I'll wrap the happiness in the lap with all my life.

Everyone gets to say what I have to say

If you have gone out to search, now find your loved ones.

The world is full of mean people, listen.

If you want to live in the world, then you will learn worldliness.

To fulfill the desires with love and Muqaddas and

To find peace, not the world, win hearts



Let the rainy season be pleasant

wet weather will be pleasant

spills when you want

I'll be crazy like Aashiko

In the gathering with friends

I'll get drunk in a jam

quenches everyone's thirst

I'll have a heart like a god

Hear the thunder of lightning

ll hug sakhi melodious tarana



You have to cross limits in love

It'll rain like clouds

If you have loved, then you will fulfill the rituals.

Jamsa Dilse has to be spilled

To bring the matter to the heart.

it roars like a thunderbolt

as beautiful as butterflies

Love doesn't smell like a flower.

Even the eyes are deceiving, listen.

I'll have to manage myself by falling.



Made life support

I'll be handled on faltering twelve

In the long long nights of separation

The stars have entertained the heart

To the son who was sacrificed for the country.

Today mother's lap has caressed me

When the thirst has increased beyond the limit, then the love

Barish has given a bath to Fizao.

Every effort will always give success.

Himself and God have assured me



Heart is also the country, life is also the country.

Watan Sanam is for the country lover.

Laughter sacrificing mother

I have moist eyes in the memory of martyrs

I will rob my life for the sake of honor.

Even evil eye, who has the power?

Will never let the tricolor bow, respectfully.

Will protect what is the wealth of the country

Gulzar has left him green.

There is a lot of praise which is indomitable today.

Jai Hind


Adam - hereafter


Teej festival has become all about show.

The gaps in the hearts have become tormenting.

Will live together for a lifetime, all of them

The promises of love have also become to be forgotten.

Met in blind love with Husna

All the sorrows have become for embracing




It takes passion to love

I also need laws to live life

There are a million difficulties in living right

The spirit should be strong from within

I got four days from Sanjog.

Happy moments need mamnoon

Meeting in the testimony of the stars

Happy moonlit night

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