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Genie does not come to the life of a lie

I don't have the guts to tell the truth



There's only one ray of hope

sing sing is the city of happiness


As many loving moments as you can get

life without love is cipher


Have faith but a little bit

Sahil meets wave


making charag-e-pausla

I'll keep an eye on every moment


living in peace

true desire is



Wandering from door to door in search of love

Got a little idea and I'm stuck


Ever since I have found peace in love

Since then I have been knocking in someone's eyes


I am afraid that life does not come out in a dilemma.

Rituals are hanging in the bondage of rituals.


He had promised to never leave.

Why are you getting away with your own words?


four steps together and that l

Because of whose fear the friends are shaking their hands.



everything is yours then mine is you

You are your own in the universe


got everything and l

It's my last dream to find you


Together I need a lifetime

Without you life is safe


I understand very well

I'll have a home in your heart


Whoever has lived till today

I've lived waiting for you




There is joy in the heart

I've come to know you


don't stop keep going

Floor standing in Sahil


need shade of eyelashes

I will not be in my heart


If you stay with my hand

I will get happiness in my destination


Don't come and go

I will not remain friends in Gafil




I have lost my heart

I've got to try my luck


Feel free to smile today

The pain of sorrow has come to an end


Came by breaking the restrictions of the times

Look, even the sky has melted


Will come next sunday to hear

my heart jumped with joy


Friend drowning in the depth of my eyes

There is a ruckus in the dress of beauty.




Diwali has come to awaken the heart.

Diwali ll come to wake up with joy.


Light the lamp of desire in the heart

Diwali will come to embrace everyone


change of weather

hijab came in between


Now by fulfilling the vows

Paying off is the account


you will understand everything

read it is an open book


What do you want to hide?

Why do I have a mask on my face?


you will get drunk

Taste is old wine



Diwali brought happiness to the door of the house

Today I will decorate the courtyard with flower necklaces


Chen Sukoon and Aman Ledger come everyday.

Happy new day new year everyone


May every wish and dream come true

Let's welcome him together


Let's dance and dance together today.

I'll smell the rain of flowers day and night


Lighting the lamp of hope in the festival of lights.

Loot the love distributed in the universe



The festival of Bhai Dooj has come.

Shows affection of brother and sister


From the unbreakable bond of brother and sister

I'll make the leak stronger


put tilak on the forehead

hug my brother


For brother's long life

Sister celebrated God


to the holy festival of happiness

both will decorate together


The festival of Bhai Dooj has come.

will bring you a lot of happiness

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When you came to the garden with joy

Eyes are full of moisture when you come


Since when has Udasi o camped?

Days and nights have become special when you will come


The darkness was like a moonless moon.

Poonam's moon turned out when you came


All the wishes came true at once.

I wish you the night when you will come


Then again and again I prayed in prayers.

Things have become bad when you come



Today I have wished for a little happiness.

I wish to laugh with laughter


Since when have dreams been kept in the chest.

I wish to be fulfilled.


Take care of your breath by doing reza reza

wish for a happy life


Sometimes love is needed

Nadimon o Habibi's wish is


It's time that God will give a slap.

The heart has a desire for peace.



I don't have to listen to the pain in the gathering.

The beat of sorrow does not make me cry


Today I will recite ghazals in a different way.

Sir, the poets do not bow down.


Throw your heart without being angry

I will not call those who go


Hale dil won't do the show

Don't spend the treasure of pain


Now people will say something or the other

I don't want to hurt my heart too much


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