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The Angel Inside - 27 Devil in disguise

Author's POV

Three of them dashed through the hallway reaching the bathroom. Faint sounds of banging resonated in the hallway. Every step that took them near the door was making them anxious with each passing second. And the more they went near it, the louder the noises were.

They reached the door and it was locked. Jay and Alex started to bang open the door hitting on it by their shoulders. After so many tries but to no avail.

Viona just stood there crossing his arms to his chest. Not at all bothered. Alex yelled at him.

Alex: Aren't you gonna help?

Viona: I told you... She is Lucifer herself.

He replied in a sassy tone as he rolled his eyes at them. Whereas Candice stood there in a messy state, she continued weeping.

Soon after many tries, they saw a staff passing by and asked for the keys. Looking at the situation, the staff rushed for the key and opened the door.

As soon as they went in their eyes went wide open and mouths agape except viona.

Viona: Told ya!

They found the fierce figure of Amy whose one arm was wrapped around the man's neck as she choked him and he struggled to gasp for air. Two other men were laying on the floor, their condition looked miserable.

Her pencil pointed heel was stabbing a man's hand who groaned painfully laying on the ground wriggling and wailing at Amy to spare him. His other hand threw fists at Amy's leg to get rid of her grip.

Man: Take it off, you bitch!

Amy chuckled darkly.

Amy: Someone just said that heels are a women's weapon. I'm just using it.

Viona: Duh... girl! I said it.

Viona said sassily.

Amy's eyes were dark and hooded as if she won't spare them until death arrives. She continued piercing her heel onto the man's hand making it bleed.

Her arm left the man who was choking and gasping for air as she pushed him to the wall making him bang his forehead on it. The man collapsed. As the 2 others begged and cried to Amy, begging to spare them.

She landed a few punches and kicks on them until they went unconscious. But she wasn't satisfied. She continued until Jay pulled her back as she fumed angrily. He kept holding her from the back until she was calm enough. Soon realizing his actions he left Amy.

Amy sighed as she looked into the mirror. She noticed that her left sleeve and gown were damaged in the saga. She looked at her face, noticing a small bruise on her lip and forehead.

Amy: Jeez, such a pussy. Couldn't even punch.

She rubbed her thumb harshly on her bruised lip making it redder. Jay gasped.

Jay: What are you doing?

Amy: Just making it evident that some mishap happened.

All of them were puzzled.

Her eyes went to the reflection of the staff who shivered in fear. She eyed viona who gave a few dollars to him.

Amy: What did you see?

She said calmly but her aura screamed danger.

The staff fumbled with his words as he spoke.

Staff: I didn't see anything.

She cocked a brow at him.

Staff: Ms. Amy was crying and sir rescued her.

He said pointing at Jay and Alex.

She had a satisfied grin. She gestured for him to go away while waving two of her fingers which the staff didn't even wait for a while.

Candice continued sobbing and shivering as Alex looked at her. He embraced her in his arms as he removed his blazer covering her.

Alex: It's over now, don't cry.

Candice: It's all my fault. I'm sorry.

She cried as she buried her face in his chest. Alex continued to pat he back to calm her.

Alex: It's not your fault.

While Alex consoled Candice, Jay and viona looked at them with admiration.

Amy soon cleared her throat as Alex and Candice parted away.

Amy: Let's go.

Giving a last glance at her broken phone on the floor, she walked away.

Viona: You need a makeover now. Let me arrange it.

They both left the washroom as the others followed behind leaving the unconscious men on the floor. Jay stood puzzled as he wondered how manipulative her wife could be.

Walking out of the washroom he looked at the fading figures of Amy, Candice, and viona, entering a room. Alex suggested returning to the ballroom.

A few minutes passed as Alex and Jay stood beside each other. Jay was zoned out as Alex noticed him.

Alex: Something is bugging you, isn't it?

Jay: Is Amy that evil and manipulative?

Alex smiled.

Alex: She always has a reason behind her doings. Life has been cruel to her. She just believes in having everything she wants no matter how cruel her ways of conquering are.

Jay: What happened to her?

Alex: You should ask her.

Jay was left alone as Alex went away to talk with the other business partners. Jay was drowned in his thoughts. Soon a hand landed on his cheeks caressing them.

It was Jess. Jay had a disgusted look at how shameless Jess was. He removed her hand away.

Jess: Oh come on handsome. I'm better than Ash.

Jay: Don't touch me!

She continued clinging to Jay, touching him here and there. Jay being a gentleman, was trying his best not to create a scene. Jay was uncomfortable, in short, he was being harassed. He gently pushed her away.

Jay: What part of 'don't touch me! ' you don't understand?

He whisper and shouted at her. But she was not at all bothered.

Soon the host came up and started announcing the top 10 companies as the business partners cheered up their wines and champagne with the host.

The first company was Mr. Park's company and the second was Mr. Connor's company, Alex's company stood 5th in position.

After the 6th company, it was Ace the 7th, but Amy was nowhere to be seen.

Soon the host announced for Amy. But she wasn't there. He announced it twice and as he called for the last time as he went forward to the 8th name, someone spoke.

Amy: What's the rush, Mr. Smith?

It was Amy walking down the stairs as she gracefully walked, her messed-up state before was all changed.

Her gown that was torn by the side was now changed to a slit till the level of her thigh making her long leg visible. While her sleeve was changed into one side off the shoulder making her tattooed shoulder visible. Her lipstick was dark and bold as her long chime earring dangled on one of her ears. A black choker wrapped around her neck. Her styled hairs were now held loose with no braids or bounds as they bounced at the rhythm of her walking. There were clicking sounds of the cameras as the moment was captured.

She walked in all confidence, swaying her hips as she gracefully lifted the glass of wine by the nearby serving staff. She stepped up to the stage clinking her glass with the host as she took a sip. Her eyes held a bold gaze and a meaningful look as the host looked at her stunned. She smirked as she left the stage walking towards Jay as the people in the ballroom who were once cheering and clapping for others, stood in silence.

Amy looked at Jess who couldn't keep her hands off of Jay. She had a plan. Jay looked at her as his eyes pleaded for help.

Amy: Jay!

She called him to catch Jess's attention. Getting the opportunity, Jay slightly pushed Jess away. Amy walked toward them and acted as if she had lost her balance. She stumbled on her heels, her hip hit Jess's making Jess fall to the floor as Amy intentionally tilted her glass of wine which directly splashed on Jess's face. She got drenched from top to bottom. It was perfect revenge!

Jay pulled Amy who was losing her balance, making her land in Jay's arms. He held her till she gained her balance and stood properly on her feet.

Amy acted as if she was worried for Jess. She crouched down near Jess, holding her shoulders to support her. She loudly gasped.

Amy: Oh my! Jess! I'm so sorry! I lost my balance! Are you ok?

Amy secretly smirked at her while Jess gritted her teeth in anger.

Amy leaned near her ear and patted her back to act like she was comforting her.

Amy: Make sure to keep your hands to yourself! And eye some other men but not mine! Well, this is the best placement for you. Near my foot. Serves you right!

She whispered near her ear.

She held her shoulders lifting her to her feet. But Jess pushed her.

Jess: You are a witch! A psycho!

Amy acted like she was hurt.

Amy: I'm so sorry for this! I didn't have any intentions to hurt you! This is so embarrassing!

Amy acted guilty while the people around chuckled and laughed at Jess. Jess ran away in embarrassment.

Amy stood in front of Jay, grabbing a tissue she wiped his face and blazer, all the places where Jess had touched him. She threw the tissue as she leaned closer to him.

Amy: Next time don't let someone with harass you! I won't be able to save you every time.

The host then continued to call for the other companies to divert the attention of the people and it worked. Jay looked at the scene and one thing was clear, the incident before was pure planning. He found that Amy knew everything and rather than avoiding it she played along with it. Amy stood beside him as her back leaned against the slab of the drinks counter.

Jay looked at her and noticed the bruise on her lip and forehead was visible. He looked at her with concern.

Jay: Do you know who's behind this?

Amy: the mastermind is holding a mic for now. And the rest can't take their eyes off me.

She cooed in a tune as her hand grabbed the drink behind her. Jay looked around finding many of them staring at her.

Amy: There's a hell lot of drama remaining. Be prepared.

Later the announcement was over and the people were again busy with their talks. Soon Martha approached Amy and Jay.

Martha: Well you guys were successful hiding your relationship. Ops that's a secret!

Jay was quiet as Amy sipped her drink.

Martha: Sweety! Well, I wanna ask. Are the rumors true about the funds that you get sissy? How many of them did you flatter? 2-4? No that's too much!

Amy looked away sipping her drink and Martha knew that she was getting under her skin. She wanted to trigger Amy more.

Martha: Maybe you caught some rich 60-year-old hag's attention! That you got enough money to grab the 7th position.

She laughed gulping her drink. Jay had already clenched his fists at her presence and was disgusted by her statements.

Amy: Well he's 25!

Amy's sudden reply made Martha choke on her drink in shock. While Jay and Max were shocked too.

Martha: I knew it behind this innocent face you're a gold digger!

She whispered. Amy smirked.

Amy: Do you know who is it?

Martha had a questioning look.

Amy: Your lovely fiancee.

Martha's eyes widened.

Amy: Oh so sorry. I forgot the ex. Yeah. Ex-fiancee and has the current status of being my dear husband and standing right beside me. My man. Am I right, baby?

Amy spoke as she hooked her arm into Jay's arm winking an eye at him. While Jay was too stunned to speak.

Amy: You see I already have a rich- handsome man. Whose company holds the second position? If I can reach at 7th position that fast, what will happen if I would collab with the Connors and get the number 1 position?

Amy cocked a brow with a devilish grin while Alex and Viona tried hard to control their laughter. Martha fumed in anger.

Martha: You don't even care about your family. An evil witch like you can only plan to win and throw away her own father's company.

Martha glared at her as Amy glared back and none of them dared to break the eye contact. Martha raised her hand to slap Amy but her actions were too slow for Amy to grab her hand in between.

Amy: Sweet sissy! You better watch your mouth and hands. Cause the next time you use it. They won't be able to work cause I would break it. And remember one thing I ain't that weakling from the past to cry on your shitty threats! Do you get it?

Martha was furious she threw her drink on the floor grabbing everyone's attention as she used her other hand to slap Amy and she was successful. Amy pushed her making her stumble but Mr. Park held Martha avoiding her to fall on the floor.

Mr. Park glared at Amy in anger.

Mr. Park: How dare you push my daughter?

Martha started fake crying as Mrs. Park rushed to hug her daughter.

Amy: Ask your daughter to stay within her limits!

Amy said with the same tone as his as Mr. Park clenched his jaw in anger.

Mr. Park: Don't get too high on your success, or I can do anything to make you pay for hurting my daughter.

His voice was dark and venomous. Hearing such words from her father made Amy go bonkers. She remembered that those words which once her dad used to protect her from others were now thrown at her. Her eyes turned bloodshot red in anger.
She started to get flashbacks of her suffering.

.................. FLASHBACK........................

A whole day of school would never go in peace in Amy's life. She would be in one or the other fights. And after every fight her one and only supporter, her dad would come to the rescue.

Amy quietly sat on the bench outside the principal's office. Soon a tall figure hovered above her 5-year-old tiny figure. She looked up as her doe eyes sparkled and her smile brightened her face as she looked at her dad.

Amy: Dadda!

Mr. Park had his arms crossed to his chest as he looked down at her trying to act strict.

Dad: What did you do this time?

Soon the office staff asked them to enter the cabin. Taking the seats in front of the principal's table as the principal looked at them seriously. Behind them stood a boy with his mother who had accusing looks on their faces.

Principal: Mr. Park, do you realize this is the 3rd time this week for another complaint?

Mr. Park: Yeah I do.

Principal: Mr. Park, your daughter, and Sam fought.

Amy: Dadda! He started! He troubles everybody in the class.

Sam: But she pushed me! She even spits on my face!

Mr. Park looked at Amy as she had her head down in guilt but she looked at him again and spoke in a low sweet tone.

Amy: He was hurting Martha and he even said bad about Mumma!

Mr. Park: Why did you spit on his face?

Amy: Didn't you say that if someone uses their mouth to hurt you, you don't use your hands to fight them but use your mouth! So I spit on him.

Mr. Park had an amused look on his face.

Sam's mother: Is this girl your daughter? Make her learn to behave. There must be some default in the genes!

Amy: He's my Dadda! Ask that question to your son!

The mother was flabbergasted.

Mr. Park: No one needs DNA to prove that she's my kid.

He mumbled to himself.

Principal: See how disrespectful she is. She doesn't even have manners.

Mr. Park: You see, there's nothing wrong with my daughter. She did everything in defense. Shouldn't you suspend that kid for his ill behavior on top of that he's bullying everyone? I suspect that you are purposely targetting my daughter.

The principal gulped and took the final decision to suspend Sam.

Mr. Park: Dare to target my princess again and I'll show what suffering is!

Mr. Park stood up as he picked Amy in his arms and walked out of the room. Amy peacefully laid her head on his shoulder feeling her father's warmness and protection.

But what she didn't know was that this peace and protection would soon be ripped away from her.

It was the time when she protested against the principal and teacher Mr. Hans as she poked the teacher's eyeball in anger. She was now restricted to move around her arms clasped by two people as she stood numb. One of the authorities called her dad and the police officers for this heinous crime. Her 13-year-old self was too numb to figure things out.

Mr. Park entered the office as he talked with the principal and as expected by Amy, he was fed with lies and all extra they could put to blame on Amy. After a while, he came out and looked at Amy with an emotionless face. But Amy called for her father.

Amy: Dadda! Dadda! They are bad! They want to blame me for everything! I didn't do anything! They're lying!

But Mr. Park didn't react instead he walked towards her as he looked at her not breaking eye contact. A loud bang echoed in the hallway as Amy fell to the floor. Her cheek stung with pain as her father slapped her.

But for her, the slap wasn't painful but it pained her to be slapped for the first time by her father. He didn't trust her. Why did he change all so suddenly? Hot tears drenched her cheeks as her eyes turned red looking at her father. It was the last straw of her belief in trust that was broken by her father. From now on, she knew that trust didn't exist. People change and their beliefs too.

Mr. Park: I didn't know you would stoop this low Amy!

His voice was venomous which was killing Amy bit by bit. Never her father called her by her name. He would always call her princess, sweety. It was unbearable for her.

Mr. Park: First you harmed Martha, your mom, and now the others. How should I believe in you?

Amy: I didn't do anything!

She wailed and cried begging her father not to leave her. Her only hope was snatched away.

Mr. Park: From now on you don't exist for me. My daughter doesn't exist for me. She's gone.

Mr. Park looked away and asked the officials to take action on this violent behavior. Amy was helpless. She didn't speak anything further neither she pushed the officers to ask her dad to take back his words.

Her bullies and Martha were satisfied watching her misery. Mr. Park walked toward Martha as he gently hold her hand and started walking away. Martha smirked at Amy as if she was announcing her victory. Both of them started to walk away and not even once her father looked back at her. He never did. That was the moment when Amy knew... she was replaced. She now didn't exist for her father and neither did he care.

.................. Flashback Over.......................

Amy was snapped back to the present as Mr. Park spoke.

Mr. Park: You better apologize to my daughter! Or I won't be sparing you.

Amy was silent as the people around were gasping and gossiping. But Amy cared less about it. She was in pain. Her memories brought her pain. And Jay noticed it.

The ballroom went back to normal as people were minding their own business.
Amy was silent her hand reached the tray of shot glasses of drinks. She took one of them and chugged it in one gulp. Her throat burned at the sensation, but she didn't care. She took another 5, drowning herself to get rid of her emotions. She can't share her vulnerability with anyone. She left the ballroom not caring about Jay who called her.

Mr. and Mrs. Connor were worried but Jay gave them an assuring look that he would handle the situation.

Jay's eyes went to the tray as his eyes widened. He asked the bartender about the drink. It was alcohol and was the strongest one without any ice to make it diluted. Jay was now even more worried.

Alex: don't worry. She has a high alcohol tolerance. She won't get drunk that easily.

Jay: I'll leave.

Alex nodded in agreement.

Amy took the car keys as she reached the parking lot. She went to her car. As she was about to put the key into the keyhole, she felt someone grabbing her hand. It was Jay.

Jay: It's against the law to drink and drive.

Amy: Leave me alone.

Amy tried to snatch her hand away but Jay snatched the keys instead.

Jay: I'll drive you home. Okay.

Amy closed her eyes and sighed in annoyance. She didn't protest further.

Amy: You won't bother me afterward.

She went to the other side of the car as Jay unlocked the doors. Amy sat beside Jay in the passenger seat as he drove her home.


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