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The Angel Inside - 26 The event

Jay's POV
A day before the event. Amy had made it all over the headlines. And the news spread like fire.
" CEO of ace exposed!" "A woman in a man's disguise turns out to be the CEO of ace." Etc.

Some people were shocked while some questioned her decision. And some reporters went to the extent of blaming and made statements that Amy wanted to clear chit her name as a man as she used sexual advances to get funds from the other business partners to reach under the top 10 companies.

This made me sick to the stomach and how far could these people go? Just to get people hooked and not to mention people already believed it and continued making hysterical comments on her. It was disturbing and I couldn't help but imagine how Amy would be feeling. But there wasn't any ounce of hurt or pain on her face. It almost made me doubt Amy's rapid succession.

Amy had made it clear to me to not get affected by this news and she would not reveal our relationship as husband and wife till the time comes. And when I asked her why? She said it would damage the reputation of the Connor's enterprise too. I couldn't stop the questions that were erupting in my mind but I had no other option rather than trusting her. She was just so calm when I approached her and she knew that society was now against her.


It was the time, an hour ago the event. I stood casually with the look designed with unwanted attention for free. My eyes traveled to Amy as she stumbled upon her heels every 2 seconds and mentally cursed at their existence.

I kinda felt guilty that I didn't choose to let her be in her comfort zone. She was being all sulky like a baby.

Viona stood unfazed as he checked himself constantly in the mirror as if he was some precious gem to be seen. He annoyingly glared at Amy.

Viona: how long are you gonna cuss at your poor heels?

Amy: I swear I'm gonna ban heels. And throw them in thrash after this freaking party.

Viona: Sweety! These heels are a women's weapon which makes her attractive yet deadly.

He spoke with pure admiration and sass.

Amy: whatever.

She said leaving as the staff escorted us to the car.

Soon we reached downstairs leaving with the cars to the event. Things looked lavish and classy.

After some time we entered the ballroom. As the cameras clicked on and flash appeared rapidly blinding my eyes. We soon made it to the hall. Amy had her arm hooked on mine. I don't know why everyone was staring at us. Some looked with admiration, some with jealousy. From a far distance, I spotted Alex and Candice standing together. While mom and dad were having some chit-chat.

I could feel the ladies looking at me and at that moment I wanted the earth to open and swallow me. I felt uncomfortable and my palms were sweating in nervousness. Soon I could feel warmness in my hands. Amy was holding my hand as her fingers intertwined with mine, giving it a light squeeze. She looked at me as if she was assuring me everything would be fine. And surprisingly I felt at ease.

We soon walked towards Alex and Candice who stood near the drinks section casually greeting some of the business partners. As soon as they looked at us both their eyes widened.

Alex: Goodness! Jay, you look amazing. By the way who is she? Don't tell me you left my sister!

Amy rolled her eyes at her brother's remark.

She smacked his shoulder hard as he groaned in pain and continued rubbing his shoulder trying to soothe it.

Candice: you both look amazing!

Candice smiled as we both smiled back at her. While Alex gave me a meaningful smile.

After some time things were boring I stood at the side seriously not knowing what to do while I could feel every woman in the room eyeing me not to mention even the married ones. Amy stood beside me enjoying different drinks. I remembered coming to such parties as a kid with my dad, people were just mean and judged based on how much profit did you earn. Showing off their money and giving that narcissistic speech of useless motivation once mentioned in the top 10s of successful firms was the favorite thing of each businessman here.

It felt like we were aliens from a different planet. Suddenly a man in his 40s walked towards us, whom I suppose to be the host of this event 'Mr. Hermin Smith'. He was all in stylish formals, approaching us with a glass of wine in one while his other hand adjusted his tuxedo.
He had a flirty smile, his eyes stuck on Amy and I wish I could burn him alive. He struck out his hand for a handshake.

Mr. Smith: It's a pleasure to have you here Ms. Ash. I thought you wouldn't make it because of the current situation.

He said loud enough to be heard by others. People around gasped and gossiped. Some gave disgusting looks while some just stood there scrutinizing her.

Amy just gave the fakest smile ever as she gladly accepted the handshake. I looked at mom and dad from afar they both looked worried.

Amy: It's just the start Mr. Smith, little tit tats keep happening in the business.

The conversation between the two went on while I just calmly noticed them. I didn't like the way Mr. Smith was staring at Amy. Soon he went away.

After some time things went pretty back to normal. I was accompanying her all the time as her plus one partner. She introduced me as a model and kinda brand ambassador of Ace. And everyone was convinced. None of them had an idea if I was a professional doctor or even recognized me as Conor.

They just knew that I was nerdy and barely attended such events before. And they would intentionally taunt me to be ungrateful about the prestige of being the next heir of my dad's business and giving it instead to Candice. But now everyone looked impressed with me and just wanted to know what was my worth in the industry. Just because I looked attractive and rich at the moment! I knew people in business were shrewd and ruthless.

Amy was slowly getting mixed and having a conversation with others, though they were taunting and misbehaving with her indirectly. But, who they were even messing up with? The Lucifer itself. Amy just shuns them down with her savage attitude, by not hurting them directly but by putting up diplomatic and sarcastic statements. I still remember the look on their faces. She was being innocent and politely savage. I was proudly smiling at her.

One of the businessmen creepily stared at Amy for a long time. Amy didn't notice it. He and his partner slowly approached us. They both had smug faces. They introduced themselves. Mr. Rosh was the CEO of another automobile company and beside the woman was his secretary.

Mr. Rosh: I see it now! How you got the 7th position that was mine!

He stated sarcastically.

His secretary: Men prefer such innocent, dainty figures of ladies! Don't they?

She said in a shrill, girly tone as her eyes moved from Amy to me. She was staring at me with a dirty look. And I knew what she meant. It was silent for a second.

Amy: I know right, Jess? It explains how you became Mr. Rosh's secretary.

Amy backfired.

Jess: what the hell!

She screamed, grabbing the attention of the entire hall.

Jess: how dare you count me as you! I am not a characterless woman like you.

Amy: I feel, you accepted it already cause I didn't even say it.

She had just picked on Jess's nerve.
Jess fumed in anger. She cussed at Amy, throwing her glass of wine, aiming at Amy's face. She smirked. But Amy smartly moved away causing the wine to splash on the bartender behind as a few droplets landed on Amy too.

People around were just laughing and enjoying the drama. While mom and dad, Alex, and Candice were worried. Whereas Mr. and Mrs. Park didn't even care. And Martha was enjoying the drama.

Jess: well, you are lucky!

Amy just gave a meaningful smile and left. I was confused whereas both of them were frowning.

Amy: I'll be back, need to clean up.

I wanted to console her at the moment. It was so rude how people would judge you without even knowing who you are.

Jess gave me a flirty look before leaving with her boss. I decided to stay at the side near the drinks area where Alex and Candice were. Viona had been drinking and he seemed to be least bothered about it.
I stood beside Alex. Candice left to help Amy with the dress.

Alex: don't get disturbed. Just go with the flow.

Me: I should have at least helped her.

Alex: don't! Ash always has a motive behind her actions. If she isn't revolting that means she's going to do something much bigger.

Viona: exactly! You don't need to be her shining armor. Cause she isn't a damsel in distress..... she's a devil in disguise.

Viona was all drunk as his voice slurred while talking. I was already bored in here I wanted to grab some fresh air outside. I left the drinks area moving towards the giant balcony.

I noticed some people in the hall talking with mom and dad and the most surprising thing?" All of them were talking about me. " More specific - My absence. Joke like "your son is so shy Conor! He didn't even come today!" Mimicry added. Mom and dad laughed with them too. I could see dad gesturing for me to come to them. I approached them casually shoving my hands in my pocket.

Dad: well my son is here!

People turned around to look at me and their jaws dropped to the floor. It was awkward.

Me: Hello everyone!

This time I made sure not to stutter one bit.

Business partner 1: Are you Jay? You are Ash's partner? I thought you were some model in her company!

Everyone agreed.

Me: uh... Kinda. We are good friends.

I said as I had promised not to reveal our relationship.

Business partner 2: did you know her all the time? She should have been a con artist! She played a stunt for publicity.

Everyone laughed. I laughed too but inside I wanted to punch each one of them. And suddenly max and Martha meddled in between.

Max: Woah! You changed in a day! Buddy? Did you fall for Ash huh?! I can say she has a charm.

He was poking all my nerves as his every word dripped with sarcasm. I laughed it out.
Fake one. As I took my leave. Soon there was an announcement for the upcoming awards for the top 10 business tycoons as loud music started playing but no one bothered to celebrate. It was suspicious.

I reached Alex and Viona to ask them about Candice and Amy, both were missing. But he had no clue. Suddenly Candice came rushing to us. She was crying hard and I was just scared of what had happened. Alex looked worried too.

We reached the corner.

Candice: They...Tey......

She sobbed as her lips kept quivering which didn't make her words clear.

I held her in my embrace to calm her first.

Me: what happened?

Candice: They entered the washroom and tried to harass me and Amy. They are locked with her. I managed to escape-

She said choking on her sobs.

My eyes widened and my heart dropped.

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