HAPPINESS - 58 in English Poems by Darshita Babubhai Shah books and stories PDF | HAPPINESS - 58



thanks to the dust of the feet

thank you for the lovely flower


Ishq sent with love.

thank you for your flowers


sorry unintentionally

Thank you for the beautiful mistake


Loyalty done with great determination.

thank you friend for infidelity




the curtain rose

the secret is revealed


just waiting

the day is over


moments with hands

u will leave


see beautiful beauty

hijab burnt


Didar e yaar se l

I'll be relieved


with sweet words

the boom is over


in love

crazy moment gaya ll


I wanted to

got that mate





Fear does not eat even in dreadful days.

I will never deceive myself in life.


Hearts and minds are tightly held

The world cannot break the spirits.


Whatever you want, you will achieve it.

Will not take my eyes off the floor


Where happiness resides, love resides.

Heart's wounds never show


I have found a kind person after years.

No picture is liked in love.





Hushn lifted the curtain slowly.

slowly lit the heart


The gardener worked hard in the garden.

fed the flower slowly


If you don't get carried away after drinking in the party.

Friend will drink jam slowly


different way of drinking

now i understand slowly


When times changed

Then slowly you will cover yourself





Desires revolve around love.

It is still cold today


Just two things of love happened.

I have chills after meeting.


today in a moment's separation

There is little yellow on the face.


life has turned

night and day is a mess


No matter how much worship you do

He is dust before God.


the image of which he

There is a veil of dreams on sleep.


To burn the heartache

Today beauty itself is bare.




The steps have started towards the destination.

go with sanam towards the destination


Know that there will be stumbling blocks in the journey.

Keep your eyes on the destination


The path is crooked and the steps will not stop.

The last is the journey towards the destination.


want to talk to your heart's content

Yearning to erase towards the destination


This heart is thirsty since birth.

To quench the craving towards the destination




The lamp of the throne burns in the evening o city.

Hope grows in the heart of the evening and the city.


When the desires of the heart get agitated.

Shaam o Sehar composes lovely ghazals.


Look at the meeting of Chand Chakori.

The night slowly sets in the evening o city


I got what was written in my destiny by accepting it.

Things become easy in the evening.


A gathering of stars in a moonlit night

The evening o the city is decorated on the board


Used to feed jam on jam with eyes.

twelve remembers evening o city


Friend till the love is complete.

Breathe guards the evening o city ll


wanted to live beautiful moments

Thirst smolders in the evening o city


With Humsafar, Humrah, Humzuban.

Zindagi Sanwarti Hai Sham O Sehar ll


Candles look at the yearning of love

Silently melts the evening o the city




forget the past

let's go to shower love


Will not get happy moments again

say what you want to say today


If you want to live here happily

flow in the same flowing stream


Know that painful colic has arisen.

Today I will bear the pain silently


Got a chance after a long time

sakhi mann ki baatein carlo ll




love is a prayer

God's only grace


life has become a wonder

allowed to breathe


The firefly started flickering closer.

Now every moment is doom


Twelve do not bother me in my sleep.

Friends are the decency of dreams.


The streets of abandoned Sanam

very old feud




listen life is beautiful

There is a flowing melodious gamut.


look behind the smiling face

There is hidden pain and sorrow


There is a fair of sorrows.

happy days are in order


I am lonely in a crowded party.

The one who got is also breathless.


sadness everywhere

everyone's eyes are moist


Do friendship with someone

friend without hell


today from the whirlwind of memories

Sakhi Dil Hua Purnam Hai ll





sadness is hidden in the smile

The eyes of perfume are thirsty


The separation of day and night is the killer.

How long does the maid wait


I had a feeling that he will not come today.

The messenger brought stale news.


friend leaving my heart burning

Now the lover has become a forest dweller.


If the new form of femininity and l

Want to see the courage, go to Jhansi.




Today the desires have been destroyed.

Then did Sarshar-e-Arzoo.


Friend after coming out from the place of dreams

I have isolated myself from the world


Look at the end of love in love.

All the wishes were fulfilled.


Tsunami came in the basement of the heart.

I will forget the memories


Sarshar-e-Arzoo - Full of desires

Adu - away from history


Wudu - washing hands and feet before prayer



walking towards the destination

All relationships will go towards the destination


the shadow left

Tamanna left her hand


Friend in the journey of life

left a difficult lesson


In the gathering, Pt. Jasraj

left kalyani raga


in the style of the singer's song

Dhadhitina Tal left ll


for self respect

dropped the connection





save few words

keep the lamp lit during the day


If there is a tsunami in the eyes.

So keep the tears hidden


Ruling on the heart

keep the crown of your head


God bless you

keep the hushn hoor decorated


don't drown yourself in sorrow

keep hope blooming





love should not become a story

Life should not become smooth.


Do not write everything in the diary.

Don't read the words of youth