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The Angel Inside - 33 The dark space

Author's POV

It was early morning, Jay had freshened up and rushed downstairs with his lab coat, but there was no sign of Amy. Instead, there stood a middle-aged woman whom he once saw in (Divas) Amy's house. Maybe she was Ms.Jenny. She was all set with the morning breakfast for him. She looked at Jay with a warm motherly smile. As he smiled back.

Ms. Jenny: Good morning sir.

Jay: Good morning. Please don't call me sir. Call me Jay. She sweetly nodded.

He entered the dining area. She gestured for him to take a seat as he did. Serving the breakfast she started to leave.

Jay: Why don't you eat with me?

Ms.Jenny: I don't have the habit to eat at 5 in the morning.

She spoke as he lightly chuckled in realization.

Jay: Thank you.

She again sweetly nodded and left the area.

There was complete silence as Jay ate his breakfast and his thoughts were clouded once again. He had snuck into Amy's bedroom last night as he cuddled her to sleep. Though it felt inappropriate and scandalous to sneak in and cuddle her without her permission still it felt right to him after all she was his wife. He knew he was gonna miss holding her to sleep cause talking while sober was a rare phenomenon for him. He surely was gonna miss her cold presence for a week.

He remembered her friends from last night but they too disappeared the next morning.
Leaving for the hospital, he made himself busy with his daily life.

After a long day, It was almost 10 at night and he didn't yet leave the hospital to go back home. He had overworked himself but yet his mind didn't rest. Soon Noah and Emma approached him. They entered his cabin finding him still busy with work and all ignorant about their existence in the cabin. Emma and Noah knew he would exhaust himself. Either to get things off his mind or not let him overthink. They knew each other since childhood and were well aware of each other's habits.

Emma:Jay now that's enough! How long are you gonna beat yourself to work?

Noah: You didn't even have lunch! At least have something, you are surviving on caffeine since morning.

To which he simply replied while being immersed in the computer screen in front of him.

Jay: wasn't hungry...

Emma: Are you leaving for home or not?

Jay: no.

He answered nonchalantly.

Emma and Noah looked at each other for a while, having a secret telepathy talk about their stubborn friend. While jay was least bothered to look at them. Both of them tilted their neck as they looked back at Jay. Emma sighed.

Emma: I'm calling aunty.

Hearing the words Jay snapped his head towards them. He knew if his mother got to know about him overworking, she would whoop his butt, pinch and twist his ears, and would give long hours of lecture. He didn't like the plan.

Jay: Fine! I'm leaving.

He stood up shutting the computer without arguing further as his friends smiled in victory. After leaving his workplace he walked to the nearest garden which was 10 minutes away from the hospital. The surroundings were dark but the lamps were bright making the path a little visible. He took a seat on the nearest bench as there was a small lake in front of him, the moonlight reflecting the water making it look magnificent.

Though the place was beautiful and calm, he didn't have a better past with it. He didn't dare to look back in time and remember that night of his life. It scared him and yet he visited this place every day after finishing his job. This place was a reminder to keep him going and never give up.

He closed his eyes feeling the cold breeze but it didn't ease him rather it suffocated him. He leaned his head back against the bench headrest. He opened his eyes again as he looked at the beauty of nature in front of his eyes. He was never a friend of loneliness, he liked company around no matter if it was a person or comforting peace. And this place made him feel nothing but lonely, even the beauty of this place couldn't help him. Yet he visited here daily. After spending some time doing nothing but staring into space. He stood up to leave. He raised his sleeve to look at his wristwatch.

It was almost 12 at the night. He had to return. He drove back home in his car.

As he entered through the door, he was greeted by Ms. Jenny and she left back to the kitchen to bring him a glass of water. He lay back on the couch as she served him water.

Ms.Jenny: You should freshen up dear. I'll heat the dinner.

She said with a sweet and calm voice and it somehow worked its magic on him. He felt relieved.

Jay: There's no need. I'm not hungry.

He denied politely.

Looking at his face Miss. Jenny could tell he was exhausted. She gave him a warm smile again and asked him to rest. He gave a tired smile as he slowly left for his room.

Plopping himself on the bed, he didn't bother to change his clothes as his eyes dropped into a deep slumber and blinked open the next morning when his alarm beamed at him. He tiredly opened his eyes as he stood up like a zombie to continue his daily life.

He worked like a machine with maximum work and minimal rest. Days went past and it was almost the end of the week. He had completely exhausted himself as he slumped on the cabin's chair. His mind was a mess after performing 3 surgeries in 24 hours without even having time to breathe. He finally decided to leave.


The week was over as Amy flew left the mansion. It was 1 the night as she opened the door of the house trying to make minimal noise. But the lights turned on and she spotted Ms.Jenny standing near the couch with a glass of water. She greeted her a welcome as Amy's eyes wandered around not finding Jay anywhere. She decided to ask about it.

Amy: Is he asleep?

Ms.Jenny shook her head in denial.

Ms.Jenny: He hasn't returned yet. These days he's coming home late and doesn't even take proper meals.

Amy was perplexed as she decided to call him. The phone kept on ringing but no one picked up. Desperate to know about his whereabouts she reached the nearby drawer and fished out a tab from it. She immediately switched it on as the bright screen appeared, within a few clicks there was a red spot on the digital map that flickered before her eyes. It was a foreign location that was a few minutes away from the hospital. But she had other plans.

She clicked Noah's number on the dial and the phone ringed. Soon the phone call was answered. Noah's voice echoed through the small device.

Noah: Hey! Didn't expect you to call me this late.

Noah said in a playful tone though he was tired.

Amy: Is Jay there?

She asked being straightforward.

Noah: No. He left an hour ago. Isn't he home?

Amy: No.

Noah: Hell that dude never listens.

Amy: Any idea where could he be?

Noah: There's a garden 10 mins away from the hospital. He might be there. I'll reach there. Don't worry!

Amy sighed tensed about the situation. She decided to leave for his workplace and find him.

Amy: I'll be there too.

Amy immediately left the house grabbing the car keys as she drove to his workplace's nearest garden. She opened the door as the cold breeze hit her face. It was cold and chilly. She stepped out of her car and spotted Noah and Emma a few meters away. She reached to them as they entered the Garden.

The 3 of them separated their ways to find Jay. Amy walked around, her eyes wandering, the surroundings were cold and uncomfortable making her shiver a bit. She soon walked through a bridge and found herself in front of the glimmering lake. She felt that it was odd and uncomfortable. It made her anxious. The garden had a few lamps along the path but the lights were dim not enough to make the surroundings visible. The sheer silence was irritating her. She wanted to find Jay as soon as possible. Cause the dark didn't help her to calm down. It made her anxious.

She saw a dark silhouette that was a bit crouched. She slowly went near it. It was a man who covered his ears with his hands as if he wanted to get rid of such silence. She soon recognized It was him.


She rushed towards him panicking. He crouched himself to the ground as his eyes shut closed, his hands wriggling on his ears as if to get rid of something. He spoke something gibberish which made no sense to Amy. He kept shivering as his breathings were heavy. There was a sheet of cold sweat on his skin and things were taking a dark turn. She started shaking him to make him aware of her existence. But he was caught in a nightmare.

Amy: Doctor! What's wrong? It's me! Hey!

Soon he got out of his trance and looked at Amy. He looked around as if he was finding someone but finding no one he looked back at Amy. Soon Noah and Emma rushed for their friend and held Jay by his arms to make him stand.

Jay: I'm fine.

His words escaped in whispers as he felt drowsy.

Amy rushed to the car to bring a bottle of water. Returning she saw three of them struggling to lunge forward due to the exhaustion of their daily professional lives.
Jay decided to walk on his own and removed his arms from their grasp. He walked ahead but stumbled on his steps, his visions looked dizzy for him to see.

He was about to trip but Amy rushed towards him. She grasped him on time, holding him. His tired body clung onto her for his dear life. His head rested on her shoulder, his hands resting on her waist, he didn't move one bit. Soon Amy felt his grip losing as he was about to fall. She immediately wrapped her hands around his torso, keeping the grip tight. She realized he had fainted.

Noah and Emma approached to hold him but Amy retorted.

Amy: you guys seem tired just get to the car and open the door for me.

She said as her hand dug into her pocket and fished out the car keys. She threw the keys to Noah and the water bottle to Emma. They both immediately nodded and left the garden to reach the car.

Amy patted Jay's cheek to make him conscious.
Amy: Doctor you hear me? Say something.

Jay responded to her with a lazy hum.

Amy: Hold me tight.

Amy turned her back on Jay, making him back hug her. She crouched down as she lifted him on her back. Giving him a piggyback ride. His arms wrapped around her neck as she held his legs around her torso and started moving out of the garden without tripping. The garden had made both of them uncomfortable and Amy didn't want to stay there for a second.

Soon she reached the car with Jay as Noah and Emma were already there. Their mouths gaped open at Amy who had lifted Jay as if he was a feather.

Amy: Stop gawking. Open the door.

Soon Noah and Emma broke out of the trance as Noah rushed to open the door. Amy skillfully made Jay lie down in the backseat of the car.

The whole drive was silent, Emma sat silently in the front seat whereas Noah drove the car.

They both slowly peeked at the back through the rearview mirror. Taking a long glance Noah looked towards the front again and continued to handle the steering after staring at the rearview mirror once again to look at his friend as he boosted the engine to reach the house as early as possible.

Amy: you better don't kill us with that level of concentration. I might take satan's position from hell.

Noah scoffed at her statement.

Arrogant one. He thought.

Jay slept as his head rested on Amy's shoulder, his hands wrapped around her frame as he snuggled himself even more onto her to find comfort, his nose brushed against Amy's neck which made her flinch but she didn't react to make it less noticeable, though his soft fluffy hair tickled her skin. She didn't move an inch. She was stiff and the lingering silence was pretty awkward.

They finally reached their house, Amy passed the keys to Emma who was seated in the front seat. Amy's attention then went to Jay who had hugged her like a koala as she stared at his face for a while drowning in his dripping innocence, he was a pure definition of beauty and perfection to her. She finally scoffed at the reality. She knew he didn't deserve an awful and shrewd personality like hers. He had to be protected from herself. She knew she was anything but good for him.

She yanked his hands away in an instant as she opened the door of the car dragging him out with herself. Holding him in her arms she straightened her posture. Emma opened the door waiting for them. Looking at the couple with envy. She knew her best friend was married but she couldn't help or deny her feelings for Jay.

Noah stood there contemplating how to help the couple. Yet he looked at Emma and scrutinized her expressions, he knew what Emma had been thinking. He had known Jay and Emma since the early days of their childhood. He even knew about Emma's liking for Jay but he never expressed his feelings for Emma. He was scared that his confession would ruin their friendship though Jay knew it and even advised him to confess to her. But he didn't have enough courage.

Amy effortlessly lifted Jay in her arms as they entered the house. Not waiting in the living room she carried Jay upstairs, laying him on his bed as soon as she reached his bedroom. Emma and Noah stood dumbstruck at the sight as their jaws dropped to the floor at Amy's strength and stamina.

Later Amy reached downstairs and she found Emma and Noah passed out of exhaustion. Noah seemed to be awake by her footsteps.

Amy hesitated to speak but she looked at Noah as he looked at her with hope.

Amy: I need a favor. Please change his clothes and check on him.....
You guys should rest here tonight.

She spoke at the speed of light as Noah chuckled a bit. He nodded at her and left upstairs. While climbing the stairs Noah turned back looking at Amy as she cocked a brow at him questioning.

Noah: I need a favor too. Please carry her too.

He said in a playful tone as he indicated her to carry Emma to the guest room.

He was about to leave upstairs but turned back to Amy again.

Noah: Wait! I wanted to ask something.

Amy continued to stare at him as he accepted the silence as an indication to proceed further.

Noah: How did you know, which garden I was talking about?

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