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The Angel Inside - 29 Big Bang

Author's POV***********

The office was silent and the air gloomy. Amy's footsteps resonated in the empty hallways. Entering the meeting room as there were few people seated already but it was the first time that no one stood with respect for her as their eyes held disgust.
It was another medium-scale company that had a deal with Amy before but now with Amy's current reputation, people were tending to back off.

There stood her trusted secretary- Mr.Joe who was trying hard to convince Mr.Charles and the investors to have faith and stay put. In short Amy was close to losing her gained reputation and career simultaneously.

Mr.Charles: Ms.Ash I can't take risks with my company with current situation. I would rather wait than have a collab with a prostitute. Oh and also you have identity crisis. Mr or Ms . Ash?

Amy's fists clenched in anger as her knuckles turned white,wishing if she could bury that low life, six feet deep in the ground alive at the moment. But she didn't believe in providing instant karma, she loved pain and torture and making people suffer by slowly taking away everything from her enemy and making them beg to her for mercy. It was something fun and satisfying to torture at a slow pace and play with the minds. She loved being the devil.

It didn't even take a moment for Mr.Charles who treated amy with respect before showing his true colors. Amy's existence in the shrewd industry of business was challenging. At one moment people were friends forever with long-lasting relationship but a little scratch on the name would lead to downfall within seconds.

People were misogynistic and ruthless to Amy that added to Amy's trust issues. Though Amy blended in as a male in the industry but deep down people saw her as an outcast. It was harsh to start with something at a young age. She took 6 long years to bring her name into the industry at the age of 19. People took advantage of her helplessness but later she came back becoming stronger than ever. In the world of business, she was Ash, not Amy. No one knew her real name except her near ones. All she dreamt about was always money and power. According to her money and power was the only thing she needed to get ahold of things.

The room was silent , looking at Amy's every move to find her vulnerability if she could even sweat a tear, but she was stone-hearted and no one could even predict what was going on in her head. But her low-key personality was hard to predict.
She decided to reply to his words.

Amy: You are free to Back off Mr.Charles.

The people in the room gasped at the remark.

Amy: It's just an obstacle for a while that my reputation is being tarnished and tormented. But I'll make sure to burn your cheap ass-shit company into ashes as my name suggests. Mark that!

Amy snarled at him.

Ms. Charles: will see! But just so you remember, beautiful and dumb species of women like you are just meant for pleasure! Back off before you regret messing with me. Only if I knew you weren't a man...

Hearing such words every woman in the room was boiling in anger. Amy was silent having her signature poker face. She knew that Mr. Charles wanted to lure her and ruin her reputation more. And Amy knew for now that she needed patience the most.

After Mr. Charles left Mr.Joe rushed toward Amy as both of them left for Amy's office.
Amy let out a sigh, rubbing her temples in desperate need of relief. Joe was the only one who knew that behind the cold demeanor of Ash stood a woman who was chasing her goals. This was the harshest time for Amy and her organization- Ace. After she revealed her identity, life had been a rollercoaster. People were shaming her sexuality. People were deceived by her gorgeous looks as a man. Joe knew that Mr.Charles wasn't the only one trying to back off but a few more companies wanted to break off the years of deals with Ace.

Mr.Joe: We are in serious trouble ma'am what are we gonna do next?

Amy: Nothing just wait for the correct moment!

Mr.Joe frowned. He never understood Ash. It was a do-or-die situation for the Ace. Ace was once a topmost company before Mr.Park and Mr.Conor joined the competition. Ace went bankrupt and was closed for years until Ash became the new CEO and brought Ace back into the market.

Mr.Joe still remembered how Ash had approached him as a young man who wanted to bring Ace back which was almost impossible. She even made him sign a contract to be her secretary for a lifetime when he was fired by his cruel boss who blamed him for a failed business deal. Amy had made him convinced to join her in the name of revenge against his ex-boss. She was stubborn and damn adamant to make Joe her secretary.

She knew well what a gem Mr.Joe is when it came to management and strategies, no one could beat him. He was a few years older than Amy. And surely after joining they had successfully brought his ex-boss's company to extinction. One thing Mr. Joe was sure about was that Ash was a man of his word. After a year Ash revealed his identity to Joe, as Amy who is a woman. He was shocked at first but later got used to it as he knew there might be a reason.

He never backed off just because he was being ordered around by a woman. This time he had faith in Amy that she had something big going on in her head. She would come back with a bang.

****************Jay's POV***************
It was early in the afternoon as I left for the hospital after having breakfast with Amy. I was puzzled by her words before. I checked myself in the mirror as something caught my eye. It was the glittering and shining, an earring that Amy had gifted. I remembered her words and her possessive tone when she asked me to wear them always and never remove them. I didn't give it a second thought and left home. I am a brilliant overthinker. Applause for me!

I had finally reached my workplace. And I didn't know why people were staring at me as if I was a ghost. I continued to make my way to the cabin. People were whispering as their eyes were on me. The heck! It was becoming creepy.

I rushed my way inside the hallways. Suddenly Noah appeared in front of me.

Noah: ah! Conor! You're back. I thought your woman won't let you leave.

Me: what the hell is happening here? Why are they staring at me?

I spoke as we started walking further to the cabin ignoring the stares.

Noah: Dude, you serious? You don't know?

I nodded my head from side to side denying his words.

Noah: Boy! You're all over the news! For a while, even I felt that you had a doppelganger or hidden twin or something. Ash changed you a lot! You look cool! She and her choices are so amazing.....

He continued babbling about Amy. Uh! Another fan! I rolled my eyes mentally.

Me: First of all! What news? Which news?

We entered the cabin and he immediately went to the computer and started surfing on the net. After a while, he tilted the screen for me to see.

I was all over the internet!

I had photos of mine from different angles,some of them were with Amy and I couldn't deny but she looked heavenly in my arms. Different tag names of me as a new model, prince charming, handsome face, and whatnot. My face turned red. I was being the center of attention. And I didn't want it. It was a different me.

Noah: By the what happened with Amy? Is she ok now?

Me: what do you mean?

Noah: Bro! She's all over the news. Some are saying she was harassed or assaulted and some said she was being - uh -you - know -shameless!

I knew what he meant by the word shameless, he was talking about the news that Amy was suspected to use sexual advances to get the funds. It was ridiculous.
I sighed.

I continued my day, treating the patients. It was hectic like always but I could feel everything changing. Women were staring at me and I couldn't do anything but ignore them. It was turning annoying to the point that even my female patients were hitting on me. At the break of the day, I went to my cabin, and hell, there were 3 women in my cabin. With God knows what funny faces!

Not to judge but I could tell- hella plastic dolls. And were they trying to seduce me?! God, I wanted to scream at them that I was taken by a Greek goddess named Amy. One of them started to speak.

Woman 1: I want him! I will have you! You are so handsome! Be mine!

Did I look like a toy in the store that she is demanding like a kid?! Looking at her attitude I could tell they were rich and spoiled brats.

She had a girly and irritating voice. And beside her were 2 more who seemed to be her friends or something and had flirty looks on their faces, gawking at me from head to toe. Who even permitted them to enter my cabin?! I was fuming!

Me: Get out, please! Before I call the guards!

I said trying to control my temper.

They still stood there unbothered. That's it! I went to the table, beeping a button to call the guards. Within a few seconds, the guards had arrived. I gestured for them to remove the ladies from my cabin. As soon as they stepped forward the woman spoke.

Woman 1: Try to touch us and I'll file a case that you guys were touching me inappropriately. And everyone will support me and no one would believe you.

Clever witches!
I rather curse myself for attending that event. Neither Amy would have forced me for a makeover, nor I would have grabbed attention. I hate my handsomeness.

My chain of thoughts broke as the door slammed open with 2 women entering. They had a formal attire. I knew now- Bodyguards! They grabbed the 3 of the ladies and threw them out of my cabin. And boy! The ladies screamed making me partially deaf.

After throwing them out of the hospital, two of them came back.

Woman 1: Sir from now on we are in charge of your safety.

I stood dazed. Bodyguards? Specially assigned for me? Who the hell?

Me: who assigned you to be my guards?

Bodyguard 1: Our boss. Miss Ash. She is on the call right now.

She handed me the phone. I looked at her and asked for some privacy as both of them respectfully left the cabin. Leaning the phone on my ear. I spoke.

Me: I don't need any guards.

Amy: You need them. And yeah I'm gonna pick you up at the end of the day. Can't afford my pretty husband being kidnapped by some witches.

I could feel her smirking on the call. And her deep tone was making me blush.

Me: But I can't afford to have them 24/7 around me. It's my professional workplace and I need space.

Amy: Just bare with it for today.

Me: You did it intentionally didn't you? You knew that bringing me to the event would grab attention.

Amy: Not my fault if a little makeover would turn you into a Greek God! Well, the good thing people won't latch onto me.

My cheeks flushed red when she called me Greek God but also rolled my eyes at her words. At the end of the day, she is a mood wrecker. I hung up the call, continuing my day. The women in black were following me around glaring at every female species to back off and neither lay their eyes on me. They even didn't let Emma come near me, and at last, I had to explain to them.

At the end of my shift, the chief had called me for a talk and I could feel it was bad news. It was almost night as the darkness engulfed the sky. I entered his cabin as he was busy looking at the file in his hand. My footsteps grabbed his attention.

Chief: Dr. Jay! You might have already guessed what have I called you for.

I was silent.

Chief: I can't help but tell you that your presence and fame are deteriorating the discipline of this hospital.

Me: Chief. Even I didn't have any idea that this would happen.

Chief: I can't deal with your excuses for now. You knew who Ash is! You could have stayed within your limits!

I mentally cursed that I easily agreed with amy even though I knew how hazardous it could be for my career.

There was a sudden commotion behind me as the door swiftly opened and it was none other than Ash. The chief rose to his feet looking at Amy's approaching figure towards us. Soon she stood near the table with all her glory and signature dark look.

Chief: Ms. Ash! I'm so sorry to keep you waiting. I was just discussing the recent events.

Amy: Sure thing, Mr.Lee. I am here for it. And I don't feel that my husband needs to give you any sought of explanation for this.

Chief's eyes widened in shock.

Chief: My apologies Ms. Ash. I didn't know.

Amy: I would appreciate it if this small talk stays trapped between the four walls of your cabinet.

Chief nervously nodded.

Amy: Words Mr.lee.

Chief: yes.

Amy eyed me gesturing for me to wind up my work and leave.

Amy: I'll be waiting near the parking lot.

She said to me as she left while I looked at chief who wasn't able to digest the fact that I was married to someone like Amy.

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