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Death is called friend

Life made me cry a lot


People's ll for love

bowed head in front


But life is also AC.

let's live laughing


It's a matter of luck to meet

I will live forever with someone in my heart


how to forget in love

The heart will come down from the eyes


I feel very good friend

ll walk with humsafar




let's be one together

dream of living together


two hearts are one life

ll choose the way floor


echoing in Fijao

Listen to the song Khushiyo


breaking the old chain

thinking today will be new


Today in nice weather

I'll hear the cuckoo's call




longing for the light of the thunder

Will long for two moments of digging


went out in search of humsafar

I'll long for guidance on the way


still go to the gathering

For years, I have longed for Shanasai.


Keep weaving the warp of love

I will long for love in love


Wound on wound keep getting hurt

Will long for the farewell of pain and sorrow


For a long time, the beauty is in the screen.

ll long for love filled




It's like a dream we meet

I'll get into the heart in a moment's meeting


I have promised by hand in hand.

will walk together for a lifetime


To the heart in the gathering of the beloved

I'll fill the eyes of the tempting


No matter how many storms come

I swear I'll never leave


Seen together in the moonlit night

Today I'll bring the old dream near




smile unnecessarily

I'll get lost in the laughter of the same


Don't do anything half-heartedly.

Follow it with all your heart


coming out of the inner ego

wake up soon


what to say without hesitation

Tell me your heart immediately


to meet again and again

If you insist, then you will understand




If given, hearts are being extinguished.

I'm eating the sorrow of separation in love


Drowning in tears, Sanam fearlessly

Sakhi is going to break my heart today.



I'll get drenched in the rain of love

I will get wet in the night of Piya Milan


sitting under a peepal tree

I'll get drenched in years old talk


Afraid of separation for a moment.

I'll get drenched in sweet precaution


What's the point of lying

I'll get lightly drenched in shock


If you sit near God for two moments, then

Ill get drenched in God's wisdom


shock - shock

caution - caution

Iltifat - grace



Where will I get my identity done?

I'll leave a lovely sign


Once you firm up my sweetheart.

I will bring the stars from the sky


Don't stay close or don't walk with me

I will get stars on your destination


In the shock of your every success

I will put the crown of hero on my head.


Quench your thirst by drinking plenty.

I will make jam on the jam of happiness


I was still yellow in my eyes

I'll sing love songs in the intoxicating night


Pak relationship with heart is attached that l

I will tell you the case




There is a perfect destination in front of the eyes.

Will get the support of the desired partner


Listen everyone understands the quote of love

Now who will decide who is capable?


Victims of the intrigues of the times

Sahil is the only gathering of friends


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