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Love By Accident - 4

The bus stopped at the station. At that station, Ayesha got off the bus. She waved goodbye to Arnav and told him to get a proper bandage after reaching home. Arnav nodded and bid her goodbye. It was all normal. Not much affection. Only a friendly bond. Soon after the next two stops, Arnav got off the bus. Before ringing the doorbell, he waited for a moment and prepared a story in mind because he knew that if his parents would know that he crashed a girl, then they would never give him a bike to ride. After cooking up a genius plan in his brain he finally rang the doorbell. His mother opened the door and stood there speechlessly for a moment at the door. Arnav entered the living room and drank water from the bottle. After that, he took off his school uniform and put the dress on the washing machine. His mother, standing at the doorway, was looking at him. Soon after gaining consciousness, she asked him.

Urmila (Arnav's mom): Arnav what happened? Where are you coming from? And where is your bike? Why is there blood all over your dress? Will you please tell me what happened?

Arnav took the first aid box from the drawer and sat on the sofa. He applied disinfectant on the wounds and the ointment. Fortunately, the wound was not so deep. He then bandaged the wound area and stood up and came near to his mom

Urmila: Tell me what happened.

Arnav: uhhh uhh.....

Urmila: what? Have you got any damage to the brain? Tell me clearly.

Arnav: What mom? I am here in front of you injured and still, you are rebuking me.

Urmila: Shut up and tell me what happened.

Arnav: Actually. When I was going to college, a stray dog came in front of my bike immediately. So, I lost control and fall down.

Urmila: Ohhh. And your bike?

Arnav: In the garage. It got some scratches. And please mom! Don't tell papa. He will be mad.

Urmila: Ok But where did you get the handkerchief? It seems like it belongs to a girl.

Arnav couldn't think of anything to say. When his mother asked again, he said that one girl who was walking on the road helped him. Hia mother seemed to be eased and went near him to see the wound.

Urmila: Does it hurt? You should go to the hospital.

Arnav: No mom. I am totally fine. But I need some money to repair my bike.

Urmila: Fine. How much do you need?

Arnav: 3000 rupees. And please don’t tell papa. I promise I won’t do anything like this ever again.

His mom eased a bit and asked him what he would like to eat for lunch. Arnav said that anything from her hand tastes very delicious. It was already 12.30pm. By that time, his younger sister Gudli had arrived from school. She was only nine years old, but quite smart. She loves Arnav a lot. Also, she annoys him the most.

After reaching home, Gudli asked Arnav about his wounds with a cute voice. Arnav told her that it was just a minor accident. She inquired about his injuries and gave some tiny advice. Arnav giggled upon listening to the not-so-required advice. He laughed and pinched her cheeks. Arnav’s mother called them for lunch. She had made biryani, paneer and dal, all of which are Arnav’s favorite food. Arnav thanked her and happily ate all her food. Gudli was eating slowly. After finishing his lunch, Arnav took two paneer slices from Gudli’s plate. Gudli made a face and said,” I am forgiving you this time because you are sick. Don’t dare to do it again.”

Arnav and his mom laughed upon listening to her not-so-terrifying voice. Gudli finished her lunch and went to Arnav’s room. She fell asleep in his bed. Soon after, Arnav came to his room and fell on the bed. But he could not sleep because his arm was still in pain. Out of nowhere, an unexpected thought came into his mind. He knew that it would be wrong. But he could not help and opened his phone. Opened the contacts and searched for the recently saved name “Ayesha”. When her number popped on the screen, a wide grin spread across his face. He clicked the contact and a new page opened on WhatsApp. He then clicked on the profile picture. But there was no DP. He felt bad. But then he heard a voice from his side.

“You should turn on your data connection in order to see a DP.” Gudli said smiling.

“You should sleep and not peep what your elder brother is doing. Now go and sleep in your room.”

After that, Gudli went to sleep in her mom’s room. As soon as she left the room, Arnav locked the door and turned on the internet. Soon, a DP appeared. It was Ayesha posing in a suit. She was looking gorgeous. Her crystal black eyes, fair complexion of her skin, waist long dark black hair everything was so amazing that he could not take his eyes off her. He couldn’t wait to text her. And texted.

Arnav: Are you fine now? Did you tell your parents about the accident?

When he saw only a single tick, he understood that she was offline. So, he kept his phone aside and went to sleep. After 5 mins, sleep embraced him and he went into a deep slumber.

Thank you readers for your support. And wish you a very happy new year. And this year fulfill all your wishes and dreams.

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