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Learn to smile even in sorrow

learn to handle painful tears


lovely sweet smile

learn to decorate your lips


Intoxication to injure with the eyes.

learn to look into the eyes


of our own people

learn to win hearts


Create an identity apart from the world.

learn to value


Like a garland of pearls in a crowd

learn to make your own space


If you get upset, dearer than life.

learn to celebrate with love



no matter what, keep the love

keep the company of good people


I have been collecting countless wishes on the innocent.

keep your love


Lived alone a lot here in the universe.

I request you to maintain this closeness.


At the time of meeting in the night of meeting.

Will keep the sorbet of tears in separation


There is a rosary in the morning, evening and night.

Keep the spirit connected to the soul.



There is a fair of desires in the heart.

alone in the world's fair


Do not live in someone's copper.

innocent has suffered madness


friend in someone's memory today

There's a stream of tears in my eyes


Gets upset over small things

This is the mess of innocence.


The message of reconciliation has been sent.

Have played jugaad again today.



Not everyone gets love

The thirst of desires does not disappear.


Friend without soul to soul love.

The garden of hearts does not bloom


Whatever you want, Taum will remain intact.

Expectations do not fill life


Breath stops but the needle of time

Will not stop when someone leaves


If you see it somewhere in the crowd, you will see.

Even now the hope of seeing will not leave.



If you want to meet then let me know.

take a look again


Friend, even if you don't want to remember me

Even if you forget to remember, you will do it.


Friend's gathering is decorated.

If not in the night, then make it Fajr.



There was gossip in gatherings.

She started losing peace and peace.


saw the way of those who did not come

Will go to sleep after waiting


The pot of love-filled decoration

Hope started sowing in the heart


met for four days

started carrying the burden of memories


Memories became the only support.

life is going on

21 -1 -2023


let love fly

let's live in dreams


someone cares

I'll let you be confused for the rest of my life


be kind to each other

let the beautiful world live


away from informers

Will let you have a separate house


to fly everyone

let the sky be open


kill hatred with love

let khila gulistan remain


good luck u

God bless you



learn to smile at all times

Learn to put a smile on your lips


The world has become a flower of love.

learn to burn hatred


live in your own fun

learn to test yourself


for peace of mind

learn to make eye contact


betray our own loved ones

learn to maintain relationships


volcano of the universe

learn to live in fire


If you want to create a niche, then l

Learn to make unique homes


be honest with yourself

learn to tell the truth


spreading fragrance like flowers

learn to have heart to heart


If you know the importance of relationships

If yes, then you will learn to persuade the angry.



Wounds are kept deep in the heart.

And keep the guard of loneliness


For peace in love

keep a happy face in sadness


For the pranks of friends.

keep the gatherings going


To keep the name high in the universe

Now keep shining cities


Absurd things of the people of the world.

Hearing keeps ears deaf



know how to read eyes

know how to fly like kites


I have seen walking with the crowd.

Now I know how to walk alone


saw the worldliness of the world

know how to deceive myself


Will live life to the fullest

adapts with time


The world changes color every moment

know how to live with thorns


People live wearing masks.

I know how to change like the weather



The night of meeting remained incomplete.

And the meeting remained incomplete.


I am not good at conversation.

Two sweet talks remained incomplete.


I wanted peace of mind for a lifetime.

So the universe remained incomplete.


She was overflowing with eyes.

lovely rain remained incomplete


Fell in love without skill

Friend's gift remained incomplete.



learn the skill of living alone

Once you learn by sight


You will find many types of people wherever I am.

just learn to talk


fall season is here

Learn to travel alone in separation



Must be as hot as the sun

One should lose peace in the heat of love.


True hopes come true too late.

Should sleep peacefully all night


If you find a friend's shoulder,

To do this, the heart should cry lightly.


The world still rests on hope.

The seed of immense love must be sown.


To the mad in infinite love

I need a toy to amuse my heart



Salute to the one who shed blood for the country.

You will make your country a high name in the universe.


Thanks to the one who shot himself in the chest.

And created history regardless of loved ones


With peace and peace in the lap of death

Put four moons in mother's love and mother's name.



Keep positive thinking to be happy in life.

Keep positive thinking to move ahead.



Prepare yourself wisely for the exam.

To get the top number, keep the result thinking.


Be successful with hard work, not with the lines on your hands.

Sakhi will keep symbolic thinking to become famous.


Whatever is happening and whatever is going to happen will be good.

Keep spiritual thinking for God's consent.


The one who narrates in the gatherings of friends at night

Keep poetic thinking for life in songs and ghazals.

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