HAPPINESS - 63 in English Poems by Darshita Babubhai Shah books and stories PDF | HAPPINESS - 63


consider hard work as worship

success gracefully


Many types of people here.

understand the reality of the universe


always keep healthy

God's friendship will understand



play your role in life

decorate the garden of life with happiness


I don't know, the lost moment doesn't come back.

Enjoy every moment in life


Trust in the one who made me friend.

Wake up the passion to live in the chest.





Take care of your parents with your body, mind and money.

Made you worth something with body, mind and wealth.


Nazho brought up with love and affection.

Decorated your body, mind and wealth by giving you education.


By giving the right way and wisdom to live.

Made worthy of the world with body, mind and wealth.



be the song of the lips

I will become a charming love


drinking jam from my eyes

I will become a sweet heart


Flowing the river of endless love

become a way of life


sung in love

be the music of the song


in the night of sweet rendezvous

I will become friend Manmeet


Obedient children are happy.

listens to elders quietly



Handed over the result of love to God.

Covered the sorrow of separation with a smile


Twelve memories should not make you cry.

burdened the mind with work


Heard many juicy jokes today.

Friends will support to remove sadness


Today, hurrying to meet Hushn

Will stop the stubborn heart by pacifying it


After seeing the yearning to meet friend

Got married after promising to meet



Patience should come with time.

The pill of great deep sorrow should be eaten.


Love is also a wonderful thing.

There is something wonderful in the heart.


promise not to forget

It's a matter of questioning yourself.


express love

There is chaos in the world.


the fucking peace was snatched away

It's a bad thing


the idea of separation itself

Peace is a halal thing.



dreams become reality

grows quietly in the heart


wakes up in the morning

fades with the evening


Always a friend of love

let's go together


hand in hand

go out on the road


dream come true

only parents do



Sorrow and happiness are two sides.

Like the streams of flowing rivers


Look at the charisma of nature.

Today all the sights are shining.


Don't think like two shores will never meet.

Don't think that the flowers of your love will never bloom.


If God wills, then the flowers of love will definitely remain in bloom.

Don't think that we will never live together



Quench the thirst of the eyes with my love.

erase the wishes of the eyes


friend without fear

Lose your life and where you love me


to populate the world of the heart

bow down before love


Big listen days are passing by.

Love filled song Suna Do Sanam ll


Keep on meeting in gatherings anyway.

Sura do sanam with your own hands




Sweet and lovely things happen day and night.

Nights are spent peacefully dear lovely ll


There used to be arguments in meetings.

Yadein pyari pyari is enough to live


Don't be annoyed by absence.

Sweet gifts have come from far away.


fell in love at first sight

eyes are lovely


Friends will not be able to bear the separation of two moments.

The breath is contained in the breath, lovely lovely.



stars you support me

give my voice to ghazals


You have no one beside you.

If possible, give love with all your heart.


Barha has spent many years alone.

perfect one night two


to the song written in memory

In a friendly tone, you will arrange



This is the principle of my infinite infinite love.

Every moment, every moment, I will only want you


Don't look at the mirror, lest you get caught in your own eyes.

Stay in the curtain, lest you see yourself.



It is known that at the time of Valentine's Day, we have to meet, swing and roam around.

Don't have so much fun that you might get caught in your own eyes.



This meeting of happiness is very pleasant.

The union of two hearts is very sweet.


The heart is a gardener with the bouquet of memories.

Every moment is the support of living.


Where does life pass like this?

Sun and shade are also a sign of nature.


Whatever I have got, understand it as the mercy of God.

The lucky ones get the edge.


to win the game of life

Friends have spread their arms in front of God.



God is the gardener.

people are ignorant


take my word

I am proud of my own people.


thanks to parents

there is recognition in the world



This meeting seems like a beautiful picture.

This meeting fills the heart with happiness.


full of happiness and love

This meeting makes the moments pleasant.


The thirst of the soul gets fulfilled then.

This meeting remains as a lovely memory.


A love story like Chand Chakori

This meeting stings the enemy of love.


You have become ignorant of yourself, friend.

This meeting listens to the beats



The beautiful picture does not go away from the heart.

No one else comes near the heart


Tells the truth ever since I had four eyes.

won't make eye contact with anyone else


It is the effect of immense love.

Beautiful beauty does not entice the heart.


Apart from the worship of God and God.

Will not bow down to anyone


See the limit of loyalty, I swear.

Friend does not hide anything from Hushn.



The soul should keep its head from the sacred.

The viewer should feel cheerful.


The one who wants to be with, will be with you for the rest of his life.

One should not feel sorry for those who have left.


Those who love do not leave you in between.

Friend should not be afraid of losing anything.


Have patience, every morning is going to bring a new dawn.

Twelve hearts should be filled with hopes again and again.


There are many things which cannot be expressed by words.

Eyes should be read by understanding heart's words.


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