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I want you without my heart

I will sing you in every song


encourage you to move forward

I will appreciate you every moment


Friend's friend

I will treat you with a sincere heart


Tanman jumped with joy

I'll tell you my favorite song


By praying to God

I will make you dear to everyone


Today I sit in my eyes

I want to show you the world


I sincerely wish that

I will call you Raja Jani




it was a good omen to meet you

I was glad to see you


This moment was lucky for years.

After days I was happy


Look what happened and l

There was kindness in your eyes


Saba has brought your voice

Ghar Mehka Mehka Chaman was


by your sudden arrival

my rom rom jhan jhan ll




Love, promise, memories, that's what life is all about

Still the breath of breath is right.


Where does it stay in one place?

Where it left from till today, it is still there.


If you believe, then believe what they are saying.

Heart and mind have spoken right somewhere.


Don't let go of your arms, listen.

The nights are drifting by saying a lot.


Why don't you make eye contact like this today?

Nothing is hidden in my heart.



love can't happen again

Saying I can't be ours


Kayak will take you to the destination

I can't be far away


light up the sky at night

the moon cannot be a star


Shamo-sahar hunting is only in my mind.

I can't be the lone shikara


Rome Rome is spilling and l

jam can't stop


Reza Reza collected dreams

Can't be empty box


love is the worship of which l

I can't be a lover robber


Those who are going to get angry then from them.

Hearts cannot be united





Slowly the conversation progressed forward.

As the night of meeting with PU progressed on u



Considering love as mercy, this is the limit.

Is serious in everything, what a wonder


Even four things cannot be spoken sweetly.

Listen, God tere bande is also very wonderful.


Look spittle, chirping, chirping.

Today I am running and running.


Don't let me be sad even for a moment.

Man is the most different in the universe


Do not let the slightest heat come anywhere.

He is alert every moment every moment.


Will play with you even after dying

I'm proud to put my hand on my chest


Tears meet by giving happiness

The law of love is also strange


serious - serious


promise - promise



I stole away my heart's happiness.

Still, I will always listen to the heart


The truth is that too many

I'll stay awake all night remembering


May you be safe wherever you are

I'll be full of courage


The promise of not getting

I'll count the stars all night waiting


I have got punishment in love for my life.

I have decided to bear the pain of separation




a secret of the heart

True love is the jewel


life has to come

I'll stay in whatever way


Bepanha has become inexhaustible.

I'm wearing a cloak of love


There is sadness in love

I'll bear everything in silence


live the way i want

I'll not collapse anymore




Why do you burn the government?

Quit even now I'll quarrel


Not only you

why ll love so much


everything is visible

Silence only needs


If you look at it for a moment

heart will get agreement


I am naive and clumsy

Juthi Kasam pe hai itbaar ll



The bird's nest of the soul is magnificent.

There is nothing wrong with anyone in this.


Have the skill to live with vivacity.

Heart is full of spirits


Today the face has blossomed with Tabassum.

Every word that spills from the lips is a powerful one.




Your thought is always in my heart.

Tears flow from my eyes in remembrance.


By revolting in full force today.

Tells the world the stories of love


I killed by burning the Holi of emotions.

Silently suffers oppression separation


Got hurt very deeply at every turn.

Flows with enthusiasm in the storm


Has seen Tabassum's face just.

Many births have been cherished for centuries.




I lost my heart in playing the game.

I'll be sitting in his eyes


love has shown its effect

I'll put my heart in my heart


love rained and l

I will soak myself body and mind


Killer Ishq hit me with a dagger

Sakhi will wash her hands with her heart


I put small things in my heart

I'll cry at a moment's distance


The memory has increased in such a way that l

I will sit and cherish myself


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