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Once Radha and Krishna were seating at the bank of Yamuna and talking about strength.
Suddenlyradha comes up with a question and she asks Krishna, " Kanha, why lord didn't make women strong?
Krishna look at her and smiled, " Radha how can you say that women are weak?

Radha replied, " I didn't say that women are weak. Women are not weak. They have the power to bring new life to this beautiful world. They feed them. They raise them. They look after their family, even when she is not well. When something evil is happening, women are capable to destroy them. There is nothing that a woman can't do.

Now Krishna is confused. He asked, " Radha! I am not getting you. On one hand, you asking me why the lord didn't make women strong. And, on other hand, you are listing those unbelievable tasks that only women can do. And, look at you, my girl. I can see a strong woman on the earth in you." He took her hand in his hand and showered his love for her through his eyes.

Radha replied by making a strong grip on their hands and asking, " then why I am not strong enough to say goodbye to you?"

Krishna keeps mums. Suddenly he feels a shortage of words. He feels that the grip that his hands are making on her hand is loose. And his other hand is now wrapping her in his arms.
He said, " who idiot says that you are not strong? Tell me! I have to confront that man. How they can say that to my girl."

Radha is still looking at the point where the sky and the Yamuna river are meeting. She didn't say a word.
Krishna turns her face towards him by grabbing into his both hands. And said, " look, my love. You do not need to see goodbye to me. Tell me one thing, did the sky can ever say goodbye to earth?"
"But sky and earth can never meet.", Radha said.
"But they are always together. If there is earth there is the sky. If the earth is not there then there is no sky." Krishna added.

Krishna can smell that, but Radha is still confused. She is still in a conflict. He says, " Jan! Goodbye use kahte hai, Jo Chala jata hai, ya Jane vala Hota Hai. I am here only. Always waiting for you. So basically you did not need to say goodbye to me.

Lord has put much strength in women. But sometimes they forgot their inner strength. They forgot that they can do anything, nothing is impossible for them. They are born to conquer the world. They have the power to win the world. What is needed is a single step to find out their inner strength.

Look within your self. Stretch out your heart. I will be their only. Till date, you won the uncountable battle of your life. And, you were alone to fight that battle. But this time I am with. Anymore, You did not need to fight the battle alone. You reached so far, please don't look back now. A new beginning is waiting for you. Your deserving life is ready to welcome you. Please accept it.

Radha's mobile beeps and she opens her eyes. Her mother is on the other side. She received the call, " han Maa!!

" Sona! Where are you? Ladkevale aa Gaye Hai! Come home soon beta." Her mother said.

"Han Maa! Bus abhi ayi", she said and cut the call.

She got busy collecting her stuff. Her diary, the dried roses - that Krishna used to give to her at their every meeting, his watch, his perfume. His diary, his letter for her that he used to write when he was in ICU. She collects everything and put it into her bag.

She looked at the sky and said, "Kucch bate adhuri hi rah Jati hai, Jase hum. "

She stood up and headed towards her home. Suddenly she feels that she is forgetting something. She turn back and reached the place where she was seating, she grab soil from the bank of the river in his hand and let it flow from her hands. Look at the sky and said, " today I am getting late, next time I will not go without taking a rose from you, you have to give it to me. I love you. Will love you forever. " she headed towards the home.

Sun is immersed in the river. Birds ate returning to their nest and chirping. Like saying that I am in love with you too Radha.
We will be together in the afterworld.

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