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love and hope for you

I've been watching since four years.


crazy and crazy heart

I've seen the puzzle ever since


Like the truth in lovely ghazals

Alfaaz is intoxicating.


I am not afraid of anyone

Ever since Raabta rabse hai


Husn raised the curtain

The moon is shy from now on.


It's your face

sweet morning to you


You have become addicted, friend.

Dua ki rain nabhase hai


Abida - ascetic




The era passed by smiling openly

The existence of separation will be shattered


The moment won't go away even for everyone.

I'll go back on my promise to meet you everyday


Now I can't believe that somehow l that sense of belonging has died.


I kept banging on the doorway night and day.

There was no place in the heart, I went home upside down


Those who can't forget by heart

I'll get off the very first day in my eyes





no matter what, don't lose your loved ones

Won't always carry the burden of pain


very mean love ones

I will not accept the unfaithful in my heart


People are spectators.

Won't break down and cry in front of anyone


There is a lot to keep in my heart.

Will not thread the memories in the heart


If you want to be in love then it is okay

Friends do not cherish twelve




Rafta Rafta has adopted the pain.

I'll have to deal with the situation


Forgive me for being stupid

Have drank the jam of separation again and again


4 -4-2022



The dream is in the lap of the whole soul.

Ishq is in search of perfect


Peace and peace in the world

is in the core of mother's lap


to fly the kite of life

I'm in my breath

5 -4-2022


The fragrance of the soil of the village resides in the soul.

Today there are books from the fields to the cities.


From school friends meeting

Twelve years have passed since childhood memories.


The desire to return has happened many times.

The separation of the pleasant house of Maaji is right.


Little, young, beautiful of elders

I am happy to see the pictures


The queen of sleep is showing a dream.

The soul has run in the streets of the village.





Tell me, what do you think of the right day?

Why do you weigh words while talking?


Tell me what you have to say at once.

Why do you reveal secrets one after the other?


Didn't even dance in my own procession.

Why do you tremble in the gathering of people?


Whose memory has tears

Why do you wipe your own hair?


those who left themselves

Why do you search for that missing thing?


Ishq Wale is unfaithful and unfaithful

Why would you scratch your soul?


Wherever you want to go, let my friend go.

Why would you stop moving forward?





left my own shadow

I'll leave a deep ambush on my heart


Do not come in the eyes of the world

I'll leave things unfinished in a hurry


To remove the clouds of despair

Today I'll leave the illusion


To sing songs in Sakhi Mehfil

I'll leave my melodious instrument behind


Shattering the promises of union

I'll leave the tormenting night of heat


Khudhai-iltifat - God's grace




I love you with all my heart

I know you more than myself


hold your hands

Tell the truth we believe


Friend by giving wings to dreams

I'll take care of myself


will spoil everything

ll avoid removing


to achieve success

Twelve dreams filter


for your happiness

I will lose my life


It's your wish

mold life

8 -9-2022




Love, promise, memories, that's what life is all about

Still the breath of breath is right.


The lover sent it with great fervor.

He will not understand the rare gift



your silence overcomes

talks to me quietly


Friend does the talking

as I wish


drives away sleep, your l

I wait all night


before the souls meet

Illness ensues


dagger in a sweet smile

She kills by hiding





Where to find happiness, please tell me

Today I will listen to the love filled nagma


Live your life for four days.

I'll just forget the grudges from my heart.


living with great gusto that l

Mehboob dil se dil mila de zara ll


The way you have innocence

Always keep smiling, please pray


is hidden in the mehndi of the hand.

Please write the name on the liver


If you have love, then also express it.

Show the world today




Where are you hiding where I will find

Cloudy shadow is there, where will I see


Big people in big city

Where will I grope the door?



The national language of the country is Hindi.

Hindi is the soul of India


Hindi is the identity of the people.

Hindi is the value of literature.


Kainaat's breath is Hindi.

The heartbeat of the earth is Hindi


Manmohini speech is Hindi.

Amrit Barsati is Hindi


Saj suri sargam is hindi

Ghalib's ghazals are in Hindi


Sagar is melodious in Hindi.

Jam si nasi hai hindi ll


Pankh ki Kilkari is Hindi.

alok ujiyari is hindi


peacock art is hindi

maa gaurav saga is hindi


holy version hindi

happy birthday in hindi






where men are passengers

this is the speed of life


good bad all this

Luck is up to you


sometimes happy sometimes sad

There are thousand of visible colors


win win and lose

games are so much fun


look at life

Breathe's business


just laughing

I'll get life





Dream business is dangerous

The blow is effective on his heart.



Man speaks not his time.

Opens the tongue in the heat of the pocket



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