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Tell me today, listen to the sky

Will become the unbreakable bridge of immortal love


two souls make one life

both will choose the same direction


bound by the cord of love

both of you will touch the sky


connected to each other

four eyes will weave a dream


Live and let live

Enjoy your life



You are everywhere

I can't see from my point of view


Reje reje, address address, in fiza l

Earth and sky you are all


Look around the time

inside out you'll be everywhere


Join me in every possible thing.

Friend, where you are, peace is there.


Colorful flowers bloom in the garden

Fiza is sweet because of your arrival


what happened to love

The land is decorated like a bride


Today I swear

my breath is your heartbeat



life is not a game

Bandgi is not a game


live by myself

Simplicity is not a game


stay together forever

Raabta is not a game


in love with love

play is not a game


Dude's wet eyes

suffer is not a game



What was my eyes, he became my friend.

It has become a secret to keep heart to heart.


Something is engulfed in the heart in such a way that I

The peace of the day was snatched away from the sleep of the nights.


I want to bow my head on the grace of God.

I'll find the one who shows the way


What happened to your pure soul, my friend?

The lotus of the soul blossomed in love


The world was stunned after seeing the lovely soul.

Seeing Taufeeke Ishq, the sky was shaken



It's pink cold on the mountains

Today is winter evening


the queen of dreams

long night in front



Become my God for life's boat

Sahil will become different from the eyes of mercy


Excavation is full of code, friend.

I will separate the house from the garages


Silence boomed from within.

Today, the noise of silence will increase forever.


Ride in the whiteness of love and watch.

I'll make you pay in unconditional love


Got the reward of love for love.

I will become abiding in the pure love of love


Sahil - edge

different - different

white boat

taufiq - courage

perpetual voice


there is moisture in the eyes

who is missing


know what happened

I'll wish


As soon as I break down

life is over



Somebody got confused with his words.

Eyes filled with someone's words


Friends have become fearless foolish.

Heart is deceived by someone's words


Look at the effect of a single meeting.

Somebody got shaken by his own words.


Sadaqat was spilling in the veins.

Mouth got sewn from someone's point of view


You will live with big promises.

Today someone went back with his words



Pritam sang the song of love

The moon blushed in the veil of clouds


Dressed up like a bride today

The moon's form is liked by the moon.


hid in the awning of the eyelids

I'll see the shadow in the eyes of love


The shehnai rain drops played.

I'll bring a procession in my dreams


The clocks of meeting stand on

Weather will bring the message of friend


The form of love fades like this

I'll wreak amazing havoc


The queen of dreams brought sleep

The wet night robbed Shabnam


Roop of Poonam made her crazy.

The wet lovely weather made me cry


I have become friends with the clouds.

Baris will join two hearts



Poonam's moon hidden in the clouds

Wrapped up in hidden circles


Even the moonlight has blushed today.

The bride will be dressed like a veil


don't come in dreams

don't go again


restlessness increases friend

don't sing melodious songs


I know that emotion is lost

Prince don't be shy like this


Taking the name of going twelve

Don't make me cry like this


I want to take a look

don't hide your cute face


Shabnam spilled into a smile

Don't spend your money laughing.



let the words go away

Now I will get ghazal pleasant


to write after a long time

I'll get the agonizing story


on the last floor of age

I'll get youth to live


which I used to see in dreams

I'll get love crazy


To entertain the heart in loneliness

get a sign of love


for a beautiful life

I'll get the desire spiritual


Dilruba dil e nadaan sakhi l

Will get you the beautiful mastani


Handle kept in the book

I'll get the old sign



My heart is like a mountain

I have a deep heart like a river


everything is clearly visible

Aaina sa chehra dil hai my ll


Flowers are blooming everywhere

My heart is green like a dense forest



If you were with me in the night of Hijra

I would have enjoyed meeting


Sakhi in the moonlit night of Sharad Poonam

My heart beats in your sweet talk


If it's rain of love then

enjoy getting wet in the rain


I get scared even by the name of separation.

There is a lot of difference in the situation nowadays.



The night of meeting came, I will do the makeup.

I will save my life only for them


These beautiful moments have been found after a long time.

I'll be afraid of eyes if love doesn't go anywhere


The weather has also decided to support today.

May my heart be filled with rain of love



Manwa is dancing happily today

I have promised to meet you


The heart doesn't have a moment's agreement.

come soon to meet balma ll



Do not let your spirits break even in the storm.

I will not let go of the true truth


Reza Reza every time every moment in the world

Don't let your luck get upset even after breaking up.


Efforts to erase the body and mind of lakhs

I will not let my enemies win over myself.


Sitagar kept on hitting twelve times.

I will not let anyone rob you of peace.


Love was given openly then.

I will not let you beat my head by being prostrated.


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