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Today Nisha remembered

How will you forget that he is Harjai ll


Will not give voice to the unfaithful.

I swear I won't call you




the moon came out from the clouds

brought a twinkling light


Nisha was filled with stars.

I'll stay awake all night in my eyes




I love you very much

life is graceful


You can even say insolent.

I have worshiped love.


Why shouldn't the heart be sad

It is a matter of failure.


look at the handwriting

The writing is of Sarafat


Trust yourself friend.

Victory is always for Sadatak.


beauty - beauty

Sadaqat - truthfulness



Never be afraid of hard work.

One should not bow down in difficulties.


never from the nonsense of the world

mind should not sour


no matter how many difficulties come

Tears should not fill in the eyes.


Mountains of trouble also broke down.

Peace of mind should not be lost.


Tsunami may come in front of me, friend.

shouldn't make any difference


Enjoyed one death again.

One should not die in love.


for those who leave

Not even a single tear should be shed.




I have a dream to live to the fullest

Trust your heart, everything is yours.


Will live together will die together

walk on the path of love


caressing sweet memories

Have to wake up with the stars


what is inside is outside

We have to avoid false exhibition.


with tone, rhythm, rhythm

Songs have to be filled with verses.




I am proud of my courage.

believe in your wishes


wonder how he is alive

Hera is on his habits.


going on without today

Destination will be found on the shores


no wonder

on the distance with loved ones


When you leave from wherever you are.

then the nest will be on the clouds




Things were sad till a few days ago.

Memories were colorful till a few days back.


There was a stir in the party.

Ada was sangeen till a few days back.


Desires have increased beyond limits then.

My breath was poor till a few days back.


Youth is seducing you with a veil.

Till a few days ago, Pisces were innocent.



She was engrossed till a few days back.




There is butter in the eyes.

scale in hand


friend in party

it's a sad song


to steal eyes

it's a false excuse




looking for life

love is beginning


even if you go away

it is close to the heart


Don't get angry like this.

something special




move forward in life

we live with passion


Still holding my heart

Whose memories have moist eyes


Jam used to spill on jam yesterday.

Now it's raining eyes


loved to the point of passion

Can't stop this much


Today I am sitting as a stranger.

We used to be friends.


If not written in fate

Will not feel sorry for separation


carry lanterns

See there is shadow all around you




God's heart is a beautiful abode.

full of blessings for all


Jindali is living with his head held high.

There is a lot of courage in their trust.




There is a courtyard full of happiness.

there is a sound of someone coming


Got love in return for love

Friend is the grace of God.




I love you innocently

It's a mess


game of luck

deep world


give up, let's go

Gandhar is calling


of endless love

Friend, this is the end.


from inside the soul

there is twelve denial




going to build a new world

It's all our own tricks here.


Will settle down in the heart

Peace is under the shadow of love


will fulfill wishes

There are many desires in the heart.


There is jealousy for the 'friend' of the world.

People's eyes will open


will celebrate every moment

Ishq ki hug hai ll




smiling behind the scenes

Have started persuading the angry ones.


forgetting the past today

started making the sad laugh


respect friendship

Will start going to the party


exhibition love curry

people start shaking


see the ring in the gift

eyes twinkle


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