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The Angel Inside - 28 Frenemy

Author's POV
It was 12 in the night and the party had died down. People were drunk and some of them enjoyed their company. Many of them danced on the floor holding hand in hand.

After all the incidents and mishaps after Amy left was just in the air and later vanished. Alex and Candice decided to stay at the party and greet others. Alex assured Mr. and Mrs. Conor to safely drop Candice back home after the party and they agreed.

Between this chatter and chaos was a calm place that cut away any noises.
Alex and Candice stayed on the big balcony near the ballroom. There was no one except him and her. Both had their drinks as they enjoyed the winds while taking slow sips.

Alex had a small smile on his face as he enjoyed the view. His eyes went towards Candice who was silently drinking. He smiled again remembering the past few day's events. How in the name of revenge he had Candice to assist his project in the company. According to him, she was sweet and cute. And a bit of a crackhead too just like him. He made her overwork but made sure to care for her, she was like a fragile doll for him that needed to be protected.

He chuckled internally remembering her sulking face every time he ordered her something. His eyes landed on his blazer that was covering Candice from the cold winds. Though he was being childish with his stupid revenge he couldn't deny that he liked her company. She is bubbly and an easygoing person to talk to. But she is way more professional than him when it came to her job and is strict and punctual with him.

He decided to have a small talk with her.

Alex: Are you okay now?

His heart saddened when he first saw her crying hysterically, it felt as if she would break if he would hold her.

Candice: Wow! The devil got a heart!

She mumbled childishly.

Alex: I ain't that bad you know.

Candice: Yeah! Says the one who made me drop my dream company. You are cruel! Your sister is an angel and you are the opposite. I enjoyed my job there.

She whined being slightly drunk.

Alex: Uh huh! It's vice-versa. And do you have an obsession with my sister?

He said teasing her remembering Jay's words on how a crazy fan she is for Ash and working in a company like Ace was her dream job.

Candice: I would have even married her only if I knew she was a girl. But looks like my luck is way worse and my brother has her. And only thing remaining was my lovely job in Ace that you snatched away and made me work on your project.

She said sulking and whining raising her drink as she leaned from the front against the railing of the balcony. She was being all cute and Alex couldn't help but have a slight crush on her.

Candice: My brother is so lucky to have her.

She said genuinely placing her palm beneath her chin as her elbow was supported by the railing.

Alex: No. My sister is lucky to have him. She needs someone who can be trusted and has a lot of patience. And he has it all.

Alex knew Amy wouldn't trust anyone easily. It was difficult to gain her trust. He still remembered Jay holding Amy in the restroom until she calmed down when she was damn adamant to kill the people who messed with her. He knew it was way difficult for Amy to calm down. Her anger issues were no joke. And Jay affected her.

Candice: Made for each other and here is my single ass!

Alex's ears perked up at her words. She slightly clinked his glass of drink with hers.

Alex: Cheers! We are having the same status! Let's start a single-ass club.

He laughed as the drink started kicking in making him a bit drunk but not more than her

Candice: nice idea!

She laughed too.

Alex: you are drunk in 1 drink!

She continued laughing as her cheeks were tinted red because of the drunkness.

Alex: We should leave home. Come on.

He held her arm as she stumbled on her feet as they both left the event premises.

Dropping Candice at her home, he respectfully greeted her parents. He wondered how her family was so polite and humble and had not an inch of arrogance for being the 2nd company on the list.

He drove back home as he freshened himself. Calling it a day he went through the hallways as his eyes landed on the secret room where no one was allowed to enter except him. He went inside as a feeling of calmness swayed his mind. It was his daily routine to come there at the end of the day.

The room was special for him. It had pictures of his long-time one side love, to whom he never confessed. Though the pictures were taken years back, the memories were fresh in his head. How could he forget his high school love? He believed her to be his first and last love. Though he wasn't sure about meeting ever again cause now he had no idea where she is. Or how did she look now? Or even her name.

His eyes closed as he remembered her bumping into him in the school hallways. It was the day his team lose in the football match and he was injured with small bruises on his legs and face. He was furious when an unknown bumped into him. He was gonna burst at the person but before he could react she started mumbling sorry to him on repeat. As his eyes went to her face he was mesmerized by her. Sparkling eyes, cute chubby cheeks, her bangs covering her forehead. He was drowned in her beauty.

He smiled remembering how worried she looked at his state. She panicked and rushed him to the school medical room. Finding the nurse absent, she was the one who had applied ointment on his bruises. He had a small cut on his cheekbone.

She had applied her own cute bandage which had a hello kitty's picture in it. She said it was magical and he knew it surely was magical. She continued blabbering in her sweet voice and cute tone. While he stayed watching her every move. In the end she gave him chocolate and rushed away from him as the bell rang for the next class. He didn't even get the chance to say Thank you to her.

For her it was just an act of kindness but for him it was first love and one sided too. He had secretly taken a few pictures of her while she was unknown to his actions. He might had clicked pictures of her but he wasn't a freak or an obsessive stalker. He never followed her. He just observed her from far in school. He didn't wanted to approach her all of sudden and confess. He didn't wanted to scare her.

He remembered the number of guys that had confessed her and she had rejected all of them. They were rich and spoilt brats who only dated girls for fun. She was out of his league. One of the boys had even harassed her and she had slapped that guy on the face in front of the whole school. And he was scared if her reaction would be same for him as well. Cause he was too a spoiled brat in the family. She would definitely reject him.

He would always notice from far and one day she suddenly disappeared. Many said she transferred to other school and no one had any idea about it. Well his hopeless love came to halt as he decided to be a successful person and work on himself. He wanted to be perfect so that no one would ever reject him. It definitely shocked his family of the sudden change, except Amy. While he move out for further studies and started a company of his own, he was still in contact with Amy.

He wondered if his love would ever know about him who was non-existent in her life. If he could ever have the luck to confess his feelings for her. He wasn't sure about anything.

He left the rest of the story in the hands of destiny. As he smiled looking at the pictures of the girl he admired.

************Jay's POV **************

The car ride was silent as I drove, glancing at Amy every once in a while. She had her all-time poker face that made it difficult for me to predict her thoughts. She looked numb, her eyes red. Her hands were fisted on her dress and her knuckles turned white due to the tight grip. It made me worried.

I still remembered her hurt face when she downed 5 glasses of alcohol. Her eyes held emotions. Hurt and hatred were evident in her eyes. But before, she was being emotionless and blank when she faced her father. And I could visibly point out. Amy is a pure replica of her father.

I noticed that Amy's eyes were the same as her father's. They both had the same aggressive and fierce attitude in them. The same dark aura. The same badass posture and poker face that both of them shared.

Amy: stop the car!

She said as my chain of thoughts broke and snapped my head towards her.

Me: we aren't there yet!

Amy: I said stop!

She said in a low tone.

I decided to stop as I looked at her furrowing my brows. She made me stop in the middle of nowhere. She unlocked her seatbelt as she opened the door. The hell!

Me: where are you going?

Amy: leave from here, I'll be back after some time.

Me: I won't! I won't leave you alone here!

She didn't speak and left closing the door with a bang. I hurriedly rushed out of the car. It was midnight and not a single human being was around. I can't imagine anything dangerous happening to her though she is capable of fighting. Reaching near her, my hand gripped her arm stopping her. She turned as she looked at me and sighed as if she was annoyed.

Amy: I said I'll be back, leave me for now!

She was trying to be calm as possible but her voice wavered as if she was trying hard to control her anger.

Me: no!

I had a straight answer. My eyes bore into hers. She took a deep breath trying hard to control herself. She glared at me as her eyes screamed 'get lost before I burn you! ' look.

Me: I. Won't. Leave!

I was adamant to bring her home with me. For a while, I predicted that she was drunk. And it was a risk.

She rolled her eyes at me turning around to leave again. I grabbed her arm again dragging her towards the car but she was strong enough to pull out of my hand. She swiftly pushed me, slamming me to the car's door as her hands caged me on the sides.

Her eyes were hooded and dark. If a gaze could suffocate I would have been resting six feet under the ground. Her eyes bored into my soul. Her tongue poked her cheeks as she didn't break the eye contact. She was intimidating. It made me shiver with goosebumps. She stared at me for a good minute as if she was devouring me. She was making me nervous with each passing second. I was rather regretting my decision to stop her. She was just an inch away from me.

Amy: Stubborn ass, aren't you Conor?

I couldn't make out if she was claiming or mocking me as a stubborn ass. It was the first time she called me by my surname. And I could feel her anger in my name which only screamed danger, her aura being dark and bold at the same time.

Amy: you seem to forget about my rules! So let me remind you! Do. Not. Meddle. In. My. Damn. Business.

She said whispering as she leaned even closer, whispering the last part near my ear. I gulped. Her hot breath fanned my neck leaving tingling sensations all over. She reeked of alcohol. I didn't move an inch. I was trying hard to look dominant and stern but her gaze could make anyone weak on their knees. My hands rested on the car behind me as I could feel my breathing quicken. All this while she didn't even touch me. Her dark gaze was enough to leave an effect on me. I wondered what would happen if she touched me.

Amy: Leave before I lose my shit and make you face the consequences!

She whispered darkly, her deep voice making me shiver, she backed away from me. Her eyes traced my messed-up state as she turned around and left me there, dumbstruck and clueless about her whereabouts.

What should I do? Recovering from her spell cast, I woke up from the trance as I entered the Car and drove away home.


It was 2 in the night by now as I rolled over my bed after freshening up from the event. Amy wasn't back yet. And it didn't let me sleep. I glanced out the window again wondering how would she even return home without a car. I felt like a jerk for leaving her on the deserted street. She might or might not be drunk. But I felt bad as a husband.

Should I go and look for her? I decided to look for her. I can't be irresponsible. I was about to leave the room but suddenly I could hear the main door slam open.

Was Amy back?

I rushed outside. Amy was back. She silently closed the door. Walking near the couch she plopped herself on it. She wasn't wearing the same outfit from the party instead she wore a shirt and sweatpants. She didn't move an inch from the couch. Did she pass out?

I slowly walked downstairs, reaching for the couch. She was sleeping, drenched in her sweat. Did she work out at night? I looked at her blankly and could resist her sleeping form. She had her perfect curves all on show as her clothes sticked to her body. Though she has abs and biceps she has a perfect figure. She is neither too buff nor too thin. I decided to change my focus and shut down my pervert side.

I crouched down on my knees to reach her level. Her hand lifelessly hangs down on the couch. Taking her hand in mine, I noticed the bruises and blisters on her reddened hand. Her other hand was in the same condition. She looked exhausted. I hurriedly took the tissues to wipe the sweat off her face. Bringing the first aid box, I finished putting the ointment on her hands and face.

Being clueless about my next move I sat on the floor near her. Questions knocking on my head? Why Mr. and Mrs Park don't act as a family with Amy? Her past? Why does she even loathe her family?

I was overthinking. I kept my mind off it as Amy shuffled on the couch by the uncomfortable position. Should I carry her to her room? What if she wakes up? What if she is still pissed?

Not giving a second thought I scooped her from the couch, embracing her in my arms. Her head rested on my chest as my hands hold her back and thighs. I made my way upstairs. Struggling a bit to open the door I successfully entered the room. I peeked down at her she was fast asleep.

Slowly laying her on the bed I tucked her in the blanket. She was still asleep. I sighed in relief as I kept staring at her sleeping form. I could sleep peacefully now. My eyes landed on her knuckles. They were all red and blue as if she punched for hours. I worried that she had a chance to get serious injuries and fractures.

I wondered why did she had those bruises and as far as I could tell, she maybe punched bare handed. I remembered her boxing bare handed at her house. She had bruises that time too. Couldn't she use boxing gloves? Duh!

It was the first time I ever entered her room. And it clicked me I broke the rules. All of them. Instead of panicking, I chuckled. I looked around her room. It was different than mine. I had a pile of books and medical equipment in my room whereas hers was quite spacious. A better word - Empty. I looked at the time, it was now 3 in the morning. I felt sleepy.

I again looked at her and her warmth attracted me. I wanted her in my arms again. I contemplated. She is sleeping. Deep sleep. She wouldn't notice. I silently made my way beside her, laying on the bed. Her figure back faced me. I placed my arm on her waist bringing her closer to me. It felt intoxicating.

I knew it was wrong to touch her but still, it felt right. I laughed. On one hand, I would get nervous by her presence and on the other hand, I want her close to me. Burying my face on her neck, her scent hitted my nostrils. I drowned myself to sleep.

It was morning and I woke up before she would catch me sleeping with her in her room. At first I panicked that I had to leave early to my workplace but then I remembered I am still on duty assigned by my wife. And hell no one would question me.

I decided to make breakfast and lemonade for Amy. I was sure she would have an headache of hangover. I was almost done when I heard the sound of door unlocking and as expected, it was amy. She had freshened up, covered up in another pair of shirt and tracks. Her hairs were wet and all I could do is to stare at her greek God beauty.

She suddenly scoffed making me alert. I stood behind the kitchen counter as she entered in there. She reached behind me. Though I couldn't see her but my instincts were strong. I stopped in my tracks as her hand snaked near my waist and she grabbed the glass from the kitchen island.

I was stunned. I was nervous for nothing. I looked with my peripheral vision, taking a glimpse of her and she was just casually drinking water. I sighed in relief. Maybe I sighed too loud. Amy's eyes were on me.

Amy: Doctor are you okay?

Me: yup! I'm fine.
Here have your drink, you might have a headache.

I said passing her lemonade.

Amy: Thanks.

Me: well do you remember about last night.

Amy: Yes I do. And I am sorry for my behaviour. I made you worried.

Me: It's fine.

I had an urge to ask further about her and her father's relationship but I didn't wanted to piss her off again. I stood dazed.

Amy: I can read wanna ask me something. It's all on over your face. What is it?

She asked it straight forward.

Me: I.. I.. wanted.. to.. ask.... I..

She looked at me irritated.

Amy: Just ask me before I change my mind!

Me:umm.. why do you hate your family?

I said in one breath.

Me: I.. mean

I trailed off being loss at words.

She sighed.

Me: It's Ok if you don't wanna-

Amy: It's just that we kinda don't bring personal relations in business.

Lie. She was lying. I knew it. But I didn't point it out. I knew she wanted to shut me off all in once to hide something big behind it. Which father doesn't reaveal his child to the society.

For the world Mr.Park is a father of one daughter that is Martha while Amy was just no one to him but was just Ash, his competitor or somewhat enemy in business. One thing was sure, she didn't want me to pester her on this topic. I didn't say anything further but rather changed the topic.

Me: I'm gonna leave after an hour to the hospital. I have some work to do.

Amy was silent for a while.

Amy: I don't think that's gonna be quite possible for you.

I was confused. What did she mean? Well I am going to leave anyway. I didn't bother to ask about it.

Me: Are your hands hurting?

Amy: No.

Me: you shouldn't punch bare handed. It might create fractures.


There was silence again as I continued to eat my breakfast and she ate hers.


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