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Harf-o-nawan makes Tarannum.

By becoming a song, it adorns the gatherings.


Meet us in Rahguzar-e-Jeest.

So peace fills the soul.


When the closeness increases in love, then

Makes the beats in the heart alive


The seepage gets deeper and so on.

Love springs from friendship


Ravani comes in songs and ghazals.

Then there is peace from heart to heart.

Herf-o-nawan - letters and sounds




Existence is a garden, be careful not to get scattered.

Today, I may run out of breath because of waiting.


Only Charagar has stood in the teachings of Sitamgaro.

I am afraid that my views and views may change somewhere.

Water is existence, mirror is existence


People who entertain the heart are spread in every way.

Lest your feet slip in the slippery slope of the universe.


These days all the streets are overflowing with murderers.

Don't let the heart get upset due to the false smile of Hushn.


Keep Nigodi in curtains, eyes have a habit of raining.

Even a little happiness should not spill out of your eyes.



Improve man, God's revelation has happened.

Be careful man, God's revelation has happened.


Seeing this earthquake, this epidemic, this devastation.

Understand man, God's revelation has happened.


Live yourself and let others live comfortably.

Get ready man, God's revelation has happened.


Where there is no identity, neither count from there.

Move man, God's revelation has happened.


Had a lot of fun, a little with myself.

Shut up man, God's revelation has happened.



It is very difficult to choose virtue.

It is very difficult to die twice in love.


The journey of life has been spent alone and in loneliness.

It is very difficult to walk alone in the crowd of loved ones.


May the father give as much love and affection as he wants.

It is very difficult to grow up without mother's shadow.


The wedding procession of dreams is about to come soon.

It is very difficult to fall asleep with open eyes.


If I have made a promise, I will fulfill it at the cost of my life.

Friend, it is very difficult to go by one's own tongue.

intikhab - election



Don't ask about the passion of love.

Don't ask how the moonlit night passed


They have left sulking, as if they will not return.

You must be remembering me a lot, don't ask.


The habit of getting angry on every thing.

Don't ask how you have supported me


My heart is full of love

Friend is still holding hand, don't ask.


Immersed in the emotion of love like this.

deliberately beat me, don't ask



Little by little intoxicated

a little craziness grows


the drinker is ruined

The atmosphere of the earth deteriorates.


The bottle does not fly for the drinker.

mind flies in the sky



Drink a little jam from your eyes.

Don't you live like this in agony


Mana, I have made you silent.

Don't you sew the lips like that, friend?


One day you will shatter like glass

Throw your heart, don't you just give it?


Know that they have become dishonest

You didn't take the limit of love like this or do it.


One day one has to leave this world.

love unconditionally



Money has become the identity, friends.

Don't be ignorant of this friend.


Colors of loved ones are visible in the poor.

Without money, the outcome would have been worse.


No matter how much you study, do well.

You get respect only by wealth.


Still be careful, join the work.

Will remain anonymous friends


No one gives respect, stumbles along.

Allegations are made without any reason, friends.




Come let's dance, the season of spring has come.

moonlit night the season of stars has come


Friend played a lot with Radha Kan today.

Holi is the season of fizzies.


Don't know after how many days it happened.

The season of joyless revelations has arrived.


Keeping the wishes in mind, in which

The season for old books has come.


Live the pleasant moments of meeting to the fullest.

The season of mood swings has come in love.



In today's world, money rules

In this era, there is a garland around the neck of the rich.


Honor and favor by touching his feet.

Twelve parents have cut their stomachs.


Wherever you look, there is a fair taste of politics.

The poison of corruption has spread everywhere.


Mehgai has been hit in such a way that

The kitchen of the poor is also locked there.


Of the people roaming around as a part of the society.

Body, mind and money everything is black.



I request you not to go out of sight.

I request you to come after listening to the voice.


Colorful romantic weather has turned pink.

Let us request you to listen to some song


If you have held hands, then know how to play along.

Let it not become a story, I request you.


Don't break your heart after falling in love.

I request you not to torture God.


If there is ever any problem in life.

Then request to hug




When I miss you, my heart feels tight.

Indifference to every thing makes it like a fire.


What to tell them and how to tell them.

There is yearning even at the distance of moments.


At what point have you reached in love that

After twelve meetings, there is a feeling of pity.


Bindaas life was being lived, there would have been love.

There is jealousy in the growing chest of desires.


When the convoy of desires exceeds the limit, then

It's like passing in the hot summer sun.



Now there is no hope from the past.

Don't be afraid of trouble


Must come without hesitation

no one can stop you from coming



This bird of time is running away.

And extension is being sought.


Don't know how many memories have been refreshed.

Hours are being spun into moments


Look at the love that has turned into decoration.

hanging on the wall


brought a splash of colors and

friend waiting fag

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