HAPPINESS - 65 in English Poems by Darshita Babubhai Shah books and stories PDF | HAPPINESS - 65


Love is lost, just find it and bring it.

The world is ruined, come see.


Rest in peace, only the one to be taken away.

Friend, you will have to cross seven rivers.


Give me the purpose of living my life

You will get lakhs of blessings by fulfilling your heart's wishes.


Wave your loud voice in the plains today.

Sing melodious call back song


Fly away like a bird in the sky

come back don't bother me so much




desires set me free

Friends, please fill the expectations.


Must have been living peacefully for a long time

start a new dawn


How long have you been living sip by sip

rest day and night


Can breathe peacefully

make life easier


suffering from constant pain

free yourself from the chains



living on my own

I am drinking jam happily.


By breaking the wall between loved ones

I am mending broken ties.


New dawn will bring new dawn.

heart is being encouraged


waving sparklers of happiness

I am taking blessings everyday


Those things of childhood friends.

I am missing you day and night



Everyday I live alone to die.

nothing left to do now


How innocent you are, out of fear of the world.

left to sigh for the rest of my life


These are the people of the world, sir, they will pull your feet.

And are ready to lose heart


Listen, take some rest too.

The night is telling you to go to sleep


Here everyone is friend and friend.

tell me who tells you to be afraid



I have found recognition in the world on my own.

Fame, respect is earned on your own.


If you want to fill your heart with happiness,

Have got expensive gifts on your own.


Anyone else would have been shattered

luckily the dust has blown on its own


Palkar became crazy about passion and love.

The carpet of flowers has been spread on its own.


I have kept my loved ones together slowly.

The lights at home are decorated on their own.



I have received the gift of happiness.

The friend has come from a far away country.


With you after a long time

Have brought the message of Sajna.


Today in prostration of his coming

Fizz has sung a melodious song.


Let happiness dance, sing, dance.

God's shadow is in the wayfarer.


The spring has dressed up and

see the weather is pleasant shade



Let's write something new today.

It will be read till doomsday


The evening of life has become barbarous.

To be mixed in a little open fizz


Lift the veil, sweetheart, from your jammed eyes.

Will be drunk in all common gatherings


Hearing the call of Qalb-e-Nasuboor

Now live freely without fear


Love is the grace of God dear

soul to soul be merged



say whatever you want

just don't know


skip jam today

just drink with your eyes


need ointment

just be like snow


little time friend

just give from the heart


we'll deal with the times

just love you



Lost all, found all

Twelve every moment will make the heart understand


Everything you've got is the best

consoled the heart


Keep your wishes, one day it will definitely come true.

Choula will wear the heart of happiness



Be patient, wait for the time

Pyaar ko nibha dil ko dhamikaya ll


To make loneliness beautiful

showered the heart with the drink of love



Don't know the next moment, don't make any promises.

There is no trust of breath, no one will die every second.



Live to the fullest, life is precious.

Live without pride, simplicity is priceless.


As long as there is breath, there is value.

Do it with all your heart, worship is priceless.


To amuse the heart

For a short time, resentment is priceless.


Two days passed in desires, two in waiting.

The thirst to get happiness is priceless.


Made with friends in Sakhi Mehfil.

The wandering of pure desire is priceless.



All my life I kept searching for the meaning of happiness.

Measured by the eyes of others


Whatever you got is good.

Keep on weighing the half incomplete whole


To remove heartburn

Keep mixing your own blood in the jam.


Friend to see to the fullest

Keep opening the door of eyelids


to reduce the hassle

Due to the fear of slander, I kept turning away


to follow the rules of life

Keep palpating the liver again and again


I didn't get what I wanted.

Keep returning after changing twelve lanes



Darshita Babubhai Shah


Walk with courage, walk, walk.

Don't lose your courage, let's go, let's go


there is nothing to be afraid of dear

I have caught my hand, let's go, let's go


Will keep an eye on the destination

The night will pass like this, go on, go on.


There are enemies of our own people here.

Walk to God


may stumble consciously

After drinking jam, let's go, let's go



If you go to see again today, then it will become a matter.

Once he comes to meet, then it will be a matter.



Friend, may the desire to see you fully come true.

If you get peace of mind, then it will become a matter.


I wish for many days, face to face.

If we sit and eat together today, it will become a matter.



Don't ask what happened on the phone.

Don't ask how your friend spent the night.


I am out of breath waiting.

Don't ask how much you remember


I have seen the colour changing every moment in love.

Don't ask how you would have got along


For fear of getting lost in the crowd of the world.

Don't ask why you are holding my hand


Don't tell lies, can't tell the truth.

Where are you going, don't ask this today.