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God's consent is needed.

Wafa's consent is required.


lifting the veil to see the beauty

Shame's consent is required.


to turn the wind

Fiza's consent is required.


to take my sister for a ride

Jija's consent is required.


Raasleela with Gopi

Krishna's consent is required.




The bird of wishes has flown away.

Today I will move towards my destination


failure after a million attempts

Will fight with fate for a long time


Tears in eyes, jam in hands

I will turn from the streets of Saajan


tired of the world's tricks

Will join myself with my own people


Friend as soon as you remember Mehbooba

tears flowed from my eyes



There is a measure in the eyes.

there is a makhana in front


adorned in remembrance

song on lips


Look at Nooree Hushn

Gaya Fasana Hai ll


If you fall in love

It's time to burn


interesting hearts

heard the story


welcome to love

There is a shelter



The street of Makhane has come to a turn.

I have broken the relationship with Jam.


The heart has suffered many wounds.

left the sorrow behind


truth cannot lie

so the mirror will break


look at the spirit

the blood will be squeezed


heal the wounded heart

Memories got twisted



I have gone on a journey in my dreams.

today i will go towards my destination


The fire of desires started like this.

I will burn day and night in love


don't want any trouble

I'm fine with my loneliness


mean dishonest selfish l

I have changed with the times


Only God's friendship is good.

I'll fall into colorful dreams



listening to the story of love where l

weaving deep intrigues where ll


I don't see my own, but that of others.

counting mistakes where ll


a slave to the darkness of the night and l

the golden dawn is choosing where ll


See the open mangoes of love.

tune from the exhibition where ll


Love has always been an enemy.

Why is Shagun searching where ll



Paradise reached in dreams

Love will reach every tongue


used to be very proud of himself

Nature has reached to teach a lesson



How can I explain to the mind from Bawre?

How to mislead the mind with the innocent?


I have kept many wishes

How to pacify the upset mind?


Where do dreams come true

How to decorate a sad mind?


You have got infidelity every moment.

How to engage my mind again?


the lamp of hope extinguished

How to wake up the sleeping mind?



The journey of soul is full of strange stories.

The journey of love is full of countless pains and sorrows.

soul life



It is not easy to explain to a foolish mind.

It is not easy to show the hurt of the heart.


going through such a difficult time that

It is not easy to tell the condition even to God.


Those who understand understand in gestures.

It is not easy to express twelve love.


There is a knot in a small thing that

It will not be easy to resolve the tangled relations.


Bawra, innocent, dearly

It will not be easy to forget Dil e Nadan


Wounds are wounds at every step.

It is not easy to smile even after getting hurt.



Said goodbye to pain and sorrow

The heart has said goodbye to the tavern.


Human's humanity is dead today.

Called the universe meaningful


For peace in the journey of life

deliberately called himself missing


Prayers of love are brightening the face.

Seeing the light of happiness, I said Abida.


Barah gets carried away by small things.

Old eyes have been called sad.



I remember talking about reincarnation.

I miss the nights of meeting


Done in a beautiful moonlit night

miss the clocks


believe too much

miss twelve mothers


Smallest wishes fulfilled

I miss compliments today.


Came to the party decorated

miss the natural leaves


Memories of days gone by haunt me everyday.

Teaches new dimensions of living.


He is seduced by dreams throughout the night.

wakes up from a deep sleep in the morning


Don't let excessive happiness make you mad.

By giving pain and sorrow, patience is tried.


You can't fool yourself.

Shows the colors of the universe


By showing twelve strange experiences.

identifies right from wrong


Fizz tells the condition of the heart.

shows the way to the lost



We shiver in the bitter cold

We will be decorated in the lap of love


we look forward to taking a look

Seeing Hushn, we are overflowing like jam.



Today I would have written your name.

Got a lot of happiness


Twelve memories keep haunting you.

Wrote all the things in the morning and evening.


I don't think so anyway

Of what use is life without you?


Today I have to come running to you.

Somebody show me the way to the village


Not even a moment is spent waiting

Don't be left behind, just you will die


pray god forgive me

The garland keeps on chanting your name.


Pati made me intoxicated that

Jam is no longer needed


One name from morning to evening

I will remain a friend of one Ram.


Listen to the lonely journey to bite

Ham is needed a lot.


Calling Radha's name

flute is heard in the evening




The silence of the night is saying something.

Friend, the lamp of hope is getting extinguished.


Watching the flame of love go out

The funeral pyre of wishes is rising.


Everyday in Yamini of Hijr

heart is sighing painfully


Listen to Dastan-e-Mohabbat

twelve are dying carelessly


I don't know the meaning of love

loving him dearly


The same humming in love

familiar forever listening


in colorful sweet intoxicants

dreaming of meeting


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