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Revenge of the Ghost - 47

Mahabali smiled and that smile had a deep meaning. The meaning which was known only to Mahabali and no one else. Mahabali was able to foresee which was not possible for anyone else to even think of. The Sun was still rising on the east. The birds were leaving their nests and the entire jungle just woke up from a deep sleep. The carpet of darkness was being evaporated atom by atom by the Sun’s rays. Everyone else was still in deep sleep in the hut. Mahabali ensured that everything was alright in the hut and then he decided something and went outside the hut. The atmosphere outside the hut was very pure like a little child’s smile. There were still parts in the surroundings where the rays hadn’t penetrated yet and that made Mahabali worried. He wanted to make sure that nothing happens to anyone in the hut. 

Mahabali sat just before the hut on the ground. He had a copper pot with him. He chanted some mantras after putting a powder from his bag into the pot. He then added a glass of water in the pot and the copper pot started to boil. And within a few seconds it was so hot that the bottom of the copper pot turned blood red. Mahabali took some water from the pot into his right-hand palm. Though the pot was extremely hot, the water was cold and not affecting the skin of Mahabali. He chanted some mantras very loudly and started to sprinkle the water around him. He did this for exactly 5 times and then there was an invisible force created around the hut. This invisible force shield was not visible to naked eye, but it was powerful beyond imagination.

Mahabali knew that the evil force was at its peak, and it would not be easy to defeat such a formidable enemy without being extra cautious. Mahabali’s loud chanting blew life in the surrounding area and every living organism felt the presence of a holy spirit around them. A sense of security was in the air. Mahabali felt something and he went back into the hut. Ravindra was awake but a bit dizzy. His brain bombarded a stream of information based on the last night’s incidents. He was unable to comprehend this, and his head started to spin. He was dumbstruck and was trying to connect the dots.

He saw Mahabali and just folded his hands and touched his feet to take blessings from him. Mahabali touched Ravindra’s head and chanted a mantra which Ravindra never heard before.  He was already struggling to find the difference between reality and dream. And this mantra added salt to a wound. He got confused even more as he could not even understand whether the language was Sanskrit or anything else. Mahabali smiled and said, ‘Ravindra, don’t get confused by anything. The language of this mantra is Prakrit which is not widely popular among common people. It is very similar to Sanskrit but not Sanskrit. ‘

Ravindra asked, ‘What happened last night was true or any sort of hallucination? Was my mind playing tricks on me? Did I really try to kill someone?’ Mahabali replied, ‘It was both as you were under a shadow of an evil spirit which was sent to you to stop you from doing something and it was sent to you to make you do something as per the evil spirit’s plan. Unfortunately, we are still in dark about that plan and what is the end game here. But I am hopeful that we will have that information soon.’ Ravindra was not convinced fully but he was full of hope due to Mahabali’s divine presence. 

Baba and Shashtriji also woke up and they also did the same thing as Ravindra and took blessings from Mahabali. Baba said, ‘ Mahabali  I know your presence tipped the scales in our favour, but still asking you this due to my love towards this lovely couple. Mahabali can we win against this powerful evil spirit?’ Mahabali smiled very calmly and replied, ‘As far as you have the trust in the almighty. If you lose that trust, then nobody can save us. But if you believe and fight with the spear of hope and the shield of trust then nobody can defeat you in this world. I know the enemy is too strong but now we have 4 corners of Swastika among ourselves with Nagesh at the centre and it would be extremely difficult for anyone to defeat us now.’ 

Mahabali asked Baba to complete the story hence everyone can make any sense of might be able to find any connection to this entire mess. Baba said, ‘Yes but before that let us pray to the almighty God to give us strength to fight against this ghastly spirit and help us every step of this difficult path.’ Everyone agreed and sat on the ground against Mahabali for the prayer. Mahabali started the chant the morning prayer and every single soul in the hut was replenished with unspeakable energy which was decreased due to recent events. 

What will happen next? What was that smoke? Will Baba be able to finish the story without any delays? To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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