HAPPINESS - 57 in English Poems by Darshita Babubhai Shah books and stories PDF | HAPPINESS - 57



No one could understand the story of love.

No one could understand the youth of Hushn.


Tears will never appear in the eyes

No one could understand the words of the heart.


The mischief of the friend kept burning in the heart for the whole life.

No one could understand incomplete life.


Sent it with great interest, searched it from here and there.

No one could understand the last sign.


Didn't stop smiling even in times of sorrow.

No one could understand the path of love.




If you can understand the gestures of the eyes, then understand.

If you can test a heart full of love, then test it.




Hiding the pain with a smile

The remaining footprints have also started erasing.


Take a long breath in the open air.

The thick clouds of sorrow have started removing.


today of carelessness and vagrancy

The speculations have started troubling the world.


Holding hands in a crowded market

Friends have started showing stars in the day.


We walked together as companions.

Those good days are starting to be remembered.



I have come to entertain my heart

Songs of happiness are humming in these spring.


met after years of waiting

We have kept pace with Khayal.


By decorating the liver with courage

Flowers of love have blossomed in Gulistan.



walking towards the destination

go to pk city destination


Life has suffered many blisters on the soul.

taking you to the golden destination


My feet came to life when I saw

The path is towards the shining destination.


keep moving forward

good news on the way to the destination


success will kiss your feet

Will travel towards the destination as a friend



It's good if you fall in love today.

It is good if the heart finds peace


By removing the mask of haughty beauty.

It's better if you see eye to eye


The pain is increasing in the liver like this.

It is better to light the lamp of love.


Can't wait any longer in love

It is good if you fulfill your promises and oaths.


What has been created out of fear of the whole world.

It is good if the distance between the hearts is removed.




Let the smile remain on your lips, live like this.

Let there be happiness in the heart, live like this


step by step with our companion

There is some life in life, live like this.


Life oozes from every moment

Live like this, full of moisture with memories


Sacrifice every breath on strangers.

Live like this


live in the hearts of people

The world will cry, friend, live like this.




After a long time, the night of meeting has come.

I have brought my rain of happiness with me.


Holding hands, just sat there all night

Today the soul has found peace.


Khwaisho smiled and hugged me.

There is a romanticism in the atmosphere.


Seeing the meeting of two stars on the ground.

Chandni has sung a lovely melodious ghazal.


I improved even after trying again and again.

See everything in the universe is smiling




the city of love is deserted

Still that path is paved.


Friend sitting in loneliness

some memories are sweet


Gauhar from the breaking of breaths.

I have to touch the soul first.




opened the window of my eyes

Friend has spoken the words of the heart.


Throw your heart and see the smile of Haseena.

Life has been bought in Dillagi.


Today Mehbooba's perfume made me intoxicated.

Fragrance has been added to the fragrances.


Lovely gift sent with great love.

Dil ne anmol signhi role di ll


To see the effect of dua o

I have weighed my intention with my eyes.




What do people think of themselves?

People walk on crooked path


cheating in the name of love

People loot the treasure of the heart.


cherish big dreams

People keep dying for wealth.


mean person by nature

People change the way according to law.


Hearts don't keep leaking nowadays.

People ask about appearance.




Today I have made friendship with impunity.

We will maintain friendship with fearlessness


Listen, I have tied up with faith.

Only God has friendship with worship.


Those who feed with intoxicating eyes are sitting.

Friend, why should we befriend Tishnagi?


The candle of wishes has been lit.

want to be friends with Mukmammali now


Roamed in the desert for the rest of my life.

friendship with the simplicity of the nomad




nomadic - nomadic

sahara - desert

Tishnagi - Thirst





Neither with strangers nor with near and dear ones, now there is no complaint.

Once trusted, now there is no hesitation.


It is human nature to make sense.

Friends have seen it with their own eyes, now there is no tradition.


Today the meeting of two moments was like a dream.

Too much kindness, now there is no grace


Remember, there are thorns in the garden along with the flowers.

Touching flowers with enthusiasm is no longer a delicacy.


To sit in a party, first learn the manners.

Non-working fools, no more mischief.




The matter is over, heart, now let's go.

The night is over, now the heart will walk


Don't want a moment's distance but

Meeting is over, heart will go now


Were chirping with friends in gatherings.

Saw the caste heart, now I will go


Since when were you hoping to see

Prabhat Dil happened again, now I will go


It was going on secretly.

The game is over, now let's go




Don't get lost in the maze of the world.

Don't get lost in the world of appearances.


I have heard that there is a big boom there.

don't get lost in the ocean


Colorful beautiful haseena's party

Don't get lost in savory tata-thaiya.


Know that you are fond of drinking and feeding.

Don't get lost in sleep after drinking jam.


An intoxicating red dot is decorated on the forehead.

Don't get lost in that bright dot